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#TitleLengthTrack ArtistRelease TitleRelease ArtistRelease Group TypeCountry/DateLabelCatalog#
1.4Halleluwah18:30CanTago MagoCanAlbum
United ArtistsUAS 29 211 X, UAS 29 212 X
1.4Halleluhwah18:30CanTago MagoCanAlbum
United ArtistsUAD 60009, UAD 60010
1.4Halleluhwah18:28CanTago MagoCanAlbum
Spoon RecordsSPOON CD oo6/7
1.4Halleluhwah18:28CanTago Mago (No barcode)CanAlbum
Spoon RecordsSpoon CD oo6/7
1.4Helleluhwah18:24CanTago MagoCanAlbum
1.4Halleluhwah18:28CanTago Mago (Reissue, Remastered)CanAlbum
  • XE2004-10-11
  • GB2004-10-11
Spoon Records0724347369520, SPOONSA6/7
1.4Halleluhwah18:28CANTago MagoCanAlbum
  • DE2004-10-11
Mute, Spoon Records, The Grey Area (reissue imprint of Mute)5050467372627, SPOONSA6/7, [none]
1.4Halleluhwah18:28CanTago MagoCanAlbum
Spoon Records9273-2
1.4Halleluhwah18:28CanTago MagoCanAlbum
  • JP2005-06-17
P‐VINE RECORDS (record label — add releases here)PCD-22203
1.4Halleluhwah18:32CanTago MagoCanAlbum
  • GB2007-10-22
Mute, Spoon Records, The Grey Area (reissue imprint of Mute)5099950442324, CDSPOON6/7, [none]
1.4Halleluhwah18:32CanTago Mago (remastered edition)CanAlbum
Spoon RecordsCDSPOON 6/7
1.4Halleluhwah18:32CanTago Mago (remastered edition)CanAlbum
  • US2008-02-05
Spoon Records9377-2
1.4Halleluwah18:33CanTago MagoCanAlbum
  • GB2011-11-14
Spoon Records40SPOON6/7
1.4Halleluwah18:33CanTago MagoCanAlbum
Spoon Records40SPOON6/7
1.4Halleluhwah18:32CANTago MagoCanAlbum
  • GB2012-07-02
Mute, Spoon Records, The Grey Area (reissue imprint of Mute)5099970428421, CDSPOON6/7
1.4Halleluwah18:33CanTago MagoCanAlbum
  • XW2013-10-01
Spoon Records
1.4Halleluhwah18:22CanTago MagoCanAlbum
  • US2014-09-02
Mute, Spoon Records9519-1, XSPOON6/7
1.14Hallelujah18:30CANMojo Presents: The Roots of the Sex PistolsVarious ArtistsAlbum + Compilation
Mojo (magazine)
1.4Halleluhwah18:28CanTago MagoCanAlbum
SomeWax (Russian bootleg label)SW306-2


engineer and editor:Holger Czukay
bass and bass guitar:Holger Czukay (in 1971)
drums (drum set):Jaki Liebezeit (in 1971)
electric piano, electronic organ and keyboard:Irmin Schmidt (in 1971)
guitar:Michael Karoli (in 1971)
vocals:Damo Suzuki (in 1971)
phonographic copyright by:Mute Corporation (do not use as release label! US subsidiary of Mute Records Ltd.) (in 2007)
recorded at:Schloss Nörvenich in Nörvenich, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany (in 1971)
sampled by:Dis Generation (explicit) by A Tribe Called Quest
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me (The Gotham Experience + Innocence Tour remix) by U2
Lost Somebody (explicit) by A Tribe Called Quest
mash-ups:Flaming Mary Can (Out) Run Prince (Flaming Lips vs. Mary J. Blige vs. Can vs. Run-D.M.C. vs. Prince) by Go Home Productions
recording of:Halleluwah (in 1971)


lyricist and composer:Holger Czukay
Michael Karoli
Jaki Liebezeit
Irmin Schmidt
Damo Suzuki