Tales of EphidrinaAmorphous AndrogynousCD8ASW 6101017046610124
Liquid InsectsAmorphous Androgynous12" Vinyl3ASW 06102-6
Alien DreamtimeSpacetime Continuum with Terence McKennaCD6ASW 6107-2017046610728
House of Acid Jazz, Volume 1Various ArtistsCD12ASW 6103-2
Excursions in Ambience: The Second OrbitVarious ArtistsCD8ASW 6105-2017046610520
Speaking in TonguesSpacetime Continuum12" Vinyl4ASW 6108
QuiqueSeefeelCassette9ASW 6123-4017046612340
Barramundi - An Introduction To A Cooler WorldVarious ArtistsCD8ASW 6115-2017046611527
TransformationsTransformer 2CD12CD-6111-2
QuiqueSeefeelCD9ASW 06123-2017046612326
LifeformsThe Future Sound of London2×CD8 + 11ASW 6113-2017046611329
Excursions in Ambience: The Third DimensionVarious ArtistsCD10ASW 6119-20170466119223
Plainsong / Time to Find MeSeefeel12" Vinyl3ASW 6124
PolyfusiaSeefeelCD10ASW 06125-2017046612524
LifeformsThe Future Sound of LondonCD7ASW 6114-2017046611428
#1SkylabCD13ASW 6161-2017046616126
Sea BiscuitSpacetime ContinuumCD7ASW 6129-2017046612920
Peace FixationFreaky Chakra12" Vinyl3ASW 6132-6
ISDNFSOLCD15ASW 6144017046614429
LifeformsThe Future Sound of London12" Vinyl7ASW 6114-1
One 4 LoveMellow MellowCD6ASW 6118-2
Revolt of the PerverseFierce Ruling DivaCD11ASW 6121-2017046612128
Evening at the GrangeLida Husik / Beaumont HannantCD5ASW 6135017046613521
System 7.3: Fire + WaterSystem 72×CD10 + 9ASW 6137-2017046613729
Lowdown MotivatorFreaky ChakraCD8ASW 6133-2
µ-Ziq vs. The Auteursμ‐Ziq vs. The AuteursCD6ASW 6145-2017046614528
Far-Out Son of Lung and the Ramblings of a MadmanThe Future Sound of LondonCD4ASW 6148-2017046614825
ISDNFSOLCD15ASW 6144-2017046614429
Leave HomeThe Chemical BrothersCD4ASW 6167-2017046616720
Exit Planet Dust (BMG club edition)The Chemical BrothersCD11ASW 6157-2[none]
Exit Planet DustThe Chemical BrothersCD11ASW 6157-2017046615723
Green MachineBen NeillCD7ASW 6159-2017046615921
Life Is SweetThe Chemical BrothersCD7ASW 6162-2017046616225
Salsa With Mesquiteμ‐ZiqCD7ASW 6154-2017046505222
Excursions in Ambience: The Fourth FrontierVarious ArtistsCD10ASW 6153-2
In Pine Effectμ‐ZiqCD12ASW 6155-2017046615525
Budded on Earth to Bloom in HeavenFreaky ChakraCD6ASW 6151-2017046615129
Excursions in Ambience: The Fourth FrontierVarious ArtistsCD10ASW 6153-2 AV
In Pine Effectμ‐ZiqCassette16ASW 6155-4017046615549
Life Is SweetThe Chemical BrothersCD3ASW 6162-2 PR
Emit EcapsSpacetime ContinuumCD10ASW 6147-2017046614726
CascadeThe Future Sound of LondonCD6ASW 6175-2017046617529
Loops of FuryThe Chemical BrothersCD4ASW 6174-2017046617420
Loops of FuryThe Chemical Brothers12" Vinyl4ASW 6174-6017046617468
Green Blue FireHusikesqueCD10ASW 6149-2017046614924
Detroit: Beyond the Third WaveVarious ArtistsCD10ASW 6170-2017046617024
Freaky Chakra vs. Single Cell OrchestraFreaky Chakra vs. Single Cell Orchestra12" Vinyl2ASW 6163-6
Freaky Chakra vs. Single Cell OrchestraFreaky Chakra vs. Single Cell OrchestraCD9ASW 6166-2017046616621
Setting SunThe Chemical BrothersCD4ASW 6187017046618724
Werks Like a 12"Various ArtistsCD10ASW 06179-2
My KingdomThe Future Sound of LondonCD5ASW 6184017046618427
Wipeout XLVarious ArtistsCD14ASW6189017046618922
Dead CitiesThe Future Sound of LondonCD13ASW 6181017046618120
Remit RecapsSpacetime ContinuumCD11ASW 06190-2017046619028
Bad Head DayLida Husik12" Vinyl412ASW6164724389374766
Green Blue FireLida HusikCD107243 841918 25, ASW6149724384191825
Dead CitiesThe Future Sound of LondonCD13ASW 6181 AD
Better Living Through ChemistryFatboy Slim2×12" Vinyl7 + 6ASW6203-1017046620314
Urmur Bile Trax, Volumes 1 & 2μ‐ZiqCD8ASW 6185-2017046618526
Block Rockin' BeatsThe Chemical BrothersCD4ASW 6195017046619523
Block Rockin' BeatsThe Chemical Brothers12" Vinyl5ASW 6195
We Have ExplosiveThe Future Sound of LondonCD9ASW 06196-2017046619622
Dig Your Own Hole (BMG club edition)The Chemical BrothersCD11ASW 6180[none]
Dig Your Own HoleThe Chemical BrothersCD11ASW 6180017046618021
Let the Freak Flag FlyTranquility BassCD9ASW 6200, ASW 6200-2017046620024
Lunatic Harnessμ‐ZiqCD13ASW 6201-2017046620123
Risc vs. RewardPhotekCD6ASW 06202-2017046620222
ElektrobankThe Chemical BrothersCD6ASW 6204017046620420
Modus OperandiPhotekCD10ASW 6207-2017046620727
Better Living Through ChemistryFatboy SlimCD12ASW6203017046620321
RisottoFlukeCD10ASW 6224017046622424
Greetings From Deepest AmericaAquarhythmsCD9ASW 6209-2017046620925
Bentley Rhythm AceBentley Rhythm AceCD13ASW 6223017046622325
Balance of the ForceBoymerangCD9ASW 62220017046622226
Controlled DevelopmentsSource DirectCD6ASW 6225-2017046622523
Real Time EPSpacetime ContinuumCD5ASW 6208-2
AstralwerksVarious ArtistsCD11USOFA1[none]
Dig Your Own HoleThe Chemical Brothers2×12" Vinyl5 + 6ASW 6180017046618014
Selections From Remit RecapsSpacetime Continuum12" Vinyl4ASW 6183-6
We Have ExplosiveThe Future Sound of London12" Vinyl5ASW 6196017046619660
Heart SequencesAquarhythms12" Vinyl3ASW 6213
Bentley Rhythm AceBentley Rhythm AceCD13ASW 6223-2017046622325
Absurd EPFluke12" Vinyl4ASW 6227-6
Moon SafariAir12" Vinyl10ASW 6644017046664417
ColoursAdam FCD12ASW 6234-20170406234214
Brace Yourselfμ‐ZiqCD8ASW 6235-2017046623520
ŒuvreQ-Burns Abstract MessageCD8ASW 6236-2017046623629
MTV's AMP 2Various ArtistsCD13CAR 7558-2017046755825
Form & FunctionPhotekCD12ASW 6241-2017046624121
Feng ShuiQ-Burns Abstract MessageCD11ASW6228017046622820
Brothers Gonna Work It OutThe Chemical BrothersCD5ASW 06243-2017046624329
Blacklight FantasyFreaky ChakraCD12ASW 6232-2017046623223
Tally Ho!Wagon ChristCD13ASW 6245-2017046624527
You've Come A Long Way, BabyFatboy SlimCD110 1704 66248-2 4, ASW 66248-2017046624824
You’ve Come a Long Way, BabyFatboy SlimCD11ASW 662470017046624725
You’ve Come a Long Way, BabyFatboy Slim2×12" Vinyl6 + 5ASW 66247-1
You’ve Come a Long Way, BabyFatboy SlimCD11ASW 66247-2017046624725
You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby (“Clean” version)Fatboy SlimCD11ASW 66248017046624824
On the Floor at the BoutiqueFatboy SlimCD19ASW 49130-2724384913021
He's a SkullQ-Burns Abstract Message12" Vinyl4ASW 6230-6