Waiting for a Train (version 2: back vocal tune & take 5)

~ Recording by Jerry Lee Lewis


Mono mix of original stereo recording

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14.27Waiting for a Train (2.4) (back vocal tune, slate, take 5)1:58Jerry Lee LewisJerry Lee Lewis at Sun Records: The Collected Works ("What the Hell Else Do You Need?")Jerry Lee LewisOther + Compilation
  • DE2015-11-11
Bear Family Productions Ltd. (Bear Family Records since 2013)BCD 17254 RL


producer:Billy Sherrill (US songwriter/producer/arranger)
bass guitar:Floyd Chance (on 1962-09-11)
drums (drum set):Buddy Harman (on 1962-09-11)
guitar:Fred Carter (on 1962-09-11)
Kelton 'Kelso' Herston (on 1962-09-11)
piano and vocals:Jerry Lee Lewis (Rock & Roll pianist, “The Killer”) (on 1962-09-11)
background vocals and choir vocals:Helen Chance (on 1962-09-11)
Neal Matthews (on 1962-09-11)
Gordon Stoker (on 1962-09-11)
Ray Walker (US bass singer, Jordanaires member) (on 1962-09-11)
Marijohn Wilkin (on 1962-09-11)
phonographic copyright by:Sun Record Company (in 1988)
compiled in:Waitin' for a Train (version 2 take 5 with snippet of 'Good Golly Miss Molly') (order: 2)
remix of:Waiting for a Train (version 2: back vocal tune & take 5 stereo)
recording of:Waitin’ for a Train (on 1962-09-11: cover)

Waitin’ for a Train

lyricist and composer:Jimmie Rodgers (country music pioneer, died in 1933)