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#TitleLengthTrack ArtistRelease TitleRelease ArtistRelease Group TypeCountry/DateLabelCatalog#
1.1Liebes Lied (radio mix)3:39Absolute BeginnerLiebes LiedAbsolute BeginnerSingle
  • DE1998-11-03
Buback, Universal (plain logo: “Universal”)UMD 70416
2.13Liebes Lied3:40Absolute BeginnerThe Dome, Volume 8Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
  • DE1998-12-07
Ariola (German label, used worldwide in the past)74321 61643 2
1.11Liebes Lied (radio mix)3:40Absolute BeginnerBooom ’99: The FirstVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
  • DE1998-12-28
Ariola (German label, used worldwide in the past)74321 63580 2
1.12Liebes Lied (radio mix)3:40Absolute BeginnerMegahits 99: Die ErsteVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
  • DE1998-12-28
EMI Electrola GmbH (not for release label use! DE subsidiary of EMI Records from 1972–2002)7243 4 98907 2 5
1.6Liebes Lied (radio mix)3:39Absolute BeginnerGute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten, Volume 18: Party PackVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
  • DE1999-02-08
Edel Records (multinational, ERE suffix)0043962ERE
2.4Liebes Lied3:40Absolute BeginnerJust the Best 1/99Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
  • DE1999-02-15
Ariola (German label, used worldwide in the past)74321 64181 2
2.4Liebes Lied3:39Absolute BeginnerBravo Supershow 99Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
  • DE1999-03-08
Ariola (German label, used worldwide in the past)74321 63112 2
1.14Liebes Lied (radio mix)3:39Absolute BeginnerDie verrückte Vampy Hit-ShowVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
  • DE1999-04-19
1.4Liebes Lied3:39Absolute BeginnerFlugzeuge im Bauch, Volume 2Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
1.4Liebes Lied (radio mix)3:40Absolute BeginnerPlanet Pop 3: Charthits Made in GermanyVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
SR International374595
1.14Liebes Lied3:40BeginnerStarke Gefühle 4Various ArtistsAlbum
BMG (the former Bertelsmann Music Group, defunct since 2004-08-05; for releases dated 2008 and later, use “BMG Rights Management”)
1.11Liebes Lied3:41Absolute BeginnerTune UpVarious ArtistsCompilation
Polymedia Catalogue Marketing
1.13Liebes Lied3:40Absolute BeginnerWendy My Hits '99Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Edel Records (multinational, ERE suffix)0044202ERE


edit of:Liebes Lied
edits:Liebes Lied (instrumental)
recording of:Liebes Lied (Absolute Beginner)

Liebes Lied (Absolute Beginner)

lyricist:Jan Phillip Eissfeldt
Dennis Lisk
composer:Guido Weiss
Jan Phillip Eissfeldt
Dennis Lisk
publisher:Sempex Musikverlag (in 1998)
later parody versions:Riesenglied