The CD Club specialises in limited editions of film soundtracks. Varèse Sarabande often issue soundtracks that have previously been unreleased or have an expanded score.

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Cherry 2000Basil PoledourisCD22VCL 8903.1[none]
Fedora / CrisisMiklós RózsaCD24VCL 8903.2[none]
Symphonic Suites (The Howling / Tourist Trap / Piranha / Home Movies)Pino DonaggioCD33VCL 8903.3[none]
VibesJames HornerCD9VCL 9001.4[none]
The Rose TattooAlex NorthCD11VCL 9001.5[none]
Red Sonja / BloodlineEnnio MorriconeCD13VCL 9001.6[none]
Raggedy ManJerry GoldsmithCD8VCL 9101.7[none]
Stars 'n' BarsElmer BernsteinCD21VCL 9101.8[none]
Eye of the Needle / Last EmbraceMiklós RózsaCD21VCL 9101.9[none]
Highway to Hollywood Big movie Hits Volume IIVarious ArtistsCD16VSD 53414005939534127
The 'BurbsJerry GoldsmithCD13VCL 9201.10[none]
The Film Music of Alfred NewmanAlfred NewmanCD15VCL 9201.11[none]
We're No AngelsGeorge FentonCD15VCL 9201.12[none]
Jagged EdgeJohn BarryCD13BCL 6001[none]
Flesh+BloodBasil PoledourisCD11BCL 6002[none]
FreewayDanny ElfmanCD13VCL 3737.2C
HeartbeepsJohn WilliamsCD26VCL 1101 1001[none]
Project X: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackJames HornerCD16VCL 1101 1002[none]
Marie WardElmer BernsteinCD16VCL 1101 1003
Love Is a Many-Splendored ThingAlfred NewmanCD200202-1006-2[none]
Die HardMichael KamenCD21VCL 0202 1004[none]
The Long, Hot Summer / SanctuaryAlex NorthCD29VCL-0202-1005-2
The Ballad of Cable HogueJerry GoldsmithCD20VCL 0502 1007[none]
Cast a Giant ShadowElmer BernsteinCD12VCL 0502 1008
The Virgin QueenFranz WaxmanCD19VCL 0502 1009[none]
The Sand Pebbles [The Deluxe Edition]Jerry GoldsmithCD30VCL 0702 1010[none]
The Fury: The Deluxe EditionJohn Williams2×CD23 + 9VCL 0702 1011[none]
Romancing the StoneAlan SilvestriCD21VCL 0702 1012[none]
The BrideMaurice JarreCD12VCL 0702 1013[none]
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (The Deluxe Edition)John Williams2×CD17 + 16VCL 1102 1014[none]
BigHoward ShoreCD26VCL 1102 1015
Studs LoniganJerry GoldsmithCD14VCL 1102 1016[none]
HawaiiElmer Bernstein2×CD37 + 12VCL 0403 1017[none]
MagicJerry GoldsmithCD22VCL 0403 1018[none]
Beloved InfidelFranz WaxmanCD14VCL 0403 1019[none]
Varèse Sarabande: A 25th Anniversary Celebration, Volume TwoVarious Artists4×CD18 + 19 + 18 + 19VCL 0703 1021
Predator: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackAlan SilvestriCD21VCL 0803 1022[none]
Justine (the deluxe edition)Jerry GoldsmithCD27VCL 0803 1023[none]
The Story of RuthFranz WaxmanCD17VCL 0803 1024[none]
Commando: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackJames HornerCD8VCL 1103 1026[none]
The IslandEnnio MorriconeCD10VCL 1103 1027[none]
The Robe (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)Alfred Newman2×CD18 + 18VCL 1103 1025[none]
Jerry Goldsmith at 20th Century FoxJerry Goldsmith6×CD26 + 25 + 21 + 22 + 24 + 33VCL 0204 1028[none]
Lure Of The WildernessFranz WaxmanCD7VCL-0309-1092[none]
The Great EscapeElmer Bernstein2×CD22 + 20VCL 0804 1029-2
PiranhaPino DonaggioCD16VCL 0804 1031[none]
Fitzwilly / The Long GoodbyeJohnny WilliamsCD18VCL 0804 1030
The Agony And The EcstasyAlex NorthCD21VCL 1104 1032
Three Coins in the FountainVictor YoungCD23VCL 1104 1033[none]
Alien Nation (rejected score)Jerry GoldsmithCD18VCL 0505 1035[none]
Making the GradeBasil PoledourisCD18VCL 0505 1037[none]
F.I.S.T. / Slow Dancing in the Big CityBill ContiCD23VCL 0805 1039[none]
The KindredDavid NewmanCD19VCL 0805 1041[none]
Broadcast NewsBill ContiCD44VCL 1105 1042
The ScalphuntersElmer BernsteinCD14VCL 1105 1043[none]
The Left Hand Of GodVictor YoungCD20VCL 1105 1044[none]
Top Secret!Maurice JarreCD12VCL 1105 1045
GhostbustersElmer BernsteinCD39VCL 0306 1046[none]
Return To Peyton PlaceFranz WaxmanCD23VCL 0306 1048[none]
GloriaBill ContiCD12VCL 0706 1050[none]
The War of the Roses / The SandlotDavid NewmanCD12VCL 0706 1051[none]
Unfinished Life, An (Music Inspired by the film)Christopher YoungCD33VCL 0706 1052[none]
Birdman Of AlcatrazElmer BernsteinCD39VCL 1106 1054
Runaway (Deluxe Edition)Jerry GoldsmithCD24VCL 1106 1055[none]
LucasDave GrusinCD22VCL 1106 1056
Seven Cities of Gold/The Rains of RanchipurHugo FriedhoferCD30VCL 1106 1057[none]
Careful, He Might Hear YouRay CookCD15VCL 1106 1058
The Vanishing: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackJerry GoldsmithCD25VCL 0307 1060[none]
Les MiserablesAlex NorthCD150707 1065[none]
The 'Burbs: The Deluxe EditionJerry GoldsmithCD33VCL 0707 1063[none]
F/X: The Deluxe EditionBill ContiCD22VCL 0707 1064
Magic FireRichard Wagner & Erich Wolfgang KorngoldCD26USVCL 1107 1071
North by Northwest: The Complete Score (re-recording)Bernard Herrmann: Slovak National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Joel McNeelyCD48VCL 0707 1067[none]
NeighborsBill ContiCD49VCL 1107 1068[none]
By Love PossessedElmer BernsteinCD26VCL 1107 1069[none]
The Tall MenVictor YoungCD29VCL 1107 1070[none]
The Karate Kid I-II-III-IV: Original Motion Picture ScoreBill Conti4×CD21 + 20 + 20 + 24VCL 0307 1059
My Cousin RachelFranz WaxmanCD19VCL 0608 1078.2[none]
Viva Zapata!/The 13th LetterAlex NorthCD390208-1074[none]
MatildaDavid NewmanCD32VCL 0208 1075[none]
North And South: Book IBill Conti4×CD43 + 35 + 30 + 37VCL-0208-1072[none]
Gangs Of New York/The Journey Of Natty Gann/The Scarlet LetterElmer Bernstein4×CD50 + 36 + 24 + 31VCL 0608 1076-4.2[none]
Iron EagleBasil PoledourisCD20VCL 0608 1077[none]
The Man Who Loved WomenHenry ManciniCD29VCL 0608 1079[none]
Pony SoldierAlex NorthCD140908 1084[none]
The Matrix: Original Motion Picture Score (the deluxe edition)Don DavisCD30VCL 0908 1081[none]
North And South: Book IIBill Conti3×CD29 + 42 + 54VCL 0908 1082[none]
Anna LucastaElmer BernsteinCD22VCL 0908 1083[none]
VampJonathan EliasCD17VCL 0908 1085.2[none]
The President's LadyAlfred NewmanCD241108 1088.2[none]
Short CircuitDavid ShireCD13VCL 1108 1086[none]
Report to the CommissionerElmer BernsteinCD28VCL 1108 1087[none]
Silver Bullet: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackJay ChattawayCD14VCL 1108 1089[none]
NightwingHenry ManciniCD23VCL 0309 1090[none]
RusskiesJames Newton HowardCD19VCL 0309 1093
Hanover StreetJohn BarryCD26VCL-0309-1090
Hard ContractAlex NorthCD340609 1097.2[none]
Lonely Are the BraveJerry GoldsmithCD24VCL 0609 1094[none]
The Right Stuff: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackBill ContiCD12VCL 0609 1095[none]
Escape from the Planet of the Apes: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackJerry GoldsmithCD14VCL 0909 1098[none]