"This is one of my newer songs, and I sing it with *balls* when I do it live, so I like the live version better than the demo I'd already posted. Unfortunately, halfway through the set the expensive, lifetime-warranted instrument cable for my cello (the 3rd one to crap out on me practically the first time I used it, ugh) started failing so there's a little crunching in there. In fact that problem is a big reason I'm only posting 3 out of 9 songs from this show."

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1.7For the Killers (live, 2011-5-31)4:10UnwomanUnwoman LiveUnwomanAlbum + Live
  • XW2011-06-02
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recording of:For the Killers (on 2011-05-31: live)

For the Killers

lyricist and composer:Unwoman