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EVA was originally a joint venture of: EMI, Virgin and BMG Ariola, with divisions in several European countries. More major labels joined in to promote a series of "Best of …" compilations, but it is now defunct, with NOW taking over.
addendum: for Scandinavian releases, use the appropriate EVA Records subsidiary for SE/DK/NO

"In 1997 both EVA and Magnum were dissolved. Starting 1998 the labels continued to work together on compilation albums, but without a shared branding (ie, EVA). From that moment on releases only carried the logo of the label responsible for the marketing and distribution of the release."

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Hit Connection 84Various Artists12" Vinyl15
Rock and RomanceRob De NijsVinyl8
Rock and RomanceRob de NijsCD8
CDP 74623525099974623525
Now This Is Music 4Various ArtistsCD13
CDP 7462772
Het komplete hitoverzichtThe George Baker SelectionCD22
CDP 7464602[none]
PremièreAnita MeyerCD14
The Story of Lee TowersLee TowersCD16
Het Beste Uit De Top 40 Van 't Jaar '87Various ArtistsCD18
The Very Best of Kenny Rogers & Dolly PartonKenny Rogers & Dolly PartonCD21
PD 71317[none]
The Definitive Rock & Roll AlbumElvis PresleyCD30
PD 90059
CollezionePaolo ConteCD17
258 902
The Originals - 20 - Christmas SongsVarious ArtistsCD20
The Originals - 16 - Slow Dance SongsVarious ArtistsCD16
Top des Tops N°4Various ArtistsCD15
30 640
now this is music 8Various ArtistsCD14
40 Years No. 1 Hits From the 50’sVarious ArtistsCD20
40 Years No. 1 Hits From the 60’sVarious ArtistsCD19
40 Years No. 1 Hits From The 70’sVarious ArtistsCD18
40 Years No. 1 Hits From the 80’sVarious ArtistsCD18
The Greatest Hits of the Cats, Vol 1 and Vol 2The Cats2×12" Vinyl15 + 17
The Greatest Hits of the Cats, Vol 1 and Vol 2The Cats2×CD18 + 18
Cum Laude [2]Cum LaudeCD13
PD 71639[none]
Pop ClassicsThe Alan Parsons ProjectCD16
Het beste uit de Top 40 van '89Various Artists2×CD17 + 18
Pop ClassicsLittle River BandCD17
The Definitive Hit AlbumCliff Richard2×CD18 + 18
The Definitive Guitar AlbumThe Shadows2×CD18 + 18
Don’t Worry Be HappyVarious ArtistsCD16
Play My Music, Volume 16 (A Simple Song)Various ArtistsCD16
The Original Disco Dance Collection, Vol. 1: 1975–1979Various Artists2×CD12 + 12
PD 74052[none]
The Original Disco Dance Collection, Vol. 2: 1980–1984Various Artists2×CD12 + 12
PD 74053[none]
The Original Disco Dance Collection, Vol. 3: 1985–1989Various Artists2×CD12 + 12
PD 74054[none]
Pop ClassicsLou ReedCD14
PD 90318[none]
Wereldsterren: Het beste van Diana RossDiana RossCD17
PD 747130035627471322
Hit History, Volume 13: 1967Various ArtistsCD18
PD 747830035627478321
Hit History, Volume 14: 1968Various ArtistsCD18
PD 747840035627478420
Hit History, Volume 15: 1969Various ArtistsCD18
PD 747850035627478529
Hit History, Volume 16: 1970Various ArtistsCD18
PD 747860035627478628
Hit History, Volume 19: 1973Various ArtistsCD18
PD 747890035627478925
Hit History, Volume 20: 1974Various ArtistsCD18
PD 747900035627479021
Hit History, Volume 21: 1975Various ArtistsCD18
PD 74791
Hit History, Volume 22: 1976Various ArtistsCD18
PD 747920035627479229
Hit History, Volume 23: 1977Various ArtistsCD18
PD 74793
Romantic Classics - Volume 1Various ArtistsCD11
Absolute ItalianaVarious ArtistsCD17
  • -1990
260 7685012984076822
Move Your BodyVarious ArtistsCD14
Het beste vanUdo JürgensCD18
Het beste van Julien ClercJulien ClercCD17
Het Beste Van Fats DominoFats DominoCD20
Het beste van Kenny RogersKenny RogersCD18
Het beste vanThe SupremesCD18
PD 745820035627458248
Missing You - The Best OfMarvin GayeCD18
PD 74592
Het beste vanJohn DenverCD18
PD 74599035627459924
The Greatest Hits 2, Part 1Various ArtistsCD16
PD 747180035627471827
The Greatest Hits 2, Part 2Various ArtistsCD16
PD 747190035627471926
Hit History, Volume 1: 1955Various ArtistsCD18
PD 747710035627477126
Hit History, Volume 2: 1956Various ArtistsCD18
PD 747720035627477225
Hit History, Volume 3: 1957Various ArtistsCD18
PD 747730035627477324
Hit History, Volume 4: 1958Various ArtistsCD18
PD 747740035627477423
Hit History, Volume 5: 1959Various ArtistsCD18
PD 747750035627477522
Hit History, Volume 6: 1960Various ArtistsCD18
PD 747760035627477621
Hit History, Volume 7: 1961Various ArtistsCD18
PD 747770035627477720
Hit History, Volume 7: 1961Various ArtistsCD18
PD 747770035627477720
Hit History, Volume 8: 1962Various ArtistsCD18
PD 747780035627477829
Hit History, Volume 9: 1963Various ArtistsCD18
PD 747790035627477928
Hit History, Volume 10: 1964Various ArtistsCD18
PD 747800035627478024
Hit History, Volume 11: 1965Various ArtistsCD18
PD 747810035627478123
Hit History, Volume 12: 1966Various ArtistsCD18
PD 747820035627478222
Hit History, Volume 24: 1978Various ArtistsCD18
PD 74794
Hit History, Volume 25: 1979Various ArtistsCD18
PD 747950035627479526
Hit History, Volume 26: 1980Various ArtistsCD18
PD 747960035627479625
Hit History, Volume 27: 1981Various ArtistsCD18
PD 74797
Hit History, Volume 28: 1982Various ArtistsCD18
PD 747980035627479823
Hit History, Volume 29: 1983Various ArtistsCD18
PD 74799
Hit History, Volume 30: 1984Various ArtistsCD18
PD 748000035627480027
Het beste van 15 wereldsterrenVarious ArtistsCD15
Het beste uit de Top 40 van '90Various Artists2×CD17 + 17
Hit History, Volume 17: 1971Various ArtistsCD18
PD 747870035627478727
Hit History, Volume 18: 1972Various ArtistsCD18
PD 747880035627478826
Turn Your Radio OnVarious ArtistsCD20
Move the House 1Various ArtistsCD16
Move the House 2Various ArtistsCD15
HeartbeatVarious ArtistsCD17
The Greatest Hits 1991 - 3Various ArtistsCD18
Toon Hermans 75 jaarToon Hermans2×CD13 + 14
Double Gold: The Best Dance ClassicsVarious Artists2×CD15 + 15
The Greatest Hits 1991, Vol. 1Various ArtistsCD14
PD 749470035627494741
The Music From the Movies: The 50's, Vol. 1Various ArtistsCD20
PD 75158035627515828
The Music From the Movies: The 50's, Vol. 2Various ArtistsCD20
PD 75159035627515927
The Music From the Movies: The 60's, Vol. 3Various ArtistsCD18
PD 75166035627516627
The Music From the Movies: The 60's, Vol. 4Various ArtistsCD18
PD 75167035627516726
The Music From the Movies: The 70's, Vol. 5Various ArtistsCD16
PD 75168035627516825
The Music From the Movies: The 70's, Vol. 6Various ArtistsCD16
PD 75169035627516924
The Music From the Movies: The 80's, Vol. 7Various ArtistsCD18
PD 75170035627517020
The Music From the Movies: The 80's, Vol. 8Various ArtistsCD17
PD 75171035627517129
The Music From the Movies: The 80’s, Vol. 9Various ArtistsCD18
PD 75172035627517228
The Music From the Movies: The 80's, Vol. 10Various ArtistsCD17
PD 75173035627517327
De Geschiedenis van de Nederlandse Popmuziek, Deel 4: 1980 - 1984Various Artists2×CD20 + 20
The Ultimate CollectionThe Alan Parsons Project2×CD16 + 14
  • NL1992-08-10
Now Dance: More Than 70 Minutes of Today's Greatest Dance HitsVarious ArtistsCD17