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I Fucking Hate You All and I Hope You All Fucking DieNavicon Torture TechnologiesCD-R9
Analog ArtifactsNavicon Torture TechnologiesCD13
NeocideUnter NullDigital Media10
Fracture My Bodily Functions (limited to 12 copies)Navicon Torture TechnologiesCD-R8
Recurring NightmaresNavicon Torture TechnologiesCD-R3
An Act Of Self Mutilation Is An Act Of FreedomIRMCD-R6
Fuck You, You Never Loved MeNavicon Torture TechnologiesCD-R1
Navicon Torture Technologies Fucks the Shit Out of Unter NullNavicon Torture Technologies / Unter NullCD-R9
Sealed VoidJarlCD12
Turning of the HeavensKaitenCD9
Fragile ConfrontationJarlCD6
MinusJarlDigital Media6
  • US2006-05-17
Ground Proximity Warning SystemPropergolCD12
Magna Semper Vehemente NatvsNavicon Torture TechnologiesCD1
Diseases of the Mind Will Never DieNavicon Torture TechnologiesCD7
Vtervs0Navicon Torture TechnologiesCD-R6
The Cult of the Young MenIRMCD8
When I Had Cut It Enough, It Didn't Look Like a Woman AnymoreNavicon Torture TechnologiesCD-R1
Into the Uttermost Fields of EtherTheologian & Steve MooreCD-R4
HubrizineTheologian+STROM.ecDigital Media6
  • XW2012-10-09
Finding Comfort in Overwhelming NegativityTheologianDigital Media4
  • XW2012-10-25
Here Music DiesFragment King + TheologianCassette4
  • US2013-01-01
A Constellation of SkinNavicon Torture TechnologiesDigital Media6
  • XW2013-03-29
Before Your EyesA Murder of AngelsCD10
  • US2013-05-06
APEX 2013-3[none]
A Means by Which to Break the Surface of the RealTheologianDigital Media4
  • XW2014-05-18
RubyMartin Bladh & Sektor 304CD-R1
Engines & DisciplesMurderous VisionCD-R9
Paper DollzTheologian + Vulgar FashionCassette5
Pure-Skin (Purified)Navicon Torture TechnologiesDigital Media8
  • XW2015-02-12
I Sat Beauty Down in My Lap, and I Found Her GallingTheologianDigital Media4
  • XW2015-02-13
Maximum Bitterness Has Been AchievedTheologianDigital Media4
  • XW2015-02-15
Apex Codex: The Apex Fest VI CompilationVarious ArtistsCD-R13
  • US2015-06-05
APEX 2015-01[none]
Adulterate (remixes, alt versions & live)StatiqbloomDigital Media14
  • XW2015-07-17
Black Fire TheologyTheologian+Black SunDigital Media3
  • XW2015-12-30
DregsTheologianDigital Media8
  • XW2015-12-30
Nature Is Satan's ChurchTheologian+The Vomit ArsonistDigital Media8
  • XW2016-11-16
Here Music DiesTheologian+Fragment KingDigital Media6
  • XW2016-12-03
The Holy CircleThe Holy CircleCD8
  • US2017-06-06
Unimagined SpaceSkincageDigital Media14
  • XW2017-10-10
Forced UtopiaTheologianDigital Media2
  • XW2017-10-20
ExterminationNavicon Torture TechnologiesDigital Media4
  • XW2019-05-31
People Are Weak They Deserve PainTheologianDigital Media5
  • XW2019-12-01
NonextantTheologianDigital Media5
  • XW2021-06-06