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DateTitleCredited AsArtistLength
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MoonflowersSony/ATV Music Publishing Ltd.Clarkesville3:47
2009 –I Need This
2009 –Party in the U.S.A.
2010 –Do It Like a Dude
2010 –Sexy Silk
2011 –Abracadabra
2011 –Big White Room
2011 –Casualty of Love
2011 –Domino
2011 –L.O.V.E.
2011 –Laserlight
2011 –Mamma Knows Best
2011 –Nobody’s Perfect
2011 –Party in the CIA
2011 –Price Tag
2011 –Rainbow
2011 –Repeat
2011 –Stand Up
2011 –Strip
2011 –V.I.P.
2011 –Who You Are
2011 –Who’s Laughing Now
2012 –V.I.P. (T-Pain version)
2013 –Alive
2013 –Breathe
2013 –Conquer the World
2013 –Daydreamin’
2013 –Excuse My Rude
2013 –Gold
2013 –Harder We Fall
2013 –Hero
2013 –I Miss Her
2013 –It’s My Party
2013 –Magnetic
2013 –Sexy Lady
2013 –Thunder
2013 –Unite
2013 –We Don’t Play Around
2013 –Wild (no Dizzee Rascal)
2014 –Burnin’ Up
2014 –Calling All Hearts
2014 –Get Away
2014 –Seal Me With a Kiss
2014 –Sweet Talker
2014 –You Don’t Really Know Me
2014 –Your Loss I’m Found
2015 –Clued Up
2015 –Sorry to Interrupt
2016 –Free
2017Stand UpSony/ATV Music Publishing Ltd.
2020 –Falling Down
(Don’t Fear) The ReaperSony/ATV Music Publishing Ltd.
(I Wanna Live in a Dream in My) Record Machine
(Stranded on) The Wrong Beach
5 O’Clock
6th Avenue
A Certain “Je ne sais quoi”
A Face Like That
A Million Ways
A Summer Wasting
A Winter’s Tale
A Wonder Like You
AfricaSony/ATV Music Publishing Ltd.
After the Love Has GoneSony/ATV Music Publishing Ltd.
AKA… Broken Arrow
AKA… What a Life!
All Cried OutSony/ATV Music Publishing Ltd.
All I Need
All I Want for Christmas Is You
All Men Are Pigs
All NerveSony/ATV Music Publishing Ltd.
All the Lovers
All You Need Is LoveSony/ATV Music Publishing Ltd.
Always Come Back to Your Love
Another OneSony/ATV Music Publishing Ltd
Another Place to Fall
Any Second Now
Armageddon Days Are Here (Again)Sony/ATV Music Publishing Ltd.
Aserejé (“The ketchup song”)Sony/ATV Music Publishing Ltd.
Baby Now That I’ve Found YouSony/ATV Music Pub. Ltd.
Baby Seat
Back to the Start
Bad Boy
Battle Cry
Be Kind to the Boy on the Road
BeautifulSony/ATV Music Publishing Ltd.
Before I Fall to Pieces
Before You LeaveSony/ATV Music Publishing Ltd.
Begin Again
Beginning of the End
Believe Me
Bibia Be Ye Ye
Big Boss ManSony/ATV Music Publishing (UK)
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