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2.12Winter 22:52Max RichterRecomposed by Max Richter: Vivaldi – The Four Seasons (Deluxe Edition with DVD)Max Richter; Daniel Hope, Konzerthaus Kammerorchester Berlin, André de RidderAlbum
  • XW2014-04-28
Deutsche Grammophon4792776


Moog:Max Richter (pianist, composer, producer) (on 2013-12-17)
solo violin:Daniel Hope (violinist) (on 2013-12-17)
orchestra:l’arte del mondo (on 2013-12-17)
conductor:Werner Ehrhardt (violinist, concertmaster) (on 2013-12-17)
recorded at:Funkhaus Nalepastraße in Berlin, Germany (on 2013-12-17)
recording of:The Four Seasons: Winter 2 (on 2013-12-17: live)

The Four Seasons: Winter 2

additional composer and arranger:Max Richter (pianist, composer, producer)
composer:Antonio Vivaldi
part of:The Four Seasons (order: 12)
arrangement of:Concerto in F minor, op. 8 no. 4, RV 297 “L’inverno”: II. Largo