Les Misérables : Enregistrement de l'audition originale Francaise (1980 French concept cast)Claude‐Michel SchönbergCD17
WMCD 55718711539004521
14 Rock 'n Roll HitsJerry Lee LewisCD14
WMCD 55288711539003029
British Blues Heroes - Jeff Beck And Friends...Various ArtistsCD14
WMCD 55358711539003098
Candles in the RainMelanieCD9
WMCD 55638711539004514
Hums of the The Lovin’ SpoonfulThe Lovin’ SpoonfulCD11
  • -1990
WMCD 55648711539004613
The Synthesizer HitsVarious ArtistsCD14
WMCD 55758711539006730
The Silver CollectionSpencer DavisCD10
WMCD 55968711539010393
The HitmachineStatus QuoCD14
WMCD 5614
Swinging MemoriesThe Andrews SistersCD14
WMCD 56208711539009571
Poetry In MotionJohnny TillotsonCD14
WMCD 56248711539009472
Shine Up & Other Great HitsDoris D. & The PinsCD14
WMCD 5634
Jolene: Her Greatest HitsDolly PartonCD14
WMCD 56388711539240363
Dreamin' My DreamsMarianne FaithfullCD12
WMCD 56488711539011925
Dreamin’ My DreamsMarianne FaithfullCD12
WMCD 56488711539011925
Oh Carol (His Greatest Hits)Neil SedakaCD14
WMCD 56508711539240370
Distant Drums, His Greatest HitsJim ReevesCD14
The Very BestSamantha FoxCD16
WMCD 56838711539240226
She's A Lady - His Greatest HitsTom JonesCD20
WMCD 5693
Simply the BestTom JonesCD20
WMCD 56938711539240424
The Alternative Way - Her Greatest HitsAnita MeyerCD18
WMCD 5702
Time in a Bottle: His Greatest HitsJim CroceCD18
WMCD 57038711539240615
Simply the BestJoe CockerCD18
WMCD 57058711539240554
Yesterday Man - His Greatest HitsChris AndrewsCD14
  • -1994
WMCD 57078711539240585
Simply the Best: Greatest Hits: Let Your Love FlowThe Bellamy BrothersCD10
WMCD 57088711539240608
Her Greatest HitsCilla BlackCD18
  • NL1995-06-01
WM 8600220724348600226
Born Free: His Greatest HitsMatt MonroCD18
  • -1995
WM 8600320724348600325
Blueberry Hill: His Greatest HitsFats DominoCD18
WM 8600520724348600523
Diamonds are forever Her Greatest HitsShirley BasseyCD18
WM 8603220724348603227
I Honestly Love You: Her Greatest HitsOlivia Newton‐JohnCD18
WM 8603320724348603326
Kalinka Malinka: His Greatest HitsIvan RebroffCD16
WMCD 56928711539240332
Southern Nights: His Greatest HitsGlen CampbellCD18
  • -2000-06-27
WM 8600120724348600127
Charles Aznavour : Collection World StarsCharles AznavourCD18
  • -2005
DSP 9029888711539029883
Bella Italia OperaVarious ArtistsCD20
DSP 9030188711539030186
World StarsÉdith PiafCD18
World StarsDean MartinCD20
DSP 9030548711539030544
28 Golden Hits From the 70's, CD2Various ArtistsCD14WMCD 55658711539004934
The Blues YearsEric ClaptonCD14
WMCD 55808711539004859
28 Golden HIts From The 60'sVarious Artists2×CD14 + 14WMCD 55988711539006792
Test CDPieter Damave and Guus DamaveCD99WMCD1112047163111228