Tommy Boy (imprint, bearing the Tommy Boy logo)

~ Label


Jazzy SensationAfrika Bambaataa & The Jazzy 5 / The Kryptic Krew feat. Tina B.12" Vinyl3
TB 812[none]
Planet RockAfrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force12" Vinyl3
  • US1982-06-03
TB 823
Jazzy Sensation (remix)Afrika Bambaataa & The Jazzy 5 / The Kryptic Krew12" Vinyl3
TB 821
Play at Your Own RiskPlanet Patrol12" Vinyl2
TB 825
Junior Wants to PlayBon Rock & Cotton Candy12" Vinyl2
Looking for the Perfect BeatAfrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force12" Vinyl3
TB 831
We Are the Jonzun CrewThe Jonzun Crew12" Vinyl2
TB 834
Play That Beat Mr. D.J.G.L.O.B.E & Whiz Kid12" Vinyl3
TB 836[none]
Play That Beat Mr. D.J.G.L.O.B.E & Whiz Kid12" Vinyl3
TB 836
Renegades of FunkAfrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force12" Vinyl3
TB 839
Space CowboyThe Jonzun Crew12" Vinyl2
Lost in SpaceJonzun Crew12" Vinyl6
TBLP 1001
Planet PatrolPlanet Patrol12" Vinyl6
TBLP 1002
UnityAfrika Bambaataa & James Brown7" Vinyl2
No Sell OutMalcolm X12" Vinyl2
TB 840
UnityAfrika Bambaataa & James Brown12" Vinyl6
TB 847
Frantic SituationAfrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force with Shango12" Vinyl3
TB 849
Love LettersForce MD’s12" Vinyl8
TBLP 1003
Chillin'Force MD’sCD8
9 01010-2
Celebrate! (Everybody)Globe & Pow Wow12" Vinyl2
TB 857
Lesson 1, 2 & 3Double Dee + Steinski12" Vinyl3
TB 867
Funk You!Afrika Bambaataa and Family12" Vinyl5
TB 870
Just Say StetStetsasonic12" Vinyl3
TB 875
Tommy Boy Greatest BeatsVarious ArtistsCD15
TBCD 1005016998100523
Chillin'Force MD’sVinyl8
TBLP 1010
Planet RockAfrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic ForceCassette7
  • US1986-12-01
TBC 1007
Planet Rock: The AlbumAfrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force12" Vinyl7
  • US1986-12-01
TBLP 1007
Bambaataa's Theme / TensionAfrika Bambaataa and Family12" Vinyl2
258 663-0[none]
RunningInformation Society12" Vinyl4
TB 877
The Fresh Commandments / My FilaFresh Gordon12" Vinyl4
TB 882
JealousyClub Nouveau12" Vinyl3
TB 884
The Motorcade Sped OnSteinski and Mass Media12" Vinyl2
TB 885
Situation #9Club Nouveau12" Vinyl3
TB 891
Beware (The Funk Is Everywhere)Afrika Bambaataa12" Vinyl9
TBLP 1008
On FireStetsasonic12" Vinyl10
TBLP 1012
On FireStetsasonicCD10
  • JP1987-04-22
32DP 6934988009547350
Touch and GoForce MD’sCD8
9 25631-2
A.F.R.I.C.A. / Free South AfricaStetsasonic / Tackhead12" Vinyl4
TB 899
Feelin' JamesFresh Gordon12" Vinyl3
TB 901
Heavy on My MindClub Nouveau12" Vinyl5
TB 903016998090800
Touch and GoForce MD’sVinyl8
TBLP 25631
In Full GearStetsasonicCD17
  • US1988-06-21
TBCD 1017016998101728
Information SocietyInformation SocietyCD10
  • JP1988-07-21
25DP 50964988009612355
Walking AwayInformation Society7" Vinyl2
  • US1988-11-26
9 27736-7
Walking AwayInformation Society12" Vinyl6
  • US1988-11-26
TB 919016998091906
What's on Your Mind (Pure Energy)Information Society(unknown)3
886 431-2042288643128
Information SocietyInformation SocietyCD+G10
9 25691-2075992569125
In Full GearStetsasonic12" Vinyl15
TB 1017, TBLP 1017016998101711
Plug Tunin’De La Soul12" Vinyl5
TB 910016998091005
What's on Your Mind (Pure Energy)Information Society12" Vinyl5
TB 911016998091104
X-Ray VisionTKA12" Vinyl3
TB 913016998091302
Deep CheckForce MD’s12" Vinyl2
TB 914
Jenifa (Taught Me) / Potholes in My LawnDe La Soul12" Vinyl5
TB 917016998091708
Can't Get Enough / All Rappers Give UpBlack By Demand12" Vinyl5
TB 921
Walking AwayInformation SocietyCD4
  • -1988
3 Feet High and RisingDe La SoulCD24
  • AU1989-05-14
D 301699399310520621
All Hail the QueenQueen Latifah12" Vinyl12
  • US1989-11-28
TB 1022016998102213
All Hail the QueenQueen LatifahCD15
  • US1989-11-28
TBCD 1022016998102220
What's That Noise?Coldcut12" Vinyl11
1-25974, TBLP 25974075992597418
3 Feet High and RisingDe La SoulCD24
838 528-2042283852822
Say No Go (extended‐play cassette)De La SoulCassette7
876 195-4042287619544
What’s That Noise?ColdcutCD13
9 25974-2075992597425
All Hail the QueenQueen LatifahCD15
GEE CD55017640600052
Say No GoDe La SoulCD6
Repetition (edit)Information SocietyCD2
Stop This Crazy ThingColdcut feat. Junior ReidCD7
Dope on Plastic / It’s My TurnUptown12" Vinyl6
TB 923016998092309
RepetitionInformation Society12" Vinyl3
TB 928016998092804
Poetical Terror / God Made Me FunkyToo Poetic12" Vinyl6
TB 930016998093009
DoowutchyalikeDigital Underground12" Vinyl6
TB 932016998093207
Lay All Your Love on MeInformation Society12" Vinyl6
TB 933016998093306
Say No GoDe La Soul12" Vinyl5
TB 934016998093405
Dearly Beloved / In the Mist of FunkBlack By Demand12" Vinyl2
TB 936
Buddy / Ghetto ThangDe La Soul12" Vinyl6
TB 943
The Humpty DanceDigital Underground12" Vinyl3
TB 944
Break The Grip Of ShameParis12" Vinyl2
TB 950016998095003
3 Feet High and RisingDe La SoulCD24
TBCD 1019016998101926
3 Feet High and RisingDe La SoulCD24
3 Feet High and RisingDe La Soul12" Vinyl23
TBLP 1019016998101919
Pacific808 State12" Vinyl6
  • US1990-03-08
TB 949016998094907
Pacific808 StateCD6
  • US1990-03-08
Utd. State 90808 StateCD14
  • US1990-06-11
TBCD 1033
Utd. State 90808 State12" Vinyl12
TBLP 1033
Cubik808 State12" Vinyl4
  • US1990-08-28
TB 959016998095904
Cubik808 StateCD4
  • US1990-08-28
TBCD 959016998095928
The Devil Made Me Do ItParisCD17
  • US1990-10-09
847 929-2
Mama Gave Birth to the Soul ChildrenQueen Latifah feat. De La SoulCD5
HackInformation SocietyCD15
9 26258-2075992625821
Sex PacketsDigital UndergroundCD14
ACD 1277057362127722
Sex PacketsDigital UndergroundCD14
BCM 503774005934503777
Sex PacketsDigital UndergroundCassette17
CAT 1277057362127746
Mama Gave Birth to the Soul ChildrenQueen Latifah + De La SoulCD4
A Knife and a Fork / Hack OneThink Tank12" Vinyl2
HA 1000001699810000
ThinkInformation SocietyCD4
Sex PacketsDigital Underground12" Vinyl13
TB 1026, TBLP 1026016998102619
The Devil Made Me Do ItParis12" Vinyl13
TB 1030
Come Into My HouseQueen Latifah12" Vinyl6
TB 948016998094808
We Don’t PlayFreshco & Miz12" Vinyl5
TB 952
Doowutchyalike / Packet ManDigital Underground12" Vinyl5
TB 955016998095508
ThinkInformation Society12" Vinyl6
TB 961 A[none]