In addition to the true Masters Film Music releases, 6 releases from the Varèse Sarabande parent label carried the Masters Film Music logo:

All Masters Film Music releases use catalog numbers in the style "SRS 2###".
Catalog numbers SRS 2000, SRS 2010, and SRS 2012 were not used.

As these releases were sold only via mail order, via the Varèse Sarabande CD Club, none of them have barcodes.

These releases are all released in very limited quantities, ranging from 1000 to 3000 copies, and tend to be rather valuable on the soundtrack collectors market.

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Under the VolcanoAlex NorthCD11
SRS 2011
Suites & ThemesJerry GoldsmithCD7
SRS 2003
The Boys from BrazilJerry GoldsmithCD4
SRS 2001
The Wild GeeseRoy BuddCD16
SRS 2002
ObsessionBernard HerrmannCD6
SRS 2004[none]
The ReiversJohn WilliamsCD11
SRS 2009
Those SecretsThomas NewmanCD12
SRS 2013
Planet of the Apes: Original 1968 Movie SoundtrackJerry GoldsmithCD11
  • US2001-07-24
Joe Versus the VolcanoGeorges DelerueCD21
  • CA2002-05-28
SRS 2014019750000024
The Racers / Daddy Long LegsAlex NorthCD20
  • US2002-11-20
SRS 2015[none]
The Wonderful Country / The King And Four Queens (The Deluxe Edition)Alex North2×CD17 + 20
  • US2003-08-19
SRS 2016[none]
Viva Maria! / King of HeartsGeorges DelerueCD28
  • US2004-12-06
SRS 2017[none]
The Hallelujah TrailElmer BernsteinCD13
  • US2005-05-16
SRS 2018[none]
Cannon For Cordoba / From Noon Till ThreeElmer Bernstein2×CD33 + 30
  • US2007-07-15
SRS 2019[none]