Someone Got Their Head Kicked In!Various Artists12" Vinyl18
BYO 001[none]
Sound & Fury (original version)Youth Brigade12" Vinyl13
BYO 002[none]
Sound & Fury (revised version)Youth Brigade12" Vinyl14
BYO 002R[none]
Don't Be MistakenAgression12" Vinyl14
BYO 003[none]
Something to Believe InVarious Artists12" Vinyl16
BYO 004[none]
The Crew7Seconds12" Vinyl18
BYO 005[none]
What Price Happiness?Youth Brigade7" Vinyl3
BYO 006S[none]
What D'Ya SeeStretch Marks12" Vinyl13
BYO 007[none]
Shattered SilenceUnwanted12" Vinyl11
BYO 008L[none]
…and No One Else Wanted to PlaySNFU12" Vinyl14
BYO 009[none]
Sink With KalifornijaYouth BrigadeCD27
BYO 2CD718750709523
Youth Brigade / 7 SecondsYouth Brigade / 7Seconds7" Vinyl2
... And No One Else Wanted To PlaySNFU12" Vinyl15
  • -1985
BYO 009
Walk Together, Rock Together7Seconds12" Vinyl7
BYO 010[none]
Open Eyes, Open Ears, a Brain to Think and a Mouth to SpeakUpright Citizens12" Vinyl15
BYO 011L[none]
Sink With Californ!aYouth Brigade7" Vinyl2
…and No One Else Wanted to PlaySNFUCD14
BYO 009CD020282000925
Walk Together, Rock Together7Seconds12" Vinyl14
BYO 010
The Dividing LineThe Brigade12" Vinyl9
BYO 012
Whole Buncho WeirdosThe Smarties12" Vinyl12
BYO 013
New Wind7Seconds12" Vinyl13
BYO 014
Less Art, More PopJr. Gone Wild12" Vinyl14
BYO 016
If You Swear, You’ll Catch No FishSNFU12" Vinyl12
BYO 017
If You Swear, You’ll Catch No FishSNFUCD12
Come TogetherThe Brigade12" Vinyl6
BYO 018
Walk Together, Rock Together7SecondsCD15
BYO 10CD[none]
New Wind7SecondsCD14
A Thousand WordsMad Parade12" Vinyl10
BYO 019
Stand UpScram12" Vinyl9
BYO 020
BlueprintWonderwall12" Vinyl8
BYO 021
Kings of Gangster BopRoyal Crown RevueCD11
Really?That's It!12" Vinyl11
BYO 024718751791510
Really?That's It!CD18
BYO 024CD718751791527
Come AgainYouth Brigade12" Vinyl6
BYO 025
Come AgainYouth BrigadeCD6
BYO 025CD020282002523
Someone's Gonna Get Their Head to Believe in SomethingVarious ArtistsCD31
BYO 026CD020282002622
HagfishHagfish7" Vinyl4
BYO 032
Happy HourYouth BrigadeCD13
EliminationJughead’s RevengeCD14
  • US1994-05-09
Sink With KalifornijaYouth BrigadeCD27
  • US1994-09-27
BYO 002CD020282000222
The Crew7SecondsCD24
  • US1994-09-27
BYO 005CD020282000529
Walk Together, Rock Together7SecondsCD14
  • US1994-09-27
BYO 010CD020282001021
The Good, the Bad, and the ArgyleThe Bouncing SoulsCD12
  • US1994-11-01
BYO 031CD020282003124
Happy HourYouth Brigade12" Vinyl13
BYO 027
EliminationJughead’s Revenge12" Vinyl13
BYO 028
All Style, No SubstanceYouth Brigade7" Vinyl2
BYO 029
The Good, the Bad, and the ArgyleThe Bouncing Souls12" Vinyl12
BYO 031
13 Kiddie FavoritesJughead’s RevengeCD13
  • US1995-09-05
BYO 034CD020282003421
Automatic 7Automatic 7CD10
  • US1995-11-22
It’s Lonely at the Bottom / Unstuck in TimeJughead’s RevengeCD28
BYO 030-2
Spies for Life / Blind SpotYouth Brigade / Screw 327" Vinyl2
BYO 033
13 Kiddie FavoritesJughead’s Revenge12" Vinyl13
BYO 034
Automatic 7Automatic 712" Vinyl10
BYO 035
Johnny XThe Bouncing Souls7" Vinyl3
BYO 036
Maniacal LaughterThe Bouncing Souls12" Vinyl12
BYO 037
Maniacal LaughterThe Bouncing SoulsCD12
BYO 037CD[none]
The BriefsThe BriefsCD5
  • -1995
  • US1996-03-11
BYO 040CD020282004022
To Sell the TruthYouth BrigadeCD14
  • US1996-05-06
To Sell the TruthYouth Brigade12" Vinyl14
BYO 038
Bobby & JoeHepcat7" Vinyl2
BYO 039
ScientificHepcat12" Vinyl12
BYO 040
Swallow22 Jacks7" Vinyl3
BYO 041
Über AmerikaTerrorgruppeCD15
  • US1997-02-17
BYO 042CD020282004220
Looking Back AgainBrand New UnitCD12
  • US1997-06-09
BYO 043CD020282004329
Detailed Instructions for the Self InvolvedPinhead Circus12" Vinyl14
BYO 044
Detailed Instructions for the Self InvolvedPinhead CircusCD14
BYO 044CD020282004428
Sample This!Various ArtistsCD22
BYO 045
One Last Look...Pezz12" Vinyl15
BYO 046
One Last Look...PezzCD15
Sociedad=SuciedadVarious ArtistsCD13
BYO 047
'Til Niagara Falls...Jon Cougar Concentration Camp12" Vinyl14
BYO 048
'Til Niagara Falls...Jon Cougar Concentration CampCD14
BYO 048CD020282004824
A Nasty Piece of WorkFour Letter WordCD13
BYO 049 CD
A Nasty Piece of WorkFour Letter Word12" Vinyl13
BYO 049 LP
Out of PrintYouth BrigadeCD16
  • US1998-11-24
BYO 050020282005029
8 WestJon Cougar Concentration Camp7" Vinyl2
BYO 053
Do Feel Lucky, Punk?Four Letter Word7" Vinyl2
BYO 054
BunkNRA7" Vinyl3
BYO 055
HallmarkPinhead Circus7" Vinyl2
BYO 056
MelonJon Cougar Concentration Camp12" Vinyl13
BYO 057
MelonJon Cougar Concentration CampCD13
BYO 057CD020282005722
BYO Split Series, Volume ILeatherface Together With Hot Water Music12" Vinyl11
  • US1999-04-20
BYO 060
Cherry KnowleLeatherfaceCD13
  • US1999-06-22
BYO 063020282006323
Greetings From the Welfare StateVarious ArtistsCD20
  • US1999-10-26
BYO 066020282006620
BYO Split Series, Volume II$wingin’ Utter$ / Youth BrigadeCD12
  • US1999-11-16
BYO 065020282006521
Of Things to ComeVarious ArtistsCD14
BYO 058020282005821
Everything Else Is a Far Gone ConclusionPinhead Circus12" Vinyl11
BYO 059
Everything Else Is a Far Gone ConclusionPinhead CircusCD11
BYO Split Series, Volume ILeatherface Together With Hot Water MusicCD11
BYO 060020282006026
Warmth and SincerityPezzCD10
Zero Visibility (Experiments With Truth)Four Letter WordCD12
BYO 062
Hot ShitJon Cougar Concentration CampCD12
BYO 064020282006422
BYO Split Series, Volume II$wingin’ Utter$ / Youth Brigade12" Vinyl12
BYO 065
HorseboxLeatherface12" Vinyl14
  • US2000-06-06
BYO 068
  • US2000-06-07
BYO 068CD020282006828
LiveCadillac TrampsCD16
BYO 067
The LastLeatherfaceCD16
  • US2001-02-06
BYO 070020282007023
The Recline of Mexican CivilizationManic HispanicCD12
  • US2001-07-10
BYO 075020282007528
The Anger and the TruthThe UnseenCD12
  • US2001-07-10
BYO 077