Mystic Records (US punk)

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Get Up and DieMentorsVinyl4
The Band, the Myth, the VolumeVox Pop12" Vinyl3
M 12452[none]
You Can't Argue With SucksessVarious Artists12" Vinyl23
MLP 33102[none]
The Sound Of HollywoodBattalion of Saints / S.V.D.B.7" Vinyl2
M 745132
Faggot in the FamilyAryan Disgrace7" Vinyl2
M45 127[none]
Five Budget CutsBone Cabal12" Vinyl5
MLP 14516
The Sound of Hollywood, Volume 2: Destroy L.A.Various ArtistsVinyl16
MLP 33124
We Got Power: Party or Go HomeVarious Artists12" Vinyl40
MLP 33125[none]
Who's the FoolSubterfugeDigital Media10
  • US1984-11-28
The Joy of LivingCorpus Delicti12" Vinyl5
M 124520[none]
False ConfessionFalse Confession7" Vinyl6
We Love Our Country: It's the Government We Can't StandManifest Destiny7" Vinyl4
M7EP 143[none]
Mystic Sampler #1Various Artists12" Vinyl13
MLP 33126[none]
Who's the FoolSubterfuge12" Vinyl10
Getting Revenge in 'MericaThe Grim12" Vinyl8
MLP mini01[none]
We’re No AngelsAngeles12" Vinyl9
What Happens NextIll Repute12" Vinyl11
  • -1984
  • US1985-01-01
The Real WorldDon't No7" Vinyl7
The Sound of Hollywood, Volume 5: DuBeat-e-oVarious Artists12" Vinyl19
MLP 33112
Mystic Sampler #2Various Artists12" Vinyl13
MLP 33127[none]
AgressionAgression12" Vinyl13
MLP 33136[none]
We Got Power, Part II: Party AnimalVarious Artists12" Vinyl41
MLP 33137[none]
Keep LaughingRich Kids on LSDVinyl11
MLP 33141
Clockwork Orange CountyVarious Artists12" Vinyl15
MLP 33142
Live!Government Issue12" Vinyl17
MLP 33144, MLP33144
Give Us Stabb or Give Us DeathGovernment Issue12" Vinyl5
MLP mini07
We Got Power, Part III: We Got PartyVarious Artists12" Vinyl41
MLP 33145[none]
Super Seven SamplerVarious Artists12" Vinyl14
MLP 33146
The Original GroupDr. Know Featuring Brandon Cruz12" Vinyl12
MLP 33165[none]
Psycho WardSocial Spit7" Vinyl6
SS7EP 207
The Sound of USA #6: New York City: Mutiny on the BoweryVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
MLP 33158[none]
The AlbumNOFX12" Vinyl14
MLP 33159
Airstrip OneVarious Artists12" Vinyl17
MLP 33167[none]
Live SpitSocial Spit7" Vinyl5
No Place Like HomeSocial Spit12" Vinyl13
  • US1989-06-01
MLP 011
E Is for EverythingNOFXCassette22
MLP 33180C
Maximum RocknrollNOFXCD22
MCD 180727563018029
There's No Place Like HomeSocial SpitCassette20
  • US1995-04-16
MLP 011C
What Happened ThenIll ReputeCD22
Maximum RocknrollNOFXVinyl22
Maximum RocknrollNOFXCD22
MCD 180
The Best of Dr. KnowDr. KnowCD33
Keep Laughing (The Best of)Rich Kids on LSDCD23
MYSTIC CD163027563016323
Superseven presents Sixty Bands: Party or Go HomeVarious ArtistsCD63
  • -2005-07-12
MCD 125
Maximum RocknrollNOFXCD22
MCD 180
Maximum RocknrollNOFXVinyl22
There's No Place Like HomeSocial SpitDigital Media19
  • US2015-12-21