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1.3Da que Deus mamou (C. 77)4:21The Renaissance PlayersCantigas de Santa Maria I: Songs for a Wise KingThe Renaissance PlayersAlbum
Walsingham ClassicsWAL 8007-2


engineer:Guy Dickerson (engineer) (in 1994)
producer:Llew Kiek (in 1994)
bell:Jenny Duck-Chong
castanets and finger cymbals:Barbara Stackpool
chamber organ [organetto], harp and shawm:Winsome Evans
darbuka:Andrew Lambkin
gemshorn:Winsome Evans
Benedict Hames
Ingrid Walker
gittern:Llew Kiek
mandora / gallichon [mandora]:Andrew Tredinnick
rebec:Benedict Hames
vielle:Katie Ward
whistle:Ingrid Walker
recorded at:The Brain Recording Studios in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (in 1994)
recording of:Cantiga de Santa Maria no. 77 "Da que Deus mamou"

Cantiga de Santa Maria no. 77 "Da que Deus mamou"

composer:Alfonso X el Sabio
referred to in medleys:Saltarello
part of:Cantigas de Santa María