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Dark EntriesBauhaus7" Vinyl2AD3[none]
Wheel In The RosesRema‐Rema12" Vinyl4BAD 5[none]
Swans on GlassModern English7" Vinyl2AD 6
Terror Couple Kill Colonel (misprint "TA1PE AD7 AA1 ")Bauhaus7" Vinyl3AD 7[none]
Terror Couple Kill ColonelBauhaus7" Vinyl3AD 7[none]
Final Achievement / Die LaughingIn Camera7" Vinyl2AD 8
Like This for AgesCupol12" Vinyl2BAD 9
The Friend CatcherThe Birthday Party7" Vinyl3AD 12[none]
Controversial SubjectThe The7" Vinyl2AD 10[none]
Presage(s)Various Artists12" Vinyl7BAD 11
You And I / CabbageMass7" Vinyl2AD 14
In the Flat FieldBauhaus12" Vinyl9CAD 13[none]
In the Flat FieldBauhausCassette9CAD C 13[none]
Gathering DustModern English7" Vinyl2AD 15
3R4B.C.Gilbert G.Lewis12" Vinyl4CAD 16[none]
Telegram SamBauhaus7" Vinyl2AD 17
AnonymityDance Chapter7" Vinyl2AD 18
Telegram SamBauhaus12" Vinyl3AD17T
IV SongsIn Camera12" Vinyl4BAD 19
Marble StationSort Sol7" Vinyl2AD 101
Prayers on FireThe Birthday Party12" Vinyl11CAD 104[none]
Raindance / So Many Others...The Past Seven Days7" Vinyl2AD 102
HistoryMy Captains7" Vinyl4AD 103
Ends With The SeaB.C.Gilbert G.Lewis7" Vinyl2AD 106
Mesh & LaceModern English12" Vinyl8CAD 105
Labour of LoveMass12" Vinyl9CAD 107[none]
Release the BatsThe Birthday Party7" Vinyl2AD 111[none]
Provisionally Entitled the Singing FishColin Newman12" Vinyl13CAD 108[none]
HuremicsDif Juz12" Vinyl4BAD 109
Smiles & LaughterModern English7" Vinyl2AD 110
Nothing / ArmourRené Halkett & David Jay7" Vinyl2AD 112
Mr. ClarinetThe Birthday Party7" Vinyl2AD 114[none]
Burning Blue SoulMatt Johnson12" Vinyl10CAD 113
Vibrating AirDif Juz12" Vinyl4BAD 116
Chapter IIDance Chapter12" Vinyl4BAD 115
Mesh & LaceModern English12" Vinyl8CAD 105[none]
Not ToColin Newman12" Vinyl12CAD 201
Drunk on the Pope's Blood / The Agony Is the EcstacyThe Birthday Party / Lydia Lunch12" Vinyl5JAD 202
PuritansThe Happy Family7" Vinyl3AD 204
Tones on TailTones on Tail12" Vinyl4BAD 203[none]
FinIn Camera12" Vinyl3BAD 205
After the SnowModern English12" Vinyl8CAD 206
We Means We Starts / Not ToColin Newman7" Vinyl2AD 209[none]
Junk YardThe Birthday Party12" Vinyl10CAD 207[none]
Life in the GladhouseModern English12" Vinyl2BAD 208
GarlandsCocteau Twins12" Vinyl8CAD 211[none]
Some Velvet MorningLydia Lunch & Rowland S. Howard12" Vinyl2BAD 210
I Melt With YouModern English7" Vinyl2AD 212
LullabiesCocteau Twins12" Vinyl3BAD 213
BreakdownColour Box12" Vinyl2BAD 215
BreakdownColourbox7" Vinyl2AD 215
The Man on Your StreetThe Happy Family12" Vinyl12CAD 214
The Bad SeedThe Birthday Party12" Vinyl4BAD 301[none]
Peppermint PigCocteau Twins12" Vinyl3BAD 303[none]
FetischXmal Deutschland12" Vinyl10CAD 302
Peppermint PigCocteau Twins7" Vinyl2AD 303
The Birthday PartyThe Birthday Party12" Vinyl5BAD 307[none]
QualXmal Deutschland12" Vinyl3BAD 305[none]
Gathering DustModern English12" Vinyl5BAD 306
The Burden of MulesThe Wolfgang Press12" Vinyl9CAD 308
Song to the SirenThis Mortal Coil7" Vinyl2AD 310
Incubus Succubus IIXmal Deutschland7" Vinyl2AD 311
Someone's CallingModern English12" Vinyl2BAD 309
Sixteen Days / Gathering DustThis Mortal Coil12" Vinyl3BAD 310[none]
Incubus Succubus IIXmal Deutschland12" Vinyl2BAD 311[none]
Burning Blue SoulMatt Johnson12" Vinyl10CAD 113
Head Over HeelsCocteau TwinsVinyl10CADC 313
4ADBauhaus12" Vinyl6BAD 312[none]
Head Over HeelsCocteau Twins12" Vinyl10CAD 313[none]
Sunburst and SnowblindCocteau Twins12" Vinyl4BAD 314
BreakdownColourbox12" Vinyl2BAD 304[none]
Head Over HeelsCocteau Twins12" Vinyl10CAD 313[none]
ColourboxColourbox12" Vinyl4MAD 315[none]
After the SnowModern English12" Vinyl8075992382113
BreakdownColour Box7" Vinyl2[none]
Chapter 12Modern English12" Vinyl3BAD 401
Dead Can DanceDead Can Dance12" Vinyl10CAD 404[none]
Ricochet DaysModern English12" Vinyl8CAD 402
Say YouColourbox12" Vinyl2BAD 403[none]
The Spangle MakerCocteau Twins12" Vinyl3BAD 405[none]
Pearly-Dewdrops’ DropsCocteau Twins7" Vinyl2AD 405[none]
PunchColourbox12" Vinyl3BAD 406[none]
TocsinXmal Deutschland12" Vinyl9CAD 407[none]
Kangaroo (red cover)This Mortal Coil7" Vinyl2AD 410[none]
Garden of the Arcane DelightsDead Can Dance12" Vinyl4BAD 408[none]
ScarecrowThe Wolfgang Press12" Vinyl3BAD 409
It’ll End in TearsThis Mortal CoilCD12CAD 411 CD5014436411021
TreasureCocteau Twins12" Vinyl10CAD 412
It’ll End in TearsThis Mortal Coil12" Vinyl12CAD 411
It'll End In Tears (Clear Plastic Cassette)This Mortal CoilCassette12CAD C 411
It'll End In Tears (White Plastic Cassette)This Mortal CoilCassette12CAD C 411
It'll End In TearsThis Mortal Coil12" Vinyl12206 692-620
It'll End In TearsThis Mortal Coil12" Vinyl1258015
It'll End In TearsThis Mortal Coil12" Vinyl1270 291
Wheel in the Roses (reissue)Rema‐Rema12" Vinyl4BAD 5
Ricochet DaysModern English12" Vinyl8CAD 402[none]
It'll End In TearsThis Mortal Coil12" Vinyl12CAD 411
Ricochet DaysModern English12" Vinyl8075992506618
Aikea-GuineaCocteau Twins12" Vinyl4BAD 501[none]
Aikea-GuineaCocteau TwinsCD4BAD 501 CD