Green Green Grass of Home (live, 2006-09-29, New York City, New York)

~ Video by Jerry Lee Lewis with Tom Jones

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2.3Green Green Grass of Home2:59Jerry Lee Lewis with Tom JonesLast Man Standing LiveJerry Lee LewisAlbum + Live
  • US2007-03-03
Artists First, Killer Productions, LLC, Pont Neuf, Inc., Shangri-La Entertainment, LLCAFT-20011-2


drums (drum set):Jim Keltner (on 2006-09-29)
electric bass guitar:Rick Rosas (on 2006-09-29)
electric guitar:Nils Lofgren (on 2006-09-29)
Kenneth Lovelace (on 2006-09-29)
Jimmy Rip (on 2006-09-29)
Ron Wood (UK guitarist, member of The Rolling Stones) (on 2006-09-29)
organ:Ivan Neville (on 2006-09-29)
piano:Jerry Lee Lewis (Rock & Roll pianist, “The Killer”) (on 2006-09-29)
background vocals and choir vocals:Charlotte Gibson (on 2006-09-29)
Maxayn Lewis (on 2006-09-29)
Stacie Plunk (on 2006-09-29)
vocals:Tom Jones (Welsh pop singer) (on 2006-09-29)
Jerry Lee Lewis (Rock & Roll pianist, “The Killer”) (on 2006-09-29)
conductor:Jimmy Rip (on 2006-09-29)
recording of:Green, Green Grass of Home (on 2006-09-29: cover, live)

Green, Green Grass of Home

lyricist and composer:Claude “Curly” Putman, Jr.
publisher:Tree Music
later translated versions:Les Grilles de ma maison
later versions:Das grüne Gras zu Haus