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#TitleLengthTrack ArtistRelease TitleRelease ArtistRelease Group TypeCountry/DateLabelCatalog#
1.4Bring Me to Life (video)4:13EvanescenceBring Me to LifeEvanescenceSingle
  • AU2003-04-22
Wind‐up673573 5
1.4Bring Me to Life (video version)4:13EvanescenceBring Me to LifeEvanescenceSingle
  • DE2003-06-02
  • GB2003-06-02
  • XE2003
Epic (US label founded by CBS in 1953, now owned by Sony), Wind‐up673976 2
2.1Bring Me to Life (video)4:13EvanescenceFallen (first press limited edition)EvanescenceAlbum
  • JP2003-06-25
Wind‐upEICP-240, EICP-241
1.13Bring Me to Life4:13EvanescenceFallenEvanescenceAlbum
  • JP2003-06-25
Wind‐upEICP 242
1.13Bring Me to Life4:13EvanescenceFallenEvanescenceAlbum
  • JP2003-08-27
2.1Bring Me to Life (video)4:18EvanescenceFallen (limited edition 完全生産限定盤)EvanescenceAlbum
  • JP2004-01-28
Wind‐upEICP-322, EICP-323
2.16Bring Me to Life (video)?:??EvanescenceAnywhere but HomeEvanescenceAlbum + Live


music video for:Bring Me to Life
recording of:Bring Me to Life

Bring Me to Life

writer:David Hodges (keyboardist of Evanescence and Trading Yesterday)
Amy Lee (singer-songwriter of Evanescence)
Ben Moody (American musician and producer)
publisher:Forthefallen Publishing
Reservoir One America
Zombies Ate My Publishing