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#TitleLengthTrack ArtistRelease TitleRelease ArtistRelease Group TypeCountry/DateLabelCatalog#
1.3Everybody’s Fool3:16EvanescenceFallenEvanescenceAlbum
  • SE2003-03-04
  • GB2003-04-28
Wind‐up510879 2
1.3Everybody’s Fool3:16EvanescenceFallenEvanescenceAlbum
  • CA2003-03-04
Wind‐upEK 91746
1.3Everybody’s Fool3:16EvanescenceFallenEvanescenceAlbum
  • US2003-03-04
1.3Everybody’s Fool3:16EvanescenceFallenEvanescenceAlbum
  • AU2003-03-04
1.3Everybody’s Fool3:16EvanescenceFallenEvanescenceAlbum
  • XE2003-04-28
Wind‐up510879 0
1.3Everybody’s Fool3:16EvanescenceFallenEvanescenceAlbum
  • FR2003-05-19
1.3Everybody’s Fool3:16EvanescenceFallenEvanescenceAlbum
  • JP2003-06-25
Wind‐upEICP 242
1.3Everybody’s Fool3:16EvanescenceFallen (first press limited edition)EvanescenceAlbum
  • JP2003-06-25
Wind‐upEICP-240, EICP-241
1.3Everybody’s Fool3:16EvanescenceFallenEvanescenceAlbum
  • JP2003-08-27
1.3Everybody’s Fool3:16EvanescenceFallenEvanescenceAlbum
1.3Everybody’s Fool3:16EvanescenceFallenEvanescenceAlbum
1.3Everybody's Fool3:16EvanescenceFallenEvanescenceAlbum
Wind‐upCDEPC 6661
1.3Everybody’s Fool3:16EvanescenceFallenEvanescenceAlbum
  • DE2004-01-26
  • XE2004-02-23
Wind‐up510879 9
1.3Everybody’s Fool3:16EvanescenceFallen (limited edition 完全生産限定盤)EvanescenceAlbum
  • JP2004-01-28
Wind‐upEICP-322, EICP-323
1.3Everybody's Fool3:16EvanescenceFallenEvanescenceAlbum
1.3Everybody’s Fool3:16EvanescenceFallenEvanescenceAlbum
1.1Everybody's Fool3:18EvanescenceEverybody's FoolEvanescenceSingle
  • GB2004-05-31
  • DE2004-06-01
  • XE2004
Wind‐up, Epic (US label founded by CBS in 1953, now owned by Sony)WIN 674799 2
1.1Everybody's Fool3:15EvanescenceEverybody's FoolEvanescenceSingle
  • AU2004-06-08
Wind‐up674799 2
1.1Everybody’s Fool3:18EvanescenceEverybody’s FoolEvanescenceSingle
Wind‐up, Epic (US label founded by CBS in 1953, now owned by Sony)WIN 674799 1
1.3Everybody's Fool3:15EvanescenceBig Shiny Tunes 9Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
  • CA2004-11-09
EMI Music Canada, Universal Music (plain logo: “Universal Music”), Warner Music Canada (imprint of Warner Music Canada)72348 74968 2 8
1.3Everybody’s Fool3:16EvanescenceFallen (Brazil edition)EvanescenceAlbum
1.10Everybody's Fool3:16EvanescenceTMF Awards 2005Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
BMG The Netherlands82876 68736 2
1.3Everybody's Fool3:15EvanescenceFallenEvanescenceAlbum
  • DE2009-09-11
EMI Music Germany GmbH & Co. KG (do not use this as a release label!), Wind‐up
1.3Everybody's Fool3:16EvanescenceFallenEvanescenceAlbum
  • GB2009-09-28
Wind‐up50999 6 87043 2 2
1.3Everybody’s Fool3:16EvanescenceFallenEvanescenceAlbum
The Bicycle Music Company (part of Concord Bicycle Music since 2015/04/01, overseeing publishing and rights management)
2.3Everybody’s Fool3:16EvanescenceThe Ultimate CollectionEvanescenceAlbum + Compilation
  • XE2017-01-24
The Bicycle Music Company (part of Concord Bicycle Music since 2015/04/01, overseeing publishing and rights management)BMC-38388-01.
1.16Everybody's Fool?:??EvanescenceDream of the WolfVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
1.1Everybody's Fool3:16EvanescenceEverybody's FoolEvanescenceSingleEpic (US label founded by CBS in 1953, now owned by Sony)674799
1.3Everybody’s Fool3:16EvanescenceFallenEvanescenceAlbumThe Bicycle Music Company (part of Concord Bicycle Music since 2015/04/01, overseeing publishing and rights management)0601501306327
1.4Everybody’s Fool3:16EvanescenceMystary EPEvanescenceEP
  • US2003-01-14
[no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases)[none]
1.2Everybody's Fool3:15EvanescenceFallenEvanescenceAlbum
1.9Everybody's Fool3:16EvanescencePromo Only: Modern Rock Radio, March 2004Various ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Promo Only
1.4Everybody’s Fool?:??EvanescenceThe Best of EvanescenceEvanescenceAlbum + Compilation
1.3Everybody's Fool3:16EvanescenceFallenEvanescenceAlbum
1.8Everybody's Fool3:16EvanescenceLe Nouveau GothiqueEvanescenceAlbum + Compilation
Artsound Records (Pirate label working for the Russian market), Epic (counterfeit releases pretending to be on Epic)F 42117
1.9Everybody’s Fool3:16EvanescenceGreatest HitsEvanescenceAlbum + Compilation
Star MarkLDB 5133-1/2
2.5Everybody's Fool3:16EvanescenceGreatest Hits (2 CD - Digipack)EvanescenceAlbum + Compilation
EMI (fake label; use for unofficial releases purporting to be on EMI)29866-1, 29866-2, 4607147908693
1.9Everybody’s Fool3:17EvanescenceGreatest SongsEvanescenceAlbum + Compilation
  • -2018
1.3Everybody's Fool3:16EvanescenceFallenEvanescenceAlbum
  • -2003
Wind‐up510879 2
1.3Everybody’s Fool3:18EvanescenceFallenEvanescenceAlbum


additional programming:Zac Baird
David Hodges (keyboardist of Evanescence and Trading Yesterday)
Chris Johnson (programming/production for Ivy Lane Music)
programming and additional engineer:Ben Moody (American musician and producer)
assistant engineer:Sergio Chavez
Jason Cupp
Ai Fujisaki
Dean Nelson
Sam Storey
engineer:Jeremy Parker (engineer)
producer and mixer:Dave Fortman
bass guitar:Francesco DiCosmo
drums (drum set):Josh Freese (American drummer)
guitar and percussion:Ben Moody (American musician and producer)
keyboard and piano:David Hodges (keyboardist of Evanescence and Trading Yesterday)
choir vocals:Millennium Choir (Los Angeles)
lead vocals:Amy Lee (singer-songwriter of Evanescence)
choir vocals arranger:Amy Lee (singer-songwriter of Evanescence)
has remixes:Everybody’s Fool (The Enigma TNG remix)
music videos:Everybody’s Fool
recording of:Everybody’s Fool

Everybody’s Fool

writer:David Hodges (keyboardist of Evanescence and Trading Yesterday)
Amy Lee (singer-songwriter of Evanescence)
Ben Moody (American musician and producer)