Harpsichord Works of J.S. BachTom Pixton(unknown)9
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Works for Piano, Vol. 2George Crumb; Jeffrey JacobCD4
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Man & SupermanNoah CreshevskyCD5
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Nuit ExotiqueRagin, Rohan de SilvaCD13
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Scott Joplin on Guitar, Volume 3Scott Joplin; Giovanni De ChiaroCD13
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The HX ProjectAlex Lauterstein2×CD10 + 10
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MinimamachtaPiccola Accademia degli SpecchiCD14
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From Darkness, LightEmily HowellCD11
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DreamsRachel MatthewsCD16
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The Unknown GemsAntonio Vivaldi; Viva VivaldiCD21
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גן נעולמיקה קרניCD8
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Hymns & DervishesFrederic ChiuCD20
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Resurrection Time!Joseph LivingstoneCD10
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Earthly BaroqueMusicians of the Old Post RoadCD26
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