Yadet Biar

Music By : Ali Hosseinzadeh
Nazer : Ali Hosseinzadeh
Composer : Ali Hosseinzadeh
Arrangement : Ali Hosseinzadeh
Recordist : Ali Hosseinzadeh
Mixing And Mastering Engineer : Ali Hosseinzadeh

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1.1Yadet Biar3:15Ali HosseinzadehYadet BiarAli HosseinzadehSingle
  • IR2019-05-15
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recorded in:Iran
engineer:Ali Hosseinzadeh (iranian musician)
producer:علی حسین‌زاده (iranian musician)
vocals:علی حسین زاده (iranian musician)
performer:Ali Hosseinzadeh (iranian musician)
arranger:Ali Hosseinzadeh (iranian musician)
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recording of:Yadet Biar

Yadet Biar

composed in, lyrics written in and arranged in:Iran
Tehran, Tehrān, Iran
lyricist, composer and arranger:Ali Hosseinzadeh (iranian musician)
premiered by:Ali Hosseinzadeh (iranian musician)