Mentok 1

~ Recording by LFO

Appears on releases

#TitleLengthTrack ArtistRelease TitleRelease ArtistRelease Group TypeCountry/DateLabelCatalog#
1.4Mentok 14:18LFOLFOLFOEP
  • GB1990-07-26
Warp (UK independent label)WAP5CD
1.2Mentok 14:14LFOLFO (remix)LFOSingle + Remix
  • GB1990-07-26
Outer Rhythm, Warp (UK independent label)WAP5R
1.11Mentok 14:18LFOFrequenciesLFOAlbum
  • GB1991-07-22
Warp (UK independent label)WARPCD3
1.11Mentok 14:18LFOFrequenciesLFOAlbum
Rough Trade (pre-2000)RTD 126-1228-2
1.12Mentok 14:18LFOFrequenciesLFOAlbum
Tommy Boy (imprint, bearing the Tommy Boy logo)TBCD 1048
1.4Mentok 14:14LFOLFO (remix)LFOEP
Fnac Music Dance Division593026
1.3Mentok 14:17LFOEnergy FlashVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
1.11Mentok 14:18LFOFrequencies / SheathLFOAlbum + Compilation
  • GB2009-09-16
Warp (UK independent label)WARPCD3C
2.4Mentok 14:18LFOFrequenciesLFOAlbum
  • GB2011-11-07
Warp (UK independent label)WARPLP3X
1.11Mentok 14:18LFOFrequenciesLFOAlbum
  • JP2013-04-10
Beat Records (Japanese electronic label often re-releasing Western artists albums for the Japanese market), Warp (UK independent label)BRC-379
1.11Mentok 14:18LFOFrequenciesLFOAlbum
Warp (UK independent label)WARP3


programming, engineer, producer and mixer:LFO (Mark Bell & Gez Varley: Low Frequency Oscillator)
phonographic copyright by:Outer Rhythm (in 1990)
Warp Records (record company, use “Warp” for imprints) (in 1990)
Warp Records Limited (in 1991)
recording of:Mentok 1

Mentok 1

composer:Mark Bell (LFO member)
Gez Varley
publisher:Virgin Music (publisher and label, only for releases with Virgin MUSIC logo)
Warp Music Ltd. (Warp Publishing)