parent label:A&M Records (from 1965-08 to present)
subsidiaries:Cavo Musical Experience
Satan's Cock-A-Doodle-Do
Sexy Grandpa Music
Stayin High Music
distributor for:フジパシフィック音楽出版
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DateTitleCredited AsArtistLength
1996 –Your Lucky Day in Hell (LP version)eels4:28
A Daisy Through ConcreteEELS2:26
All the Beautiful ThingsEELS2:22
Beginner’s LuckEELS3:38
Come Sail AwayEric Cartman5:13
Daisies of the GalaxyEELS3:28
Fresh BloodEELS4:25
Give a Little Bit[unknown]4:38
Grace Kelly BluesEELS3:38
I Don't Want the Night to EndMandalay7:01
I Like BirdsEELS2:34
In My DreamsEELS3:22
It’s a MotherfuckerEELS2:14
Jeannie’s DiaryEELS3:38
Lilac BreezeEELS2:36
Miss AmericaStyx5:01
Mr. E’s Beautiful BluesEELS3:59
My Timing Is OffEELS2:58
Ordinary ManEELS3:18
Packing BlanketsEELS2:08
Restless NightsScorpions5:48
Selective MemoryEELS2:45
Something Is SacredEELS2:52
That Look You Give That GuyEELS4:15
The LongingEELS4:22
The Sound of FearEELS3:33
Tiger in My TankEELS3:07
Tremendous DynamiteEELS2:46
What’s a Fella Gotta DoEELS3:25
Wooden NickelsEELS2:55
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1998That ’70s Show: Contains the Theme Song “That ’70s Song”Todd Griffin
30,000 Feet
1945Memphis in June
1977Castle Walls
1977Come Sail Away
1977Man in the Wilderness
1977Miss America
1977The Grand Finale
1977The Grand Illusion
1977 –Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)
1978Great White Hope
1978I’m O.K.
1978Lords of the Ring
1978Pieces of Eight
1978Queen of Spades
1978Sing for the Day
1978The Message
1978 –Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)
1978 –Renegade
1985Ever Open Door
1985 –Bullet in the Chamber
1985 –Friday Night
1985 –Lead a Double Life
1985 –Steal the Thunder
1985 –Too Much Too Soon
1990 –Aces & Eights
1991 –Die for You
1991 –Dirty Dreams
1991 –Hellbound Train
1991 –Never Say Never
1991 –Playin’ With Fire
1991 –Shot of Poison
1997This KissAlmo Music Corp
1999If I Fall You're Going Down With MeAlmo Music Corp.
2003 –Straight Jacket LabelsAlmo Music Corp.
2009 –CrushAlmo Music
2009 –Falling DownAlmo Music
2009 –Kiss & TellAlmo Music
2020 –Good in BedAlmo Music Corp.
$200 Tattoo
A Complicated Song
A Good Deal
A Line in the Dirt
A Little Past Little Rock
A New Fix for ’76
A Pauper in Paradise
A Soapbox OperaAlmo Music Corp
A Song and Dance
A Swallow in the Sun
Abandoned and Alone
Accident Prone
Afraid of Sunrise
After the Earthquake
After the Last Battle
Agatha Chang
Ain’t Nobody but MeAlmo Music Corp
All at Once
All Because of You
All I Can Do
All I Wanna Do
All of My Life
All the Beautiful Things
Almost Everything
AmazingAlmo Music Corp.
American Girl
Anne Boleyn
Anne of Cleves
Another Man’s WomanAlmo Music Corp
Apple Trees
Baby Don’t Make Me Nervous
Baby Loves Me
Baby, I Love Your Way
Back to Paradise
Bad Weather
Beautiful People
Beginner's Luck
Behind the Rain
Bend It Until It Breaks
Black and Blue
Boogie Nights
Bow Out
Breathe Again
Brother to Brother
Call Me
Can't Get Away From You
Captain of My HeartAlmo Music Corp.
CarmenAlmo Music Corp.
Carnal Question
Catherine Howard
Catherine of Aragon
Catherine Parr
Century City
Change Is on the Way
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