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President / Spit It OutIAMXDigital Media2
Kingdom of Welcome AddictionIAMXCD11SOSR00105908312534198
My Secret FriendIAMX + Imogen HeapCD3A981580-01
Dogmatic Infidel Comedown OKIAMXCD13SOSR00114046661189827
Kingdom of Welcome AddictionIAMXDigital Media24
Dogmatic Infidel Comedown OKIAMXCD13
Kingdom of Welcome AddictionIAMXCD11
The Unified Field / Quiet the MindIAMXDigital Media4SOS2000[none]
The Unified FieldIAMXCD12SOS20014046661293524
Volatile Times (2013 reworked version)IAMXDigital Media14
The Alternative (Instrumental)IAMXDigital Media10
And So We Shall Never PartLosersCD11SOS30005024545680324
How to Ruin Other People’s FuturesLosersCD10SOS30204260442210603
How To Ruin Other People's FuturesLosersDigital Media10