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#TitleLengthTrack ArtistRelease TitleRelease ArtistRelease Group TypeCountry/DateLabelCatalog#
1.2Tequila2:09The ChampsTrain to Nowhere / TequilaThe ChampsSingle
  • US1958-01-15
Challenge Records (Dutch)1016
1.7Tequila2:09The ChampsGo, Champs, Go!The ChampsAlbum
Challenge (US pop/country/jazz 50s-)CHL 601
1.1Tequila?:??The ChampsTequila / Train to NowhereThe ChampsSingle
London Records45-HL-U. 8580
2.2Tequila2:15The ChampsFun RockVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
OPCD-4504 HD-1042
1.1Tequila2:13The ChampsOldies But Goodies Vol. 7Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Original SoundOSCD 8857
1.11Tequila2:13The Champs20 Years of No. 1 Hits: 1956-1975Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
  • -1987
BMG (the former Bertelsmann Music Group, defunct since 2004-08-05; for releases dated 2008 and later, see annotation), Reader’s Digest
1.11Tequila2:13The Champs20 Years of No. 1 Hits: 1956–1975Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
RCA (RCA Records: simple ‘RCA’ or ‘RCA’ with lightning bolt in circle)RB4-243
1.18Tequila2:11The Champs25 Greatest Rock 'n Roll Hits, Part IVVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
MaybelleneCD 5511
4.4Tequila2:13The ChampsHeart 'n' Soul of Rock 'n' RollVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Reader’s Digest008C
1.11Tequila2:17The ChampsThe Rock ’n’ Roll Era: 1958Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Time-Life Music2RNR-05
2.14Tequila2:12The ChampsYesterdays Gold: 120 Golden Oldies, Volume 1Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
YDG 2551
3.1Tequila2:12The Champs100 Super Oldies: Too Good to Be ForgottenVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Black Tulip2699122
1.2Tequila2:13The ChampsBillboard Top Rock & Roll Hits: 1958Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Rhino (reissue label)R2 70619
1.15Tequila2:10The ChampsJuke Box Classics: The WanderersVarious ArtistsAlbum + Soundtrack
1.4Tequila2:12The ChampsMore 70 Ounces of GoldVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
1.7Tequila2:13The ChampsThe End of an Era, Volume 3Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
ARC Records (dutch reissue/compilation label)CD 890126
1.23Tequila2:13The ChampsThe Rock 'n' Roll Era: 1958Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Time-Life Music840 248-2, RRC-G06
1.3Tequila2:09The ChampsUltimate 50's PartyVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Era Records (55-90 US indie)511-2
1.7Tequila2:12The Champs15 Super Oldies: Reelin' and Rockin'Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Black Tulip2637292
1.23Tequila2:14The Champs101 Number One Hit RecordsVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Beautiful Music CompanyMSD2-35187
2.3Tequila2:07The ChampsBeat, Twist & Rock 'n' Roll 2Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
CBS (CBS Records' international imprint from 1962–1990; renamed since 1991 as Columbia)467755 2
2.14Tequila2:13The ChampsOriginal OldiesVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Pop Records
1.1Tequila2:14The Champs100 Proof HitsVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
  • -1991-07-01
K‐tel (International budget record label)852-2
1.21Tequila2:13The Champs25 Original Nr. 1 Hits, Volume 1: The Hits of 1945-1959Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
  • -1991
K-BOX 022A
1.8Tequila2:12The ChampsCalifornia Dreamin'Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
2.8Tequila2:16The ChampsDo You Wanna DanceVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
CEMA Special Markets (a division of Capitol‐EMI Music, Inc.)CD2L-57520-1, CDL-57520-2
1.5Tequila2:11The ChampsGrandson of Frat Rock, Volume 3Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Rhino (reissue label)
1.1Tequila2:11The ChampsGreatest HitsThe ChampsAlbum + Compilation
Backline Records (Division of Line Music GmbH)BLCD 9.01040 L
1.7Tequila2:12The ChampsInstrumental World HitsVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Polyphon845 988-2, 845 989-2, 845 990-2
1.7Tequila2:11The ChampsJukebox Hits of 1958, Volume 1Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Double D Entertainment9158
1.4Tequila2:12The Champs70 Ounces of Gold: Golden Hits, Volume IIVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Compose, BMG Direct Marketing, Inc. (BMG company that owned their direct marketing company/club editions)9048-2, D 108402
1.4Tequila2:11The ChampsEis am Stiel, Volume 4Various ArtistsAlbum + Soundtrack
2.2Tequila2:13The ChampsExpo 58Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
amc records50.026
1.14Tequila2:11The ChampsNumber 1 FavouritesVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
1.18Tequila2:09The ChampsStompin PartyVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Dino EntertainmentDINCD52
1.12Tequila2:11The ChampsThe History of Pop Music, Volume 1Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
DiskyDCD 13
1.10Tequila2:13The ChampsThe Rock ’n’ Roll Era: 1958Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Time-Life Music, Warner Special Products2RNR-05, OPCD-2538
1.16Tequila2:07The ChampsThe Sixties Decade 1960-1969Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Tring International PLCTTP002
1.9Tequila2:15The ChampsTeen Beat (30 Great Rockin' Instrumentals)Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
  • GB1993-09-27
Ace (UK, started in 1978)CDCHD 406
1.4Tequila2:09The ChampsAmerican GraffitiVarious ArtistsAlbum
DivucsaECD 0078
1.10Tequila2:10The ChampsGoing Back in Time: Hits From the 50's, Volume 1Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
DiskyKWCD 650
1.13Tequila2:14The ChampsNumber One StarsVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
3.25Tequila2:09The ChampsThe Sixties: 25 Classic Hits, Volume 1Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Astral RecordsCD SFP 001
2.3Tequila2:12The ChampsInstrumental ClassicsVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
  • DE1994-04-11
1.1Tequila2:16The ChampsTequila: Greatest HitsThe ChampsAlbum + Compilation
  • US1994-04-19
Curb Records77670
2.4Tequila2:11The ChampsHappy Summer ClassicsVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
  • DE1994-05-30
1.12Tequila2:09The ChampsESPN Presents: Jock Rock, Volume 1Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
  • US1994-10-25
Tommy Boy (imprint, bearing the Tommy Boy logo)TBCD 1100
2.6Tequila2:13The ChampsMusic From The Wonder YearsVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
LaserLight Digital15 936
1.7Tequila2:13The ChampsOnly Rock 'n' Roll 1955-1959Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
1.5Tequila2:14The ChampsRock Instrumental Classics, Volume 1: The FiftiesVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Rhino (reissue label)R2 71601
1.5Tequila2:14The ChampsRock Instrumental Classics, Volumes 1–5Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Rhino (reissue label)R2 72035
1.23Tequila2:10The ChampsThe Best Rock 'n' Roll Album in the World... Ever!Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Virgin (worldwide imprint of Virgin Records Ltd. and all its subsidiaries)VTDCD 37
1.1Tequila2:12The ChampsThe Great ChampsThe ChampsAlbum + Compilation
Great RecordsGREAT004
2.1Tequila2:10The ChampsParty Power Pack, Volume 4Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
  • DE1995-05-15
Polystar (Germany)525 576-2
1.11Tequila2:11The ChampsDick Van Dyke's Dance PartyVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
  • US1995-06-27
550 Music, Nick at Nite Records
1.2Tequila2:12The Champs100% Carnival!Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
  • -1995-07-25
1.2Tequila2:14The ChampsGreat Instrumental HitsVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
The Good Music Record Co., MCA Special Markets & Products, CEMA Special Markets (a division of Capitol‐EMI Music, Inc.)141721, MSD-35805, S21-18593
1.1Tequila2:13The ChampsOldies but Goodies, Volume 7Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Original SoundOSCD 8857
1.11Tequila2:10The ChampsThe American DinerVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Dino Music (subsidiary of EMI Netherlands BV)DINCD107
1.7Tequila2:13The ChampsHot, Hot Vacation Jams: Week OneVarious Artists
  • US1996-02-14
K‐tel (International budget record label)3575-2
1.6Tequila2:10The ChampsMusic for Your Halloween PartyVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
  • US1996-08-13
K‐tel (International budget record label)3795
2.9Tequila2:13The ChampsTropical FeverVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
  • -1996-10-24
Sony Music MediaSMM 485179 2
5.14Tequila2:12The Champs200 Original Mega Jukebox HitsVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
DiskyHR 871792
5.14Tequila2:12The Champs200 Original Mega Jukebox Hits: Hot Dogs, Hits & Happy DaysVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
DiskyDC 872982, DC 872992, DC 873002, DC 873012, DC 873022, DC 873032, DC 873042, DC 873052, DC 873062, DC 873072
5.14Tequila2:11The Champs200 Original Mega Jukebox Hits: Hotdogs, Hits & Happy DaysVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
DiskyHRCDA 8081
1.14Tequila2:12The ChampsHits of the 50'sVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Payless Entertainment LimitedPEL3CD008
1.18Tequila2:11The ChampsJukebox PartyVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
5.14Tequila2:12The ChampsMega Jukebox HitsVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
DiskyHR 873652
1.1Tequila2:14The ChampsTequila: The Very Best of The ChampsThe ChampsAlbum + Compilation
Music Club (Demon Music Club, UK)MCCD 283
4.4Tequila2:13The ChampsThe Heart 'n' Soul of Rock 'n' RollVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Reader’s DigestDCD4-5531
2.14Tequila2:13The ChampsThe World of Rock'n RollVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
ZYX MusicZYX 11016-2
1.7Tequila2:15The ChampsThe Challenge Album CollectionThe ChampsAlbum + Compilation
  • US1997-01-21
One Way Records (US label specialized in reissues of classic rock-albums)OW 34488
2.9Tequila2:09The ChampsGreatest Sports Rock and JamsVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
  • US1997-03-18
Cold Front6245-2
2.9Tequila2:09The ChampsGreatest Sports Rock and JamsVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
  • US1997-03-18
K‐tel (International budget record label)6797
1.7Tequila2:10The ChampsRock n Roll FreewayVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
  • GB1997-05-21
Crimson ProductionsCRIMIDCD06
2.7Tequila2:09The ChampsSixties Summer MixVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
  • GB1997-06-06
Telstar Records (UK, mostly compilations)TCD 2908
1.5Tequila2:16The ChampsSports RockVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
  • US1997-06-10
Flashback Records (reissue label, subsidiary of Rhino)R2 72711
1.11Tequila2:12The ChampsThe Best Latino Carnival in the World… Ever!Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
  • GB1997-08-04
Virgin TVVTDCD152
5.14Tequila2:10The ChampsChart Breaker: Greatest Hits of the 50’s and 60’sVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
1.9Tequila2:13The ChampsFetenkult, Volume 2: Die volle Sommerladung!!!Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
1.8Tequila2:12The ChampsKneipenhitsVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
3.10Tequila2:14The ChampsOldie-Show - Die Großen Hits, Die Jeder KenntVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
1.10Tequila2:11The ChampsParty Power Pack: Happy HourVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Polystar (Germany)555 077-2
2.7Tequila2:10The ChampsParty Power Pack: Party KultVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Universal Marketing Group (Division specialised in marketing compilations)
2.11Tequila2:13The ChampsRitmo de JaneiroVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Sony Music MediaSMM 485179 9
2.3Tequila2:14The ChampsThe Golden Age of Rock 'n' Roll: 1958Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Reader’s DigestRDCD 1561-3
1.19Tequila2:12The ChampsThe Best Summer Party ...Ever!Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
  • GB1998-06-22
EMI (EMI Records, since 1972)VTDCD 194
1.20Tequila2:10The ChampsMundo LatinoVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
  • GB1998-06-28
1.6Tequila2:12The ChampsThe Rock ’n’ Roll Era: Keep On Rockin’Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
  • US1998-11-17
Time-Life MusicM182-09
2.18Tequila2:12The Champs20th Century Hits for a New Millennium: 40 Hits of 1955–1959Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
DiskyDO 852772
2.24Tequila2:14The ChampsAbsolute Hits of the 50'sVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
EVA Records (Denmark)8461192
1.5Tequila2:11The ChampsAral MusicCollection No. 11: It's Too LateVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
565 003-2
1.17Tequila2:10The ChampsEis am Stiel 2 (The Ultimate)Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
1.8Tequila2:15The ChampsFetenhits: Stadion‐HitsVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Polystar (Germany)
2.7Tequila2:10The ChampsMega Super OldiesVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Edel Records (multinational, ERE suffix)0038732ERE
1.7Tequila2:11The Champs„Healey“-Edition No. 2Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Mohndruck910 704
1.9Tequila2:13The Champs20 Super Hits of the Century: The 50sVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
1.1Tequila2:15The ChampsTequilaThe ChampsAlbum + Compilation
Ace (UK, started in 1978)CDCH 227
1.7Tequila2:15The ChampsGo, Champs, Go! - Everybody's Rockin'The ChampsAlbum + Compilation
  • GB1993-06-05
Ace (UK, started in 1978)
1.8Tequila2:11The ChampsDance Classics DJ Service, Volume 7Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
  • -1996


sampled by:Ballpoint Pen [REDACTED] 420 7 Mix by President Cai Farrington
mash-ups:Don't Say 'Ladies' (Put a Tequila on the Next Episode) by nakinyko
Something Good by nakinyko
recording of:Tequila


lyricist:Chuck Rio (Daniel Flores)
composer:Chuck Río (Daniel Flores)
referred to in medleys:Marijuana, Assassin of Youth (order: 3)
later translated parody versions:Текила
is the basis for:Tequila (Terrorvision cover)
What Happened (Sublime)