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One of the leading UK budget compilation labels. A subsidiary of Music Collection International, based in Watford, UK.

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The Very Best of Val DoonicanVal DoonicanCD20
  • GB1991-02-01
MCCD 0085014797290082
The Best of MelanieMelanieCD18
  • GB1991-02-01
MCCD 0115014797290112
The Roots of ReggaeVarious ArtistsCD18
  • GB1991-02-01
MCCD 0145014797290143
Tell It Like It IsThe NevillesCD24
  • GB1991-06-21
MCCD 022, MCCD0225014797290228
The Very Best of Dean FriedmanDean FriedmanCD16
MCCD 0365014797290365
The Best of the Sensational Alex Harvey BandThe Sensational Alex Harvey BandCD15
MCCD 0015014797290013
Best of The ZombiesThe ZombiesCD18
MCCD 0025014797290020
Hooked on “Hooked on Classics”Royal Philharmonic OrchestraCD16
MCCD 0035014797290037
The HitsVillage PeopleCD12
MCCD 0045014797290044
The Way We WereGladys Knight & The PipsCD18
MCCD 0055014797290051
An Enchanted Evening with Howard KeelHoward KeelCD17
MCCD 0065014797290068
The Best of John WilliamsJohn WilliamsCD18
MCCD 0075014797290075
The Best of John WilliamsJohn WilliamsCD18
MCCD 0075014797290075
The Best of The MoveThe MoveCD18
MCCD 0095014797290099
The Best of The Fureys & Davey ArthurThe Fureys & Davey ArthurCD20
MCCD 0105014797290105
Magic From the MusicalsVarious ArtistsCD14
MCCD 0125014797290129
PunkVarious ArtistsCD16
MCCD 0155014797290150
Comin’ Home to the BluesVarious ArtistsCD16
MCCD 0165014797290167
The Very Best of Bobby Womack 1968-1975Bobby WomackCD20
MCCD 0185014797290181
The Best of Chuck BerryChuck BerryCD26
MCCD 0195014797290198
The Best of John Lee HookerJohn Lee HookerCD22
MCCD 0205014797290204
The Very Best of The YardbirdsThe YardbirdsCD22
MCCD 0230514797290235
El ritmo latino: 18 Classic Latin GroovesVarious ArtistsCD18
MCCD 0255014797290259
Comin' Home to the Blues IIVarious ArtistsCD24
MCCD 0265014797290266
The Very Best of The Chi-LitesThe Chi‐LitesCD16
MCCD 0295014797290297
Orchestral RockVienna Symphonic OrchestraCD18
MCCD 0315014797290440
The Very Best of the Early Years 1968-74Bob Marley & The WailersCD18
MCCD 0335014797290334
From Dawn 'til Dusk 1973–1988Tangerine DreamCD11
MCCD 0345014797290341
Earth SongsJohn DenverCD14
MCCD 0355014797290358
This Is My LifeShirley Bassey with The London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Carl DavisCD15
MCCD 0385014797290389
The Very Worst of Judge DreadJudge DreadCD16
MCCD 0405014797290402
The Roots of Reggae IIVarious ArtistsCD20
MCCD 0415014797290419
Dublin SongsVarious ArtistsCD21
MCCD 0425014797290426
Dublin SongsVarious ArtistsCD20
MCCD 0425014797290426
Folk HeritageVarious ArtistsCD16
MCCD 0435014797290433
Comin’ Home to the Blues, Vol. IIIVarious ArtistsCD16
MCCD 0445014797290310
Happy Together: The Very Best of the TurtlesThe TurtlesCD20
MCCD 0465014797290464
The Very Best OfJackie WilsonCD16
The Very Best of Sun Rock 'n' RollVarious ArtistsCD22
Punk IIVarious ArtistsCD20
Hits of the 60'sVarious ArtistsCD18
The Very Best of Marc Bolan and T‐RexT. RexCD20
Hooked on “Hooked on Classics”Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Louis ClarkCassette16
MCTC 0035014797490031
Sh’Boom Sh’Boom!: 20 Classic Doo-Wop TracksVarious ArtistsCD20
MCCD 0915014797290914
José Carreras & Friends Sing Operatic Arias, Duets & Popular SongsJosé CarrerasCD18
MCCD 0905014797290907
Folk HeritageVarious Artists3×CD16 + 16 + 16
The Magic of The ChieftainsThe ChieftainsCD12
MCCD 0485014797290488
The Very Best of Ennio MorriconeEnnio MorriconeCD20
MCCD 0565014797290563
The Very Best of Ennio MorriconeEnnio MorriconeCD20
MCCD 0565014797290563
The Synthesizer Album: 18 Contemporary Masterpieces[unknown]CD18
MCCD 0615014797290617
Get On Up! 16 Saturday Night StompersVarious ArtistsCD16
MCCD 0635014797290631
Orchestral Rock IIThe Vienna Symphonic OrchestraCD14
MCCD 0655014797290655
The Very Best of Woody GuthrieWoody GuthrieCD21
MCCD 0675014797290679
Favourite TV ThemesVarious ArtistsCD24
MCCD 0695014797290693
Scottish TranquilityPhil CoulterCD16
MCCD 0715014797290716
The Roots of Reggae IIIVarious ArtistsCD20
MCCD 0725014797290723
The Very Best of Al JolsonAl JolsonCD30
MCCD 0745014797290747
Orchestral Rock III: The Love ClassicsThe Symphonic Orchestra ProjectCD16
MCCD 0755014797290754
MCCD 0775014797290778
Sky 2SkyCD13
MCCD 0785014797290785
Sky 3SkyCD11
MCCD 0795014797290792
The Best of Jerry Lee LewisJerry Lee LewisCD20
MCCD 0815014797290815
The Best of the Sun Years 1955-1961Johnny CashCD20
MCCD 0825014797290822
The Immortal Elmore JamesElmore JamesCD20
MCCD 0835014797290839
Green & Pleasant Land: A Selection of Popular Classical ThemesUK Symphony Orchestra, Christopher Warren‐GreenCD15
MCCD 0845014797290846
Jump Jive! The Very Best of Louis JordanLouis JordanCD16
MCCD 0855014797290853
The Essential CarusoEnrico CarusoCD22
  • -1992
MCCD 0865014797290860
The Essential SatchmoLouis ArmstrongCD18
MCCD 0885014797290884
Nice an' Ruff: A Crucial Brew of Roots, Dub and RockersVarious ArtistsCD18
MCCD 0925014797290921
Rejoice - A Celebration of Classic Gospel MusicVarious ArtistsCD14
MCCD 0935014797290938
Sky 4: ForthcomingSkyCD10
MCCD 0945014797290945
Folk HeritageVarious Artists3×CD16 + 16 + 16
  • GB1993-06-07
MCBX 004, MCCD 043, MCCD 049, MCCD 076
The Best of Nik KershawNik KershawCD18
  • GB1993-06-07
MCCD 1395014797291393
How Long: The Best of AceAceCD16
  • GB1993-08-03
MCCD 1235014797291232
The Very Best of LeadbellyLead BellyCD20
  • GB1993-12-31
MCCD 1065014797291065
The Essential RecordingsBillie HolidayCD16
MCCD 0955014797290952
Café de Paris 1930-41: 24 Accordeon ClassicsVarious ArtistsCD24
MCCD 0965014797290969
In MemoriumVenomCD18
MCCD 0975014797290976
Tango ArgentinaVarious ArtistsCD23
MCCD 0985014797290983
Tango ArgentinaVarious ArtistsCD23
MCCD 0985014797290983
Classic Songs From The Stage & ScreenJudy GarlandCD20
MCCD 1015014797291010
Dancin' on a Saturday Night: The Very Best of Barry BlueBarry BlueCD18
MCCD 1035014797291034
The Best of the Pipes & Drums & Military BandThe Royal Scots Dragoon GuardsCD20
MCCD 1055014797291058
The Many Faces of Jonathan KingJonathan KingCD18
MCCD 1085014797291089
The Best of Alan PriceAlan PriceCD18
MCCD 1095014797291096
Sentimental JourneyPasadena Roof OrchestraCD17
MCCD 1105014797291102
The Best OfGary “U.S.” BondsCD18
MCCD 1115014797291119
New York Groove… The Best of HelloHelloCD18
MCCD 1125014797291126
The Best of BachJacques LoussierCD11
MCCD 1135014797291133
The Best of A Flock of SeagullsA Flock of SeagullsCD16
MCCD 1145014797291140
Kings of Cajun, Vol II: 21 More Stomps from the SwampsVarious ArtistsCD21
MCCD 1165014797291164
The Prime Of Dennis BrownDennis BrownCD18
MCCD 1185014797291188
True Love WaysVarious ArtistsCD16
MCCD 1195014797291195
Scum of the Earth: The Best of the UK SubsUK SubsCD20
MCCD 1205014797291201
East 2 West: Bhangra for the MassesVarious ArtistsCD15
MCCD 1215014797291218
Blues Harp Boogie: 25 Years of Blues HarmonicaVarious ArtistsCD22
MCCD 1245014797291249
Anthology: The Definitive CollectionJune TaborCD17
MCCD 1265014797291263
Cinema Du MondeVarious ArtistsCD18
MCCD 1275014797291270
All the BestNilssonCD16
MCCD 1295014797291294
Gregorian ChantsVarious ArtistsCD25
MCCD 1305014797291300