Island (imprint of Island Records, a division of Universal Music Group)

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Island Records (UK and worldwide)

Originally formed as an independent record label in Jamaica, this company was incorporated in the UK and later the US. It was the largest independent record company in history when it was sold to PolyGram. PolyGram was subsumed by Universal Music Group in 1998, but the Island name and logo live on in a confusing hierarchy of companies, joint ventures, mergers, label groups and imprints.

Records released with the Island label in Australia, France and Germany, for example, are to be filed here.

CHECK THE LABEL CODE: On many newer UK/European releases the label code is LC-01846, NOT LC-00407. Such releases should be added to Universal Island Records and not here.

Using the logos on the back cover can also help tell the difference, this imprint (00407) generally has the one palm tree Island logo, the other imprint (01846) generally has 2 logos, one of 'Island Records Group', and another of 'Universal Records'.

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The Most of Jackie EdwardsWilfred "Jackie" Edwards12" Vinyl12
ILP 906[none]
Wranglin'Ernest Ranglin Trio12" Vinyl6
ILP 909
Eastern Standard Time / Sun Rises in the EastDon Drummond / Dotty & Bonny7" Vinyl2
DaddyThe Vikings7" Vinyl2
Affectionate FinkHarold McNair With Ornette Coleman's Sidemen12" Vinyl6
ILP 926
Come On HomeJackie Edwards12" Vinyl12
ILP 931
Botheration / SatanJustin Hinds & the DominoesVinyl2
WI 171
Guns of NavaroneThe Skatalites7" Vinyl2
The TripKim Fowley7" Vinyl2
I Am Only Dreaming / Universal VagrantChords Five7" Vinyl2
Paper Sun / Giving to YouTrafficVinyl2
WIP 6002
London ConversationJohn Martyn12" Vinyl12
Mr. Fantasy (mono)Traffic12" Vinyl10
Mr. FantasyTraffic12" Vinyl10
ILPS 9061[none]
Sunshine Super FrogWynder K. Frog12" Vinyl12
ILP 944[none]
Dr. KitchVarious Artists12" Vinyl12
ILP 954
The Story of Simon SimopathNirvana12" Vinyl10
ILP 959
Supernatural Fairy TalesArt12" Vinyl12
ILP 967
Hard Road to TravelJimmy Cliff12" Vinyl12
The Best of The Spencer Davis Group Featuring Stevie WinwoodThe Spencer Davis Group12" Vinyl14
ILPS 9070[none]
Tonight / You Have Caught MeKeith & Tex / Lyn Taitt & the JetsVinyl2
WI 3085
People Rock Steady / I'm Trying to Find a HomeThe UniquesVinyl2
Hole in My Shoe / Smiling PhasesTraffic7" Vinyl2
WIP 6017
Here We Go Round the Mulberry BushTraffic7" Vinyl2
WIP 6025[none]
A Song for Jeffrey / One for John GeeJethro Tull7" Vinyl2
  • GB1968-09-13
This WasJethro Tull12" Vinyl10
  • GB1968-10-04
ILPS 9085[none]
TrafficTraffic12" Vinyl10
ILPS 9081T[none]
Love Story / A Christmas SongJethro Tull7" Vinyl2
  • GB1968-11-29
WIP 6048
An Electric StormWhite Noise12" Vinyl7
  • GB1968-11-30
ILPS 9099
The TumblerJohn Martyn12" Vinyl12
Ska at the Jamaica Playboy ClubVarious ArtistsVinyl14
ILP 930
This WasJethro Tull12" Vinyl10
ILP 985[none]
It's All AboutSpooky Tooth12" Vinyl10
ILPS 9080[none]
All of UsNirvana12" Vinyl12
ILPS 9087
The Russians Are Coming / Sir Lees WhipVal Bennett / Lester Sterling7" Vinyl2
Meet on the LedgeFairport Convention7" Vinyl2
WIP 6047[none]
Make No Bones About ItClouds7" Vinyl2
WIP 6055[none]
Medicated Goo / Shanghai Noodle FactoryTraffic7" Vinyl2
What We Did on Our HolidaysFairport Convention12" Vinyl12
ILPS 9092
Living in the Past / Driving SongJethro Tull7" Vinyl2
  • GB1969-05-03
WIP 6056
Last ExitTraffic12" Vinyl7
ILPS 9097[none]
UnhalfbrickingFairport Convention12" Vinyl8
ILPS 9102[none]
Stand UpJethro TullVinyl10
  • GB1969-08-01
ILPS 9103
Ahead Rings OutBlodwyn Pig12" Vinyl9
ILPS 9101[none]
ScrapbookClouds7" Vinyl2
WIP 6067[none]
Five Leaves LeftNick Drake12" Vinyl10
ILPS 9105
In the Court of the Crimson KingKing Crimson12" Vinyl5
  • NL1969-10-10
88 166 XAT
In the Court of the Crimson KingKing Crimson12" Vinyl5
  • GB1969-10-10
ILPS 9111
FreeFree12" Vinyl9
ILPS 9104
Mott the HoopleMott the Hoople12" Vinyl8
ILPS 9108[none]
Nice Enough to EatVarious Artists12" Vinyl12
Liege & LiefFairport Convention12" Vinyl8
ILPS 9115[none]
Spooky TwoSpooky Tooth12" Vinyl8
ILPS 9098[none]
The Clouds ScrapbookClouds12" Vinyl11
ILPS 9100[none]
Kip of the SerenesDr. Strangely Strange12" Vinyl10
ILPS 9106
In Blissful CompanyQuintessenceVinyl8
ILPS 9110
Best of TrafficTraffic12" Vinyl11
ILPS 9112[none]
RenaissanceRenaissance12" Vinyl5
You Can All Join InVarious Artists12" Vinyl12
Put Your Tears AwayJackie Edwards12" Vinyl12
IslandRenaissance7" Vinyl2
WIP 6079[none]
Stormbringer!John & Beverley Martyn12" Vinyl10
ILPS 9113
Cat Food / GroonKing Crimson7" Vinyl2
  • GB1970-03-13
WIP 6080
FotheringayFotheringay12" Vinyl9
ILPS 9125
BenefitJethro Tull12" Vinyl10
6339 009
BenefitJethro TullVinyl10
ILPS 9123[none]
In the Wake of PoseidonKing Crimson12" Vinyl8
  • GB1970-05-15
ILPS 9127
Fire and WaterFree12" Vinyl7
  • GB1970-06-16
ILPS 9120[none]
Mona Bone JakonCat Stevens12" Vinyl11
ILPS 9118
John Barleycorn Must DieTraffic12" Vinyl6
ILPS 9116[none]
Full HouseFairport Convention12" Vinyl7
ILPS 9130[none]
Mad ShadowsMott the Hoople12" Vinyl7
ILPS 9119[none]
Tea for the TillermanCat Stevens12" Vinyl11
  • GB1970-11-23
ILPS 9135[none]
The Road to RuinJohn & Beverley Martyn12" Vinyl9
ILPS 9133[none]
Bryter LayterNick Drake12" Vinyl10
ILPS 9134
Emerson, Lake & PalmerEmerson, Lake & Palmer12" Vinyl6
StealerFree7" Vinyl2
WIP 6093[none]
LizardKing Crimson12" Vinyl5
  • GB1970-12-11
ILPS 9141[none]
HighwayFree12" Vinyl9
ILPS 9138
Take Me to Your LeaderClouds7" Vinyl2
6014 017[none]
Wild WorldJimmy Cliff7" Vinyl2
6014 024
In the Court of the Crimson KingKing Crimson12" Vinyl5
6339 028
LizardKing Crimson12" Vinyl5
6405 012[none]
Tea for the TillermanCat Stevens12" Vinyl11
85 678 IT[none]
John Barleycorn Must DieTraffic12" Vinyl6
BumpersVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl9 + 10
The Last PuffSpooky ToothfeaturingMike Harrison12" Vinyl7
ILPS 9117[none]
McDonald and GilesMcDonald and Giles12" Vinyl5
ILPS 9126[none]
IfIf12" Vinyl7
ILPS 9129
ListenThe Alan Bown!12" Vinyl9
ILPS 9131[none]
EvensongAmazing Blondel12" Vinyl11
ILPS 9136
Be Glad for the Song Has No EndingThe Incredible String Band12" Vinyl6
ILPS 9140[none]
Country HomeBronco12" Vinyl7
Notting Hill Gate / Move Into the LightQuintessenceVinyl2
WIP 6075
All Right NowFree7" Vinyl2
WIP 6082
Lady D'ArbanvilleCat Stevens7" Vinyl2
WIP 6086
Dancing in the MoonlightHigh Broom7" Vinyl2
WIP 6088[none]
Can't Get EnoughBad Company7" Vinyl2
WIP 6191