Catalog Numbers

8xxxx, 95xxx, 1xxxxx, and 7xxxx : Vinyl releases, some later ones prefixed using the VC xxxxx scheme.
CAUTION: Many of these releases were from the pre-merge Varèse International Records, and not
the post-merge Varèse Sarabande.
302 06x xxx 2                   : CD releases, introduced with the VSD-xxxx system.
302 06x xxx 4                   : cassette releases, introduced with the VSD-xxxx system.
 704.xx                         : Vinyl releases in the 1980's, replaced the VC xxxxx system and was replaced by the STV-xxxxx system.
APD-0012                        : Prefix was used only once, for a compilation released in Taiwan
BCL 600x                        : Budget releases
CTV-xxxxx                       : Used for cassette releases
CVVC-8010                       : Prefix was used only once, for a soundtrack released in Japan
MO MMYY-xxxx.2                  : Used for some revived CD Club releases instead of VCL MMYY-xxxx
SCLS-xxxx                       : Used for CDs released in Japan
SRS 20xx                        : Used only by the Varèse Masters Film Music imprint
STV-81xxx                       : Used for vinyl releases, replaced the 704.xx numbering system, replaced by the VD-xxxx system
VC xxxxx / VX xxxxx             : Used for vinyl releases in the 1970's and early 1980's, was replaced by the 704.xx numbering system.
VCD-0xxx                        : CD release, released in Taiwan
VCD-47xxx                       : CD release, issued between 1985 and 1988
VCD-704xx                       : CD release, issued between 1987 and 1988
VCL MMYY-xxxx                   : Revived CD Club releases, released beginning in 2006
VCL YYMM.xx                     : Original CD Club releases, released between 1989 and 1992
VD-xxxx                         : Used for vinyl releases, replaced the the STV-xxxxx system
VG-xxxx                         : Used for vinyl releases, replaced the the VD-xxxx system
VS-xxxx                         : Used for vinyl releases in the mid 1980's
VSC-xxxx                        : Cassette releases  (Exception: Robocop was assigned catalog number VSC-81330)
VSD-xxxx                        : CD releases, many of them reissues of older MCA vinyl releases (First release in this series was VSD-5201; 
the 4200 to 5200 range began to be used in 2009 for low quantity releases for limited release
or direct-to-DVD films.)
XCD-100x                        : Used only by the Colossal Records imprint

Note: Starlog / Varèse Saraband releases used the Starlog catalog systems. (SR-100x, SV 95xxx, ASV 95xxx)''

Note: Every release between VSD-5201 and VSD-6199 received both a 302 06x xxx 2 and a VSD-xxxx catalog number. The xxxx is the same in both catalog numbers.

Releases between VSD-6200/302 066 200 2 and VSD-6499/302 066 499 2 always received a 302 06x xxx 2 catalog number, but only some were also assigned a VSD-6xxx number.

Releases after 302 066 500 2 were only assigned a 302 06x xxx 2 catalog number. No release after 302 066 500 2 ought to have a VSD-xxxx number listed.


  • Citadel Records - was a subsidiary until some point prior to 1995.
  • Colossal Records - German imprint (1989-1992); Not to be confused with Colosseum Schallplatten
  • Fuel 2000 Records - Gospel, Jazz, Pop, Rock, etc. (302 061 xxx 2)
  • Varèse Sarabande CD Club - Limited edition releases of soundtracks without large expected demand (BCL 600x and VCL YYMM.xx and VCL MMYY-xxxx)
  • Varèse Sarabande Spotlight Series - musicals and related recordings (VSD-xxxx and 302 061 xxx 2)
  • Masters Film Music - "The finest film scores ever composed by the greatest composers of our era" (SRS 2xxx)
  • Sunswept Music (302 062 xxx 2)
  • Varèse Vintage - re-issues of oldies (VSD-xxxx and 302 066 xxx 2)
  • Volcano - Japanese rereleases of original Varèse Saraband releases
  • Water Music Records (302 060 xxx 2)
    • 10 Spot (302 060 xxx 2)
    • Water Music Dance (302 060 xxx 2)
    • Water Music Kids (302 060 xxx 2)
  • Wildcat! - rock (302 069 xxx 2)

(Re)Distribution Partners

These labels were/are distribution partners of Varèse Sarabande. They are not imprints of Varèse Sarabande.

  • Colosseum Schallplatten
  • Fynsworth Alley
  • Soundtrack Listeners Club
  • Soundtrack Listeners Communications

Canceled releases

Catalog Number     Composer              Release Title               Reason release was cancelled
302 066 817 2      Brian Reitzel         30 Days of Night            ?
302 066 126 2      Christopher Young     Wonder Boys                 ?
302 066 203 2      ?                     Legend (Deluxe Edition)     ?
302 066 320 2      ?                     Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius   ?
302 066 352 2      ?                     Dinotopia                   ?
302 066 751 2      ?                     Idlewild                    ?
302 066 822 2      Christopher Young     Lucky You                   ?
VCD70456           Jay Ferguson          Bad Dreams                  CD was cancelled
VSD-6016           Howard Shore          Analyze This                Licensing Issues
VSD-5336           Alan Silvestri        Dutch                       Licensing Issues
VSD-5342           Alex North            Four Girls in Town          ?
VSD-5387           Thomas Newman         Whispers In The Dark        Licensing Issues
?                  ?                     Alaska                      ?

5387 was reused for a Colosseum-only "Film Classics" release.
5336 was reused for a Colosseum-only "John Carpenter's Greatest Hits Volume 2" release.
5395 may have only been released by Colosseum.

Unused catalog numbers:

VSD-5358         VSD-5428         VSD-5429
VSD-5430         VSD-5431         VSD-5504
VSD-5507         VSD-5508         VSD-5509
VSD-5513         VSD-5571         VSD-5635
VSD-5654         VSD-5655         VSD-5656
VSD-5657         VSD-5681         VSD-5745
VSD-5799         VSD-5809         VSD-5814
VSD-5864         VSD-5960         VSD-5993
302 066 000 2    302 066 081 2    302 066 100 2
302 066 127 2    302 066 325 2    302 066 360 2
302 066 428 2    302 066 431 2

Varèse Sarabande releases exclusively to the United States (except for releases with catalog numbers VCD-0xxx, which are released only in Taiwan). The same is true for all Varèse Sarabande imprints, except for the Masters Film Music imprint, which releases to Canada, though it also ships directly to the US market. All European sales are handled by the separate label Colosseum Schallplatten, which releases in Germany.

Many online sources list all Varèse imprints simply as Varèse Saraband, use the following as reference between VSD-4200 and 302 067 005 2:

Along the Blues Highway (2 releases)


Spotlight (108 releases)


Varèse Vintage (379 releases)


For other catalog numbers:

0000 to 0999 is 10 Spot, Water Music Kids, Water Music Dance, or Water Music Records
1000 to 1999 is Fuel 2000 
2000 to 2999 is Fynsworth Alley
3000 to 3999 is Sunswept Music
8000 to 8999 is currently unused by Varèse Saraband; Colosseum uses this number range for their own releases
9000 to 9999 was used by Wildcat! Recording Corporation
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Ships in the NightVicki LawrenceDigital Media14
The Epoch CollectionRupert HolmesCD18VSD-5520030206552027
Faust et HeleneLili Boulanger; Igor Markevitch, Monte Carlo National Opera Orchestra, Monte Carlo National Opera Chorus12" Vinyl3VC 81095[none]
Jules Verne’s Master of the WorldLes Baxter12" Vinyl12VC 81070
Silent RunningPeter SchickeleVinyl12VC 81072[none]
Themes From Classic Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror FilmsVarious ArtistsVinyl12VC 81077
“Emperor Concerto” Piano Concerto no. 5Beethoven; Walter Gieseking, Artur Rother, Berlin Reichsender Orchestra12" Vinyl3VC 81080[none]
Lust for Life / Background to Violence Suite: The Killers, Brute Force, Naked CityMiklós RózsaVinyl13VC-81053
A Time to Love and a Time to DieMiklós RózsaVinyl19VC-81075
PhantasmFred Myrow and Malcolm SeagraveVinyl16VC-81105
A Little RomanceGeorges Delerue12" Vinyl16STV 81109
Tourist Trap: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackPino Donaggio12" Vinyl25VC 81102
The Dunwich HorrorLes Baxter12" Vinyl11VC 81103
PatrickBrian May12" Vinyl18VC 81107
MartinDonald Rubinstein12" Vinyl22VC 81127
Knights of the Round TableMiklós Rózsa12" Vinyl10STV 81128
An Almost Perfect Affair (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Georges Delerue12" Vinyl16STV 81132
Home MoviesPino Donaggio12" Vinyl17STV 81139
Mad MaxBrian May12" Vinyl18STV 81144
The IslandEnnio Morricone12" Vinyl10STV 81147
Dressed to KillPino Donaggio12" Vinyl13STV 81148
The Secret of NIMH (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jerry GoldsmithDigital Media12
Man of a Thousand FacesFrank Skinner12" Vinyl9STV 81121
John Carpenter's Escape From New YorkJohn Carpenter & Alan HowarthVinyl13STV 81134
Maniac - Original Motion Picture SoundtrackJay Chattaway12" Vinyl15STV 81143
The HowlingPino Donaggio12" Vinyl22STV 81150
Halloween IIJohn Carpenter & Alan Howarth12" Vinyl12STV 81152
The FormulaBill Conti12" Vinyl11STV 81153[none]
Night of the Living DeadVarious Artists12" Vinyl15STV 81151
Swamp ThingHarry Manfredini12" Vinyl13STV 81154
Andy Warhol's DraculaClaudio Gizzi12" Vinyl12STV 81156
Andy Warhol's Flesh For FrankensteinClaudio Gizzi12" Vinyl16STV 81157
CreepshowJohn Harrison12" Vinyl9STV 81160[none]
The BurningRick WakemanVinyl10STV 81162
The Secret of NIMHJerry Goldsmith12" Vinyl12STV 81169
The Four SeasonsVivaldi; Patrick GleesonCD10VCD 47212[none]
The AvengersLaurie JohnsonCD24VCD-47270030206727029
Symphony no. 7 / Egmont OvertureBeethoven; London Symphony Orchestra, Enrique Bátiz12" Vinyl5VCDM 1000.160[none]
The Winds of WarBob CobertCD16VSD-47180030206818024
VideodromeHoward Shore12" Vinyl7STV 81173
BrainstormJames HornerCD7VCD 47215030206819724
The Star Wars Trilogy: Star Wars / The Empire Strikes Back / Return of the JediJohn WilliamsVinyl14704.210
10 to MidnightRobert O. Ragland12" Vinyl19STV 81172
HalloweenJohn Carpenter12" Vinyl11STV 81176
The Twilight Zone Volume ThreeVarious Artists12" Vinyl6STV 811854988060170825
BrainstormJames Horner12" Vinyl7STV 81197
Gorky ParkJames Horner12" Vinyl11STV 81206
WavelengthTangerine Dream12" Vinyl16STV 81207
Liquid SkySlava TsukermanCD18VCD 47181030206818123
The Star Wars Trilogy: Star Wars / The Empire Strikes Back / Return of the JediJohn Williams; Utah Symphony Orchestra, Varujan KojianCD14VCD 47201[none]
The Star Wars Trilogy: Star Wars / The Empire Strikes Back / Return of the JediJohn WilliamsCD14VCD 47201030206742121
The Adventures of Robin HoodErich Wolfgang KorngoldCD16VCD 47202030206720228
Symphony No. 9 in E minor, op. 95 "From the New World" / Carnival OvertureAntonín Dvořák; London Philharmonic Orchestra, Enrique BátizCD5VCD 47216
The Thief of Bagdad / The Jungle BookMiklós RózsaCD8VCD 47258[none]
Gorky ParkJames HornerCD11VCD 47260[none]
Knights of the Round TableMiklós RózsaCD9VCD 47269
Violin Concerto / Flute ConcertoJohn Williams; London Symphony Orchestra, Mark Peskanov, Peter Lloyd, Leonard SlatkinCD4VSD-5345030206534528
Starman: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackJack NitzscheCD14
The FogJohn Carpenter12" Vinyl8STV 81191
OptimystiqueYanni12" Vinyl8STV 81215
SupergirlJerry Goldsmith12" Vinyl14STV 81231
StarmanJack Nitzsche12" Vinyl14STV 81233
A Nightmare on Elm StreetCharles Bernstein12" Vinyl17STV 81236
Making the Grade: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackBasil Poledouris12" Vinyl18STV81204
Music of Barber, Copland and IvesCopland, Barber; Pacific Symphony, Keith ClarkCD5VCD 47211
SupergirlJerry GoldsmithCD14VCD 47218030206821826
Supergirl: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackJerry GoldsmithCD14VCD 47218[none]
Wavelength: Original SoundtrackTangerine DreamCD16VCD 47223[none]
WavelengthTangerine DreamCassette16VSC-81207030206820744
A Group Called SmithSmithCD15VSD-5489030206548921
The Emerald ForestJunior Homrich with Brian GascoigneCD11VCD47251[none]
The Ghost and Mrs. MuirBernard HerrmannVinyl12704.340[none]
Silver BulletJay ChattawayCassette14CTV 81264[none]
The Twilight Zone Volume FiveVarious Artists12" Vinyl6STV 81205
Cat's EyeAlan Silvestri12" Vinyl12STV 81241[none]
Red SonjaEnnio MorriconeVinyl20STV 81248
The BrideMaurice Jarre12" Vinyl12STV 81254
Flesh+BloodBasil Poledouris12" Vinyl11STV 81256[none]
Agnes of GodGeorges Delerue12" Vinyl2STV 81257
Love SongsMichel LegrandVinyl8STV 81258
Return to Eden (Original Television Soundtrack)Brian May12" Vinyl19STV 81260
Invasion USA (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Jay Chattaway12" Vinyl17STV 81263
Silver BulletJay Chattaway12" Vinyl14STV 81264[none]
Year of the DragonDavid MansfieldVinyl15STV 81266
Transylvania 6-5000Lee Holdridge12" Vinyl16STV 81267
RunawayJerry Goldsmith12" Vinyl14STV-81234
North by NorthwestBernard HerrmannCD12VCD 47205030206820522
RunawayJerry GoldsmithCD14VCD 47221
Music From Alfred Hitchcock FilmsThe Utah Symphony Orchestra, Charles KetchamCD4VCD 47225[none]
WitnessMaurice JarreCD8VCD 47227, VSD-47227030206823721
Digital SpaceMorton GouldCD12VCD 47229[none]
HalloweenJohn CarpenterCD11VCD 47230030206817621
Rambo: First Blood Part IIJerry GoldsmithCD15VCD 47234[none]
Star Trek (Newly Recorded Music From Selected Episodes Of The Paramount TV Series)Fred Steiner, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Alexander Courage, Sol KaplanCD11VCD 47235[none]
Enemy MineMaurice JarreCD10VCD 47249
The FogJohn CarpenterCD8VCD 47267[none]
The Man From Snowy RiverBruce RowlandCD14VCD-47217030206821727
The Blue MaxJerry GoldsmithCD19VCD-47238[none]
The Black CauldronElmer BernsteinCD9VCD-47241