Concord Bicycle Music (founded upon the merger of Concord Music Group and The Bicycle Music Company, today known as Concord Music)

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"On April 1, 2015, Concord Music Group announced that it had acquired Vanguard Records and Sugar Hill Records from the Welk Music Group. Simultaneously, it was also announced that Concord Music Group merged with The Bicycle Music Company, a leading independent music publisher, record label, and rights manager to form the fully integrated recorded music and publishing company Concord Bicycle Music. Concord Music and Bicycle Music will operate as individual divisions within Concord Bicycle Music, with Concord Music Group being primarily responsible for recorded music activities and Bicycle overseeing publishing and rights management." —

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Traveling Wilburys, Vol. 1Traveling Wilburys12" Vinyl10
  • US2016-10-04
Out of Time (25th anniversary deluxe edition)R.E.M.3×CD + Blu-ray11 + 19 + 15 + 31
  • XE2016-11-18
00888072010253, CRE00233888072010253
Out of Time (25th anniversary deluxe edition)R.E.M.2×CD11 + 19
  • US2016-11-18
0888072010239, CRE 00231888072010239
Out of Time (25th anniversary edition)R.E.M.CD11
  • XE2016-11-18
Out of Time (25th anniversary edition, Mastered for iTunes)R.E.M.2×Digital Media11 + 19
  • US2016-11-18
Out of Time (Mastered for iTunes)R.E.M.Digital Media11
  • US2016-11-18
The Traveling Wilburys CollectionTraveling Wilburys2×CD + DVD12 + 6 + 13
Thank You, Friends: Big Star’s Third Live…and MoreBig Star’s Third2×CD12 + 15
  • US2017-04-21
Out of TimeR.E.M.2×CD11 + 1900888072014909[none]