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DateTitleCredited AsArtistLength
The Cross of ChangesEnsign Music Corp.Enigma
1971I Can't Move No Mountains
1989I Wanna Be Loved
’97 Bonnie & Clyde
American MusicEnsign Music
Ba'Ku Village
BusinessEnsign Music
Call Me
Can I Touch YouEnsign Music Corp.
Can’t Let Her Go
Childrens’ Story
Chop, Chop, Chop
Cleanin Out My Closet
Doin’ Just Fine
Don’t Cha
End Credits (Star Trek: Insurrection)
End of the Road
Eye of the Tiger
First Containment (Event Horizon)
Gentle on My MindEnsign Music Corp.
Give the Radio Back
Goodbye, ColumbusEnsign Music Corp.
Gravity Drive (Event Horizon)
Hailie’s Song
HappyEnsign Music
He’s a Dream
Holding Out for a Hero (Footloose)Ensign Music Corp.
I Believe in LoveEnsign Music Corp.
In Custody
Leave It Up to Me
Living To The BeatEnsign Music
Lock Me Up
Love Is on the Way
Make It So: Star Trek Generations
Me, Myself and My Microphone
Metal (Event Horizon)
My Heart Will Go On
Neptune (Event Horizon)
New Sight
No Threat
Nobody Loves Me Like You Do
Not Functioning
Not that Kind of Love
Now That We’re DoneEnsign Music Corp.
One Sweet Day
Only the Strong SurviveEnsign Music Corp.
Prince of Darkness (by Alice Cooper)
Representin’ 93Ensign Music
Roses on White Lace
Rump ShakerEnsign Music Corp.
Say Goodbye Hollywood
Second Containment (Event Horizon)
Square Dance
Step on You
The Drones Attack
The Forward Decks (Event Horizon)
The Healing Process
The Riker Maneuver
The Same Race
Time to Kill
Two Cool Guys (Theme From Beavis and Butt-Head Do America)
White America
Without Me
– ????Amityville
– ????Bitch Please II
– ????Chuckie Chan (Martial Arts Expert of Reptarland)
– ????Criminal
– ????Drug Ballad
– ????I Want a Mom That Will Last Forever
– ????I’m Back
– ????Kill You
– ????Kim
– ????L’Histoire d’une fée, c’est…
– ????Marshall Mathers
– ????My Getaway
– ????Remember Me?
– ????Stan
– ????The Real Slim Shady
– ????The Way I Am
– ????Under the Influence
– ????When You Love
– ????Who Knew