Better Than You (jam) (live, 1995-08-23: London Astoria II, London, UK)

~ Recording by Metallica

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2.6Better Than You (jam)1:27Metallica1995-08-23: London Astoria II, London, UKMetallicaAlbum + Live
2.6Better Than You (jam)1:28Metallica1995/08/23 London, GBRMetallicaAlbum + Live
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drums (drum set):Lars Ulrich (Danish musician, songwriter, record producer and podcaster) (on 1995-08-23)
electric bass guitar:Jason Newsted (on 1995-08-23)
electric guitar:Kirk Hammett (on 1995-08-23)
James Hetfield (on 1995-08-23)
lead vocals:James Hetfield (on 1995-08-23)
recorded at:LA2 in Westminster, London (Greater London, which includes the City of London), England, United Kingdom (on 1995-08-23)
recording of:Better Than You (on 1995-08-23: live)

Better Than You

writer:James Hetfield
Lars Ulrich (Danish musician, songwriter, record producer and podcaster)
publisher:Creeping Death Music