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Rhino started life as a record store in 1973, but it was not until 1978 that it actively (first release was in 1975) began producing records in its own right.

Rhino is high quality reissue label, currently owned by Warner Music Group.
* Founded by: Richard Foos & Harold Bronson
* Active period: 1978-1992 independent, 1992-today subsidiary
* Sold to: Time Warner (50% 1992, 100% 1998)
* Distributed by: Rhino (US), Warner Music Group (World)
* Owns Roulette Records' non jazz catalog rights for the US.

Involved in repackaging product (either straight reissues, enhanced reissues, boxed set anthologies, or new compilations) from various labels in the Warner catalogue, particularly jazz and soul from Atlantic Records, soundtracks from Warner Bros, rock and pop from Elektra, Reprise etc.

Currently, releases featuring the Rhino logo are overseen by the Elektra Entertainment Group.
Many releases on this label have cat numbers starting with R2 or 8122, but cat numbers of the 01000 series are reissues of Atlantic's 1000 series. Whether they were reissued chronologically is currently unclear, as most are infamously dated 1990/10/25 on Amazon.

A partial catalog is maintained at http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/Jazz/Labels/Rhino

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It's A Happening World (Expanded Edition)The TokensVinyl24
It's a Spike Jones ChristmasSpike Jones(unknown)21
Live at Fillmore WestAretha FranklinCD10
  • US1971-02-07
Dueling Banjos From the Original Sound Track of Deliverance and Additional MusicEric Weissberg and Steve MandellDigital Media18
  • -1973
  • US2005-02-08
Go to Rhino Records / Rhino, the Place to GoWild Man Fischer / The Plastic Rhino Band7" Vinyl2
Greatest HitsJames TaylorDigital Media12
  • XW1977-08-23
WildmaniaWild Man Fischer12" Vinyl19
RNLP 001[none]
Bermuda / The InterpreterRoky Erickson7" Vinyl2
Some KazoosThe Temple City Kazoo Orchestra12" Vinyl4
RNEP 501[none]
Blassie: King of MenFreddie Blassie12" Vinyl5
  • -1978
RNEP 502
Three Imaginary Boys (deluxe edition)The Cure2×Digital Media13 + 20
  • US1979-05-11
Nick Danger: The Case of the Missing ShoeThe Firesign TheatreVinyl5
Dr. Demento's Dementia RoyaleDr. Demento12" Vinyl14
RNLP 010
Battle Beyond the StarsJames Horner12" Vinyl16
RNSP 300
ReckoningGrateful DeadDigital Media16
  • XW1981-04-01
Mama Weer All Crazee NowThe Runaways featuring Joan Jett12" Vinyl4
RNEP 602
Arthur LeeArthur Lee12" Vinyl12
RNLP 020
Pronounced NormalWild Man Fischer12" Vinyl22
RNLP 021
The Best of The Beau Brummels 1964-1968The Beau Brummels12" Vinyl14
RNLP 101
Don’t Be a SingerWild Man Fischer7" Vinyl3
RNOR 009[none]
Naughty Sweeties LiveNaughty Sweeties12" Vinyl4
RNPD 906
Pornography (deluxe edition)The Cure2×Digital Media8 + 14
  • US1982-05-03
The Ever Popular Tortured Artist EffectTodd RundgrenCD9
R2 70876081227087623
It Ain't Me BabeThe TurtlesCassette12
RNC 151
Happy TogetherThe TurtlesCassette12
RNC 152
LiveLove12" Vinyl8
RNDF 251[none]
The History of Surf Music, Volume One: Original Instrumental Hits 1961-1963Various Artists12" Vinyl14
RNLP 051
The History of Surf Music: A Four Volume Complete History of the Real California SoundVarious Artists3×12" Vinyl + Vinyl14 + 12 + 13 + 14
RNLP 051, RNLP 052, RNLP 053, RNLP 054
History of Surf Music Volume Two: Original Vocal Hits 1961-1964Various ArtistsVinyl12
RNLP 052
The Best of the ChallengersThe Challengers12" Vinyl14
RNLP 053[none]
History of Surf Music, Volume Three: The Revival 1980-1982Various Artists12" Vinyl13
RNLP 054[none]
From the VaultsThe Beau Brummels12" Vinyl14
RNLP 104
It Ain't Me BabeThe TurtlesVinyl12
RNLP 151
Happy TogetherThe TurtlesVinyl12
RNLP 152
The Turtles Greatest HitsThe Turtles12" Vinyl14
RNLP 160
The Box Tops Greatest HitsThe Box TopsVinyl14
RNLP 161
Looking Up Granny's DressThe GrandmothersVinyl15
RNLP 804
3-D TVElvira and The Vi-Tones12" Vinyl2
RNTI 401
You BabyThe TurtlesCassette12
RNC 153
Christmas Time With the Three StoogesThe Three Stooges12" Vinyl6
RNEP 606
Kinky MusicThe Larry Page Orchestra12" Vinyl12
RNLP 058
Best of Thee MidnitersThee Midniters12" Vinyl14
RNLP 063
NazzNazz12" Vinyl10
RNLP 109
You BabyThe TurtlesVinyl12
RNLP 153
The Rhino Brothers Present: The World's Worst RecordsVarious Artists12" Vinyl14
RNLP 809
The Rhino Brothers Present: The World's Worst RecordsVarious ArtistsVinyl12
RNLP 809
Elvira Presents Vinyl Macabre - Oldies but Ghoulies (Vol. 1)Various Artists12" Vinyl15
RNLP 810
EcstasyThe Honeys12" Vinyl10
RNLP 851
What Really Happened to the Band of '59Big Daddy12" Vinyl12
RNLP 852
The History Of Flo & Eddie And The TurtlesFlo & Eddie & The Turtles3×12" Vinyl15 + 12 + 11
RNTA 1998
Nothing ScaryWild Man Fischer12" Vinyl34
  • US1984-02-10
RNLP 022
My Son, the Greatest: The Best of Allan ShermanAllan ShermanCD19
  • US1984-06-19
R2 75771081227577124
How Will the Wolf Survive?Los LobosDigital Media11
20 Greatest HitsThe TurtlesCD20
R2 5160, RNCD 5160081227516024
Like ThisThe dB’sCD13
R2 70891081227089122
18 Original Sun Greatest HitsJerry Lee LewisCD18
RNCD 5255081227525521
18 Original Sun Greatest HitsJerry Lee LewisCD18
RNCD 5255777495736836
The Best of Bobby DayBobby Day12" Vinyl14
RNDF 208
Goddess in ProgressJulie Brown12" Vinyl5
RNEP 610[none]
Nuggets Volume One: The HitsVarious Artists12" Vinyl14
RNLP 025
Nazz IIINazz12" Vinyl13
RNLP 111
RaritiesThe Standells12" Vinyl14
RNLP 115
Best of NazzNazz12" Vinyl12
RNLP 116[none]
Wooden HeadThe Turtles12" Vinyl12
RNLP 154
Amazing Adult FantasyBarnes & Barnes12" Vinyl14
RNLP 814
Best of the Music MachineThe Music Machine12" Vinyl14
The Little Shop of HorrorsFred Katz12" Vinyl23
RNSP 304
Metal ChurchMetal ChurchDigital Media9
Tales of the New WestThe Beat Farmers12" Vinyl12
RNLP 853
Cadence Classics: Their 20 Greatest HitsThe Everly BrothersCD20
R2 5258081227525828
A CappellaTodd RundgrenCD10
R2 75761081227576127
18 Greatest HitsLittle RichardCD18
R2 75899081227589929
A Compact CompilationCamelCD13
R2 75900081227590024
Dr. Demento Presents: The Greatest Novelty Records Of All Time (Limited edition box set)Dr. Demento6×12" Vinyl14 + 14 + 14 + 13 + 12 + 12
RNBC 490[none]
RNC 856[none]
18 Greatest HitsLittle RichardCD18
RNCD 75899
Born in The U.S.S.R.Red Square12" Vinyl4
RNEP 613
Wrestling Rocks: Anthems of the RingVarious Artists12" Vinyl13
RNLP 068[none]
Live on the BBC 1965–1967The Zombies12" Vinyl16
RNLP 120
Best of the Easybeats Featuring Friday on My MindThe Easybeats12" Vinyl14
RNLP 124
Nuggets Volume 9: Acid RockVarious Artists12" Vinyl14
RNLP 70033081227003319
The Rhino Brothers Present: The World's Worst Records, Volume 2Various ArtistsVinyl15
RNLP 815
Meanwhile...Back in the StatesBig Daddy12" Vinyl14
RNLP 854
FolksingerPhranc12" Vinyl12
RNLP 856
The Golden Turkey Album: The Best Songs From the Worst MoviesVarious Artists12" Vinyl16
RNSP 307[none]
Live on the BBCThe Zombies(unknown)28
Tuff TurfVarious ArtistsVinyl10
Giant StepsJohn ColtraneCD12
  • US1986-06-16
Original Sun Greatest HitsCarl PerkinsCD16
RNCD 75890081227589028
Tiffany Transcriptions, Volume 2: Best of the TiffanysBob Wills & His Texas PlayboysCD14
The David Grisman QuintetDavid GrismanCD10
R2 71468081227146825
The Beserkley Years: The Best of Jonathan Richman and the Modern LoversJonathan Richman & The Modern LoversCD18
R2 75889081227588922
Nuggets: Classics From the Psychedelic SixtiesVarious ArtistsCD18
R2 75892081227589226
Greatest Hits, Volume One (1964–1966)The YardbirdsCD18
R2 75895081227589523
Chalon RoadThe TurtlesCassette11
RNC 70155
The Turtles Present the Battle of the BandsThe TurtlesCassette12
RNC 70156
The Shirelles Anthology 1959-1964The ShirellesCD16
RNCD 5897081227589721
By Request: The Best of Billy Vera & The BeatersBilly Vera & The BeatersCD9
RNCD 70858[none]
The Hit YearsNancy SinatraCD18
RNCD 75885[none]
Jukebox Classics, Volume 1Various ArtistsCD16
RNCD 75893