CrisesMike OldfieldCD6
CAROL 1850017046185028
Pawn HeartsVan der Graaf GeneratorCD3
CAROL 1639-2017046163927
Unorthodox BehaviourBrand XCD7
CAROL 1387-2
LivestockBrand XCD6
CAROL 1388-2017046138826
MasquesBrand XCD7
CAROL 1391-2
Moroccan RollBrand XCD9
CAROL 1392-2017046139229
CAROL 1660-2017046166027
CAROL 1663-2017046166324
Chameleon in the Shadow of the NightPeter HammillCD8
CAROL 1691-2017046169127
Spectral MorningsSteve HackettCD8
CAROL 1862-2017046186223
The Legend Lives On... Jah Wobble in "Betrayal"Jah WobbleCD15
CAROL 1669-2017046166928
GreenSteve HillageCD10
CAROL 1670-2017046167024
Voyage of the AcolyteSteve HackettCD8
  • US1991-06-19
CAROL 1863-2017046186322
Fun, Filth and Fury! 18 Prime Punk CutsVarious ArtistsCD18
  • US1991-07-19
CAROL 1872-2017046187220
TangramTangerine DreamCD2
  • US1991-08-05
CAROL 1805-2017046180528
Germfree AdolescentsX‐Ray SpexCD16
CAROL 1813-2017046181327
Gentlemen Take PolaroidsJapanCD10
CAROL 1829-2017046182928
IncantationsMike OldfieldCD4
CAROL 1854-2017046185424
OmmadawnMike OldfieldCD2
CAROL 1855-2
Technology: Western Re-Works 1992Cabaret VoltaireCD12
CAROL 1875-2017046187527
Oil on CanvasJapanCD15
  • US1992-07-24
CAROL 1832-2017046183222
H to He, Who Am the Only OneVan der Graaf GeneratorCD5
CAROL 1638-2017046163828
Still LifeVan der Graaf GeneratorCD5
CAROL 1641-2017046164122
pH7Peter HammillCD11
CAROL 1696-2017046169622
World Record (Reissue)Van der Graaf GeneratorCD5
CAROL 1825-2017046182522
Time LapseSteve HackettCD14
CAROL 1839-2017046183925
Far Away in TimeMartha and the MuffinsCD17
  • US1993-10-12
CAROl 1894-2017046189422
Sleepless: The Concise King CrimsonKing CrimsonCD14
0777 7 88296 2 1, CAROL 1887-2077778829621
The Essential 1972–1993Klaus Schulze2×CD7 + 7
  • US1994-03-11
CAROL 1896-2017046189620
The Rime of the Ancient MarinerDavid BedfordCD2
  • US1994-05-13
CDOVD 443017046189828
Tin DrumJapanCD8
CAROL 1830-2017046183024
Sweet Suburbia: The Best of the SkidsSkidsCD18
  • US1995-04-18
CAROL 1253-2017046125321
Sound of the Suburbs: A Collection of the Members Finest MomentsThe MembersCD18
  • US1995-04-18
CAROL 1254-2017046125420
Something That I Said: The Best of The RutsThe RutsCD18
  • US1995-04-25
CAROL 1251-2017046125123
Wilful DaysKilling JokeCD13
  • US1995-06-05
CAROL 1884-2017046188425
Something That I Said: Best of The RutsThe RutsCD17
CAROL 1251-2017046125123
Airport - The Motor's Greatest HitsThe MotorsCD17
CAROL 1777-2017046177726
CrisesMike OldfieldCD6
  • US2000-08-15
CAROL 1850-2017046185028
Inspector Morse: Original Music From the ITV SeriesVarious ArtistsCD18BLPC1712.20017046171229
In CameraPeter HammillCD7CAROL 1629-2017046162920
Nadir's Big ChancePeter HammillCD11CAROL 1630-2017046163026
The Silent Corner and the Empty StagePeter HammillCD7CAROL 1693-2017046169325
The Future NowPeter HammillCD12CAROL 1694-2017046169424
Fool's MatePeter HammillCD12CAROL 1697-2017046169721
Hatfield and the NorthHatfield and the NorthCD17CAROL 1833-2017046183321
OverPeter HammillCD8CAROL 1849-2017046184922
OmmadawnMike OldfieldCD3CAROL 1855-2017046185523
DefectorSteve HackettCD10CAROL 1859-2017046185929
Please Don’t TouchSteve HackettCD10CAROL 1861-2017046186124