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#TitleLengthTrack ArtistRelease TitleRelease ArtistRelease Group TypeCountry/DateLabelCatalog#
2.20Chains of Love?:??Gene SimmonsMega Rock’n’RollVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Arcade (record label founded in 1970s by Herman Heinsbroek; use this as its universal imprint)3030452
1.10Chains of Love2:38Gene SimmonsThat'll Flat ... Git It! Vol. 17: Rockabilly From the Vaults of Sun RecordsVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Bear Family RecordsBCD 16405 AH
1.11Chains of Love2:36Gene SimmonsDrinkin’ Wine: The Sun Years, PlusGene SimmonsAlbum + Compilation
Bear Family RecordsBCD 16758 AH


recording of:Chains of Love

Chains of Love

lyricist and composer:Gene Simmons (rockabilly musician a/k/a Jumpin’ Gene Simmons)