BedazzledDudley MooreCD13
  • GB2001-06-04
HRKCD 80015055055900121
30 Is a Dangerous Age, Cynthia! (Original Soundtrack)Dudley MooreCD12
HRKCD 8011
Vanishing Point: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackVarious ArtistsCD14
  • GB2002-12-08
HRKCD 80505055059805026
Alice Babs and the Swe-DanesSwe-DanesCD12
  • GB2003-11-17
HRKCD 80495055055900497
Beyond the Valley of the DollsStu PhillipsCD25
HRKCD 80325055055900329
Live in LondonThe Rendell/Carr QuintetCD6
HRKCD 80455055055900459
Live in LondonThe Bill Evans TrioCD10
HRKCD 80585055055900589
Live in LondonTubby HayesCD7
HRKCD 80725055055900725
Modesty BlaiseJohn DankworthCD18
  • GB2004-01-20
Modesty Blaise: Original SoundtrackJohn DankworthCD19
HRKCD 80025055055900220
Live in London, Volume 2Blossom DearieCD18
HRKCD 80665055055900664
Live in London, Volume 2Tubby HayesCD5
  • -2005-04-25
HRKCD 8109
Original Television Soundtrack Foyle's WarJim ParkerCD24
HRKCD 82005055055920020
The Fearless Vampire Killers, Or: Pardon Me, but Your Teeth Are in My NeckKrzysztof KomedaCD19
  • -2005
Rosemary's BabyKrzysztof KomedaCD24
  • -2005
Klute (Special Collectors Limited Edition)Michael SmallCD18
  • GB2006-04-10
HRKCD 80075055055900077
The Green HornetBilly MayCD11
  • GB2006-06-05
HRKCD 82225055055902224
The Savage and the SensuousDon Ralke OrchestraCD17
  • XE2006-06-22
HRKCD 82075055055902071
Curried JazzThe Indo-British EnsembleCD4
  • GB2006-11-27
HRKCD 8235505505590235
You Can't Sit DownPhil UpchurchCD15
  • GB2006-11-27
Wild!The Afro-Latin SoultetCD8
Live in LondonAnnie RossCD13
  • GB2007-04-10
HRKCD 80635055055900633
Diana Rigg Sings!Diana RiggCD5
  • GB2008-03-18
HRKCD 80515055055900510
Boom!John BarryCD13
  • GB2008-07-08
HRKCD 82485055055902484
BedazzledDudley MooreCD14
  • GB2008-07-21
HRKCD 83065055055903061
The Wrong BoxJohn BarryCD13
  • GB2008-09-25
HRKCD 83005055055903009
Teach Me Tiger!April StevensCD22
HRKCD 82915055055902910
Follow MeJohn BarryCD12
  • GB2009-02-17
HRKCD 83035055055903030
SebastianJerry GoldsmithCD23
HRKCD 83275055055903276
The Trouble with AngelsJerry GoldsmithCD12
  • GB2009-10-26
HRKCD 83335055055903337
Return From The River KwaiLalo SchifrinCD18
HRKCD 8259
The Wrong BoxJohn BarryDigital Media13
  • GB2010-04-30
Men Opening Umbrellas AheadVivian StanshallCD12
  • GB2010-08-09
HRKCD 8336
Mambo In ParisLalo SchifrinCD21
West Side Story: Original Soundtrack Recording (Special 50th Anniversary Edition)Leonard BernsteinCD23
  • GB2011-04-11
HRKCD 83625055055903627
Breakfast at Tiffany’s (50th Anniversary Edition)Henry ManciniDigital Media15
The Big Country (complete)Jerome MorossCD42
  • GB2013-07-08
HRKCD 84245055055904242
From Russia With Love (expanded)John BarryCD25
  • GB2013-07-08
HRKCD 84265055055904266
The SnakeMaximilian7" Vinyl2
HRKS 84865055055904860
Have Some Moore!Dudley Moore TrioCD22
  • GB2018-11-29