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Capitol Records was born out of Johnny Mercer frustration not being able to obtain satisfactory recording conditions for his work, and upon a suggestion from Glenn Wallichs.

Mercer made an initial arrangement in January 1942 with Buddy DeSylva (at that time head of production at Paramount Studios), who will agree to put in a total of $25,000 to help things start.

On February 7, Liberty Records was created. Due to the failure to obtain rights on the name, though, it was changed to Capitol Records, which was effectively created on April 9.

Later in May was held the first recording session of the new label (a Paul Whiteman session), like most of the early recordings, at C.P. MacGregor's Recording Studios (729 S. Western Avenue, Hollywood, CA, USA).

On May 21, Cow-Cow Boogie (the first gold Capitol single) is recorded by Freddie Slack.

Later on, Glenn Wallichs invent the concept of giving away promotional pre-releases to disc-jockeys - soon imitated by other companies, that move was crucial in making Capitol early success - including Cow-Cow Boogie.

On June 4, Capitol officially starts activity in a new office, 1483 Vine Street, Hollywood, CA, USA. Capitol will stay there until 1946. The first batch of employees includes (besides Mercer & Wallichs) Dave Shelly, Floyd Bittaker, and Dave Dexter, Jr. (later on famous for turning off the Beatles twice).

On June 12, Billie Holiday records with Paul Whiteman (Travelin' Light).
Soon after, the first reviews of Capitol records appears in Billboard Magazine.
On July 1, Capitol finally releases a first batch of 9 singles, numbered 101 to 109, soon the be praised and a commercial success.

On July 30, the Petrillo Ban starts, helping in the end of Big Band orchestras.

By the end of the year, Capitol made $195,000, signing Tex Ritter, Martha Tilton, Johnny Mercer, Ella Mae Morse, Freddie Slack, Margaret Whiting and Johnnie Johnston, and hiring Paul Weston as musical director.



Bought by EMI.


Had subsidiaries: SBK, EMI America Records and EMI-Manhattan Records.
Distributed by: Capitol Records (US), Parlophone/EMI Records (UK)

Complicated history, with recent merges including with Priority Records in 2001.
Some of the back catalog reissued by Blue Note.
Also made a career out of messing records.

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I've Found a New Baby / The General Jumped at DawnPaul Whiteman & His OrchestraVinyl2101
Cow-Cow Boogie / Here You AreFreddie Slack and His Orchestra7" Vinyl2102
Strip Polka / The Air-Minded ExecutiveJohnny MercerVinyl2103
Johnny Doughboy Found a Rose in Ireland / Phil, the Fluter's BallDennis DayVinyl2104
The Angels Cried / I'll Remember AprilMartha Tilton10" Vinyl2105
He Wears a Pair of Silver Wings / I'm Always Chasing RainbowsGordon Jenkins & His OrchestraVinyl2106
The Elks' Parade / I Don't Know WhyBobby Sherwood & His Orchestra10" Shellac2107[none]
Serenade in Blue / I've Got a Gal in KalamazooPaul Whiteman & His OrchestraVinyl2108
Windmill Under the Stars / Conchita LopezJohnnie Johnston10" Vinyl2109
Old Aquaintance / How Sweet You AreJo Stafford with Paul Weston and his Orchestra10" Shellac2142[none]
Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year / Irresistable YouJohnnie JohnstonVinyl2152
Straighten Up and Fly Right / I Can’t See for Lookin’The King Cole Trio10" Shellac2154[none]
Songs by Johnny MercerJohnny Mercer4×10" Shellac2 + 2 + 2 + 210001, 10002, 10003, 10004
Eager Beaver / Artistry in Rhythm (Production on Theme)Stan Kenton and His Orchestra10" Shellac2159[none]
The King Cole TrioThe King Cole Trio4×10" Shellac2 + 2 + 2 + 220009, 20010, 20011, 20012, A-8[none]
Moonlight in Vermont / There Goes That Song AgainBilly Butterfield & His Orchestra10" Shellac2182
Sweet Lorraine / Embraceable YouThe King Cole Trio10" Shellac220009[none]
The Man I Love / Body and SoulThe King Cole Trio10" Shellac220010[none]
Prelude in C Sharp Minor / What Is This Thing Called Love?The King Cole Trio10" Shellac220011[none]
It’s Only a Paper Moon / Easy Listenin’ BluesThe King Cole Trio10" Shellac220012[none]
His Rocking Horse Ran Away / It Had to Be YouBetty Hutton with Paul Weston and his Orchestra10" Shellac2155[none]
Patty Cake Man / Invitation to the BluesElla Mae Morse10" Vinyl2163
Every Time We Say Goodbye / Are You Livin' Old Man?Stan Kenton and His Orchestra10" Shellac2187[none]
New American JazzThe Capitol Jazzmen4×10" Vinyl2 + 2 + 2 + 2A-3
I'm Gonna See My Baby / CandyJohnny Mercer10" Shellac2183[none]
Mean Old World / I Got a Break, BabyT‐Bone Walker10" Shellac210033[none]
Symphony / Day by DayJo Stafford with Paul Weston and his Orchestra10" Shellac2227[none]
Let’s Take the Long Way Home / I Promise YouJo Stafford with Paul Weston and his Orchestra10" Shellac2181[none]
Propaganda Papa / Mother's PrayerWally Fowler and His Georgia Clodhoppers10" Shellac2190[none]
What More Can a Woman Do? / You Was Right, BabyPeggy Lee10" Vinyl2197
Freddie Slack’s Boogie WoogieFreddie Slack4×10" Shellac2 + 2 + 2 + 220029, 20030, 20031, 20032, BD 12[none]
Oklahoma Hills / I'm a Brandin' My Darlin' With My HeartJack GuthrieVinyl2201
Oklahoma Hills / I'm Brandin' My Darlin' With My HeartJack Guthrie & His OklahomansVinyl2201
You Two Timed Me One Time Too Often / Green Grow the LilacsTex Ritter and His Texans10" Shellac2206[none]
Waiting for the Train to Come In / I’m Glad I Waited for YouPeggy Lee10" Vinyl2218
The Frim Fram Sauce / Come to Baby, Do!The King Cole Trio10" Shellac2224
Just A-Sittin' and A-Rockin' / Artistry JumpsStan Kenton and His Orchestra10" Shellac2229[none]
The History of Jazz, Volume 1: N'Orleans OriginsVarious ArtistsVinyl12T793
Divorce Me C.O.D. / MissouriMerle TravisVinyl2290
Memory WaltzesFrank De Vol and His Orchestra4×10" Shellac2 + 2 + 2 + 2BD 31
(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons / The Best ManThe Nat King Cole Trio10" Shellac2304[none]
The Christmas Song / In the Cool of EveningThe King Cole Trio10" Vinyl2311[none]
Detour / I Wish I Had Never Met SunshineWesley TuttleVinyl2233
I Don’t Know Enough About You / I Can See It Your Way, BabyPeggy Lee10" Vinyl2236
The House of Blue Lights / Hey Mr. PostmanFreddie Slack With Rhythm Section and Ella Mae Morse with Don Raye10" Shellac2251
Laughing on the Outside (Crying on the Inside) / They Say It's WonderfulAndy Russell10" Vinyl2252[none]
(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66 / Everyone Is Saying Hello Again (Why Must We Say Goodbye?)The King Cole Trio10" Shellac2256[none]
Linger in My Arms a Little Longer, Baby / Baby You Can Count on MePeggy Lee with Dave Barbour and His Orchestra10" Vinyl2263
Aren't You Kind of Glad We Did? / It's All Over NowPeggy Lee with Dave Barbour and His Orchestra10" Vinyl2292
It's a Pity to Say Goodnight / Intermission RiffStan Kenton and His Orchestra10" Vinyl2298[none]
He’s Just My Kind / It’s a Good DayPeggy Lee10" Vinyl2322
Everything's Movin' Too Fast / It's Lovin' TimePeggy Lee with Dave Barbour and His Orchestra10" Vinyl2343
King Cole Trio, Vol. 2King Cole Trio4×10" Shellac2 + 2 + 2 + 2BD-29[none]
Johnny Mercer and the Pied PipersJohnny Mercer and The Pied Pipers with Paul Weston and His Orchestra4×10" Shellac2 + 2 + 2 + 2CD-36[none]
St. Louis Woman (1946 original Broadway cast)Harold ArlenVinyl10CE 28
Tales of Uncle RemusJohnny Mercer, The Pied Pipers, James Baskett2×10" Shellac4 + 2CC-40
Temptation (Tim-Tayshun)Red Ingle & The Natural Seven10" Shellac2412[none]
Humpty Dumpty Heart / TodayHank Thompson & His Brazos Valley BoysVinyl240065
Save the Bones for Henry Jones ('Cause Henry Don't Eat No Meat) / HarmonyJohnny Mercer10" Shellac215000[none]
A Nightingale Can Sing the Blues / There’ll Be Some Changes MadePeggy Lee10" Vinyl215001
Too Young to Go Steady / Never Let Me GoNat King ColeVinyl23390[none]
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot / Speaking of AngelsPeggy Lee with Dave Barbour and His Orchestra10" Vinyl2375
Steel Guitar Rag / Three Times SevenMerle TravisVinyl2384
Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette) / Roundup PolkaTex Williams10" Vinyl240001
Hurry On Down / The Lady’s in Love With YouNellie Lutcher & Her RhythmVinyl240012
He's a Real Gone Guy / Let Me Love You TonightNellie Lutcher & Her Rhythm10" Vinyl240017
Chi-baba Chi-baba (My Bambino Go to Sleep) / Ain’tcha Ever Comin’ BackPeggy Lee with Dave Barbour and His Orchestra10" Vinyl2419[none]
What Are You Doing New Year's Eve / Don't Tell MeMargaret Whiting10" Shellac2427[none]
Folk Songs of the HillsMerle Travis4×10" Shellac2 + 2 + 2 + 2AD-50[none]
I'll Never Be the Same / Sweet and Hot Mop (78 RPM)Åke (Stan) Hasselgård and His All Star Six10" Shellac2C 15302
King Cole Trio, Volume 3King Cole Trio3×10" Shellac2 + 2 + 2CC-59[none]
Music Out of the MoonHarry Revel, Les Baxter & Dr. Samuel J. HoffmanVinyl6H2000
Don't Flirt With Me / Rock in the OceanHank Thompson & His Brazos Valley BoysVinyl240085
Nature Boy / Lost AprilNat King Cole10" Shellac215054[none]
Mary Had a Little Lamb / California WomenHank Thompson & His Brazos Valley BoysVinyl240112
A Presentation of Progressive JazzStan Kenton and His Orchestra4×10" Shellac2 + 2 + 2 + 2CD-79[none]
Don't Smoke in Bed / Everybody Loves SomebodyPeggy LeeVinyl215151
Green Light / You Remembered MeHank ThompsonVinyl215187
Willard Robison's Deep River MusicWillard Robison with Johnny Mercer, Paul Weston and His Orchestra3×10" Shellac2 + 2 + 2CC 104
Second Hand Girl / My Heart Is Jig-Saw PuzzleHank ThompsonVinyl215296
Hurry On Down / Fine Brown FrameNellie Lutcher & Her Rhythm10" Shellac21604
Truck Drivers' Boogie / Johnson to JonesThe Milo Twins10" Shellac240138[none]
Mañana (Is Good Enough for Me) / All Dressed Up With a Broken HeartPeggy Lee with Dave Barbour and the Brazilians10" Vinyl215022
Nature BoyNat King Cole10" Shellac215054[none]
Swedish Pastry / Who SleepsStan Hasselgard and His All Star Six10" Shellac215062
Bubble-loo, Bubble-loo / Why Don’t You Do Right?Peggy Lee10" Vinyl215118
Yesterday's Mail / What Are We Gonna Do About MidnightHank ThompsonVinyl215132
On a Slow Boat to China / I Hate to Lose You (I'm So Used to You Now)Benny Goodman and His Orchestra10" Shellac215208[none]
I Love You So Much It Hurts / I Don't Want Your SympathyJimmy WakelyVinyl215243
It’s a Good Day / You Was Right, BabyPeggy Lee with Dave Barbour and His Orchestra10" Vinyl215277
So Tired / Steady DaddyKay Starr10" Shellac215314[none]
He Was a Good Man as Good Men Go / How Am I to KnowStan Kenton and His Orchestra10" Shellac215327[none]
Boll Weevil / Rye WhiskeyTex Ritter10" Shellac240084[none]
Collectors’ ItemsVarious Artists4×10" Vinyl2 + 2 + 2 + 2AD-62
Rendezvous With Peggy LeePeggy Lee3×10" Vinyl2 + 2 + 2CC 72[none]
Rendezvous With Peggy LeePeggy Lee3×7" Vinyl2 + 2 + 2CCF 151[none]
Mañana (Is Good Enough for Me) / All Dressed Up With a Broken HeartPeggy Lee with Dave Barbour and the Brazilians10" Vinyl2CL 13001
You Broke My Heart / I Find You Cheatin' on MeHank ThompsonVinyl215345
Forever and Ever / Dreamer With a PennyMargaret Whiting with Frank DeVol and His Orchestra10" Shellac215386[none]
Baby, It's Cold Outside / I Never Heard You SayMargaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer10" Shellac257-567[none]