Chappell Recorded Music Library (company that specialized in library and production music)

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Prefixes seem to be CAL, LPC, DMM, DDM.

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Experiments in SpaceRobert Farnon10" Vinyl2
Chappell Recorded MusicRoger Roger and his Orchestra / The Nelson Trio12" Vinyl14
LPC 516-522
Chappell Recorded MusicVarious Artists12" Vinyl15
LPC 855-860
Chappell Mood Music, Volume 16: New Sounds!Nino Nardini / Roger Roger12" Vinyl16
CMM 216[none]
Dance and Mood Music, Volume 3Jean-Claude Petit et son orchestre12" Vinyl16
DMM 303
Chappell Mood Music Vol. 21Roger Roger12" Vinyl23
CMM 221
Chappell Mood Music Vol.22Roger Roger12" Vinyl16
  • -1969
CMM 222
Dance and Mood Music, Volume 4Paul Piot et son orchestre12" Vinyl13
DMM 304[none]
Dance And Mood Music, Volume 7Jean-Claude Petit Et Son Orchestre12" Vinyl28
DMM 307
Dance and Mood Music, Vol. 9Pierre Dutour & Son Orchestre12" Vinyl14
DMM 309
Chappell Mood Music, Volume 24Roger Roger and his Orchestra12" Vinyl14
CMM 224
Dance and Mood Music, Vol. 18Les Prospection12" Vinyl11
DMM 318
Chappell Recorded MusicLee Mason & His Orchestra12" Vinyl11
LPC 1045[none]
Music by Lee MasonLee Mason & His Orchestra12" Vinyl11
LPC 1045
Sounds ElectronicBoneschi Electronic Combo12" Vinyl16
CAL 4004
Pop SoundsMad Dog12" Vinyl14
LPC 1053[none]
Music By Roger RogerRoger Roger12" Vinyl18
LPC 1054
Electronic MusicThe Machines12" Vinyl18
LPC 1055
Small Group SoundsRené Costy and his Music12" Vinyl11
CAL 4013
Music by Roger WebbPaul Dupont & His Orchestra12" Vinyl12
LPC 1062
Electronic Music / Synthesizer EffectsThe Allsorts / The Machines12" Vinyl39
LPC 1082
Period/NostalgiaPeter Cork12" Vinyl14
CHAP 103
Atmospheric - VocalVarious Artists12" Vinyl46
Archive: ExoticaVarious ArtistsCD36
  • -1997
CHAP 219
Timeless HistoriesStanislas SyrewiczCD35
CHAP 322
Indie Rock Stories... Moments That Make Your Heart RaceVarious ArtistsCD53
CHAP 334[none]
At the Movies 1Daniel PembertonCD60
  • GB2010-03-28
CHAP 356
At the Movies 2Daniel PembertonCD36
  • GB2010-03-28
CHAP 357
Nuggets Volume 03The HerbaliserCD38
Nuggets 04> The Strange New Mixes of Bernard FêvreBernard FêvreCD19
Simply ChoirJohn Ashton ThomasDigital Media49
  • -2012-01-20
Music for Drama Vol. 3Robert Farnon12" Vinyl31C.I.S. 5024
Happy and Crazy MusicDavid Perian and Alberto Baldan12" Vinyl14CHA 002, LPL 3684
Screen and PleasureBenoît Kaufman12" Vinyl16CHA 004
Musique de toutes les couleursDavid Perian Orchestra12" Vinyl15CHA 013
Nostalgic ThemesVarious ArtistsCD39CHAP 120 CD[none]
Archive: World War IIVarious ArtistsDigital Media41CHAP 127
Country PortraitVarious ArtistsDigital Media17CHAP 129
Piano StudyVarious ArtistsDigital Media29CHAP 130
ItalyAlessandro AlessandroniDigital Media21CHAP 131
NashvilleVarious ArtistsDigital Media24CHAP 132
Archive: Dance 1Various ArtistsDigital Media57CHAP 133
Archive: Dance 2Various ArtistsDigital Media60CHAP 134
Aspects of JazzTony KinseyDigital Media18CHAP 135
Choral-Hymns / CarolsPhilip RutherfordDigital Media22CHAP 136
Turkey / GreeceDaghan Baydur & Richard ThomasDigital Media20CHAP 137
Travelogue 1Various ArtistsDigital Media32CHAP 138
Travelogue 2Various ArtistsDigital Media32CHAP 139
American Drama 1Various ArtistsDigital Media45CHAP 140
American Drama 2Rob Waugh & John BeckettDigital Media22CHAP 142
Percussion 1Peter LexingtonDigital Media102CHAP 143
Percussion 2Peter LexingtonDigital Media160CHAP 144
TV / More ThemesAndrew Miller & Neal SheltonDigital Media45CHAP 145
Night at the MoviesDominic GlynnDigital Media61CHAP 146
Travelogue 3Various ArtistsDigital Media27CHAP 147
Children / Animation / ComedyVarious ArtistsDigital Media122CHAP 148
Classical Collection 1François de BoisvalléeDigital Media17CHAP 150
Classical Collection 2François de BoisvalléeDigital Media27CHAP 151
Classical Collection 3Thierry VeneuxDigital Media23CHAP 152
Guitar MusicKevin Brown & Steven JohnDigital Media22CHAP 153
Archive: Drama 1Various ArtistsDigital Media71CHAP 154
Archive: Drama 2Various ArtistsDigital Media48CHAP 155
Classical Collection 4Various ArtistsDigital Media26CHAP 156
EnglandVarious ArtistsDigital Media40CHAP 157
IndiaVarious ArtistsDigital Media32CHAP 158
Archive: Pastoral RomanceVarious ArtistsDigital Media31CHAP 159
Archive: SportsVarious ArtistsDigital Media41CHAP 160
Organ / Mechanical InstrumentsVarious ArtistsDigital Media51CHAP 161
Comic Strip AdventuresDominic GlynnDigital Media54CHAP 162
Christmas FeastVarious ArtistsDigital Media46CHAP 163
Archive: CeremonialVarious ArtistsDigital Media55CHAP 164
Archive: AdventureVarious ArtistsDigital Media54CHAP 166
Archive: Big BandVarious ArtistsDigital Media47CHAP 167
Archive: Drama / Crime 3Various ArtistsDigital Media60CHAP 168
Archive: Dramatic Orchestral MoodsVarious ArtistsDigital Media48CHAP 169
Band MusicVarious ArtistsDigital Media51CHAP 170
Archive: Nostalgic Moods for FilmVarious ArtistsDigital Media48CHAP 172
SpainJimmy Tea & José Roberto & Sean LyonsDigital Media39CHAP 173
Light TV ThemesGordon GiltrapDigital Media44CHAP 174
Orchestral DramasTony KinseyDigital Media30CHAP 175
Pastoral DramaPatricia CoryDigital Media63CHAP 177
Salsa / MexicanVarious ArtistsDigital Media52CHAP 178
Leisure / HolidaysMatt SinclairDigital Media45CHAP 179
Modern Jazz ThemesSteven JohnDigital Media30CHAP 180
Jazz ScenesTony KinseyDigital Media19CHAP 181
Leisure / RelaxationPaul Williams & Andy GrossartDigital Media48CHAP 182
Leisure / Easy ListeningPaul FrenchDigital Media36CHAP 183
Leisure / TVJimmy KalethDigital Media54CHAP 184
Archive: Famous Themes Revisited 1Various ArtistsDigital Media44CHAP 185
Archive: Famous Themes Revisited 2Various ArtistsDigital Media44CHAP 186
Archive: Nostalgic Themes RevisitedVarious ArtistsDigital Media48CHAP 187
Horror / Gothic / ModernVarious ArtistsDigital Media29CHAP 188
Solo Instruments: Woodwind and BrassVarious ArtistsDigital Media72CHAP 189
Sounds of the 50s & 60sVarious ArtistsDigital Media53CHAP 190
Sounds of the 20s & 30sVarious ArtistsDigital Media42CHAP 191
Archive: Dramatic Orchestral ThemesVarious ArtistsDigital Media25CHAP 192
Classic RockVarious ArtistsDigital Media47CHAP 193
Modern String QuartetDwight St. JohnDigital Media51CHAP 194
Celtic WorldPhil CunninghamDigital Media51CHAP 195
TV Cues 1Various ArtistsDigital Media93CHAP 196