[no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases)

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This is a Special Purpose Label.

White labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases (usually bootlegs) should all be stored under this entry in the database.

Do not use it as a dumping ground for releases that you are too lazy to look up.

Thank you.

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September in the Rain / It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That SwingRex Stewart With Jack Brokensha’s Big Band / Rex Stewart With Jack Brokensha Quartet10" Shellac2
American Bird Songs - Volume OneProfessor Arthur A. Allen And Professor Peter Paul Kellogg12" Vinyl12
Kosher ComedyBenny Bell12" Vinyl12
Heinz Polzer zingt uit het zangboekje voor bijzienden (Door een kindervriend)Heinz PolzerVinyl7
99 725 DE[none]
Christmas Music for Your Holiday Pleasure (single sided)The Lennon Sisters With Lawrence Welk and His Champagne Music MakersVinyl1
Zonder jou / Kijk ik door m'n vensterJohnny Hoes7" Vinyl2
6802 201
A Night With Clay at Canlis'Clay Wheeler12" Vinyl9
The 25‐Year Retrospective Concert of the Music of John Cage (mono)John Cage3×12" Vinyl6 + 10 + 3
New Orleans LegendsRainy City Stompers7" Vinyl4
T 72 661
HappyAuburn Knights12" Vinyl10
McCormick: Van Vader Op ZoonRudi Carrell en het Kwartet Ruud Bos7" Flexi-disc1
Wat zou het zijn dokter?Hugo de Groot7" Vinyl2
DE 99.294[none]
The ElectrasThe Electras12" Vinyl13
ELT 201
Johnny Wonderland / Red Roses and Little White LiesSiw Malmkvist7" Vinyl2
  • -1961
It Was a Very Good YearAngelstar Jazz TrioDigital Media1
A Plane Full of Dancing Pleasure From Iceland to IranThe Ambassadors USAFE Dance Band12" Vinyl13
Gayway TwistThe FranticsOther1
Hawaiian MasterpiecesThe Boltz Family FiveDigital Media13
The Singing Sisters Present Joy!The Singing Sisters12" Vinyl15
Winkelgässli-Lied / LumpazivagabundusVarious Artists7" Vinyl2
Gospel ReggaeAinsworth RoseDigital Media12
  • US1963-01-15
The Golden LettersThe Golden LettersVinyl14
  • XW1964-01-01
I Want You (To Be By My Side)The Golden LettersVinyl2
  • XW1964-01-03
Run to YouThe Golden LettersVinyl2
  • XW1964-02-10
SniperGeorge RomeoDigital Media12
  • US1964-04-04
Second AlbumThe Golden LettersVinyl12
  • XW1964-05-08
The Patient Never WinThe Golden LettersVinyl10
  • XW1964-10-25
Day Of The Holy MountainTheatre Of Eternal Music5×Vinyl1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1
  • -1964
Robbie the Werewolf: At the WalebackRobbie RobisonVinyl13
Rain and SnowThe Golden LettersVinyl12
  • XW1965-04-18
Left-Hand SideThe Golden LettersVinyl12
  • XW1965-08-15
Living the Live LifeThe Golden LettersVinyl18
  • XW1965-12-12
Don't Cut the Baby in HalfJohn Ylvisaker12" Vinyl14
Ballade, Lumpeliedli, Chansons auf BernerartVarious Artists7" Vinyl8
EP 33-514[none]
Only Startin'The Half Tribe12" Vinyl12
The Great RevolutionDr. Martin Luther King, Jr.12" Vinyl2
Another Day, Another TimeThe Golden LettersVinyl10
  • XW1966-02-14
Do You Like Billy WymanThe Rolling StonesCD11
  • AU1966-02-24
Falling AgainThe Golden LettersVinyl11
  • XW1966-06-22
江州音頭桜川寿賀若10" Vinyl2
IntroducingThe Tidal Waves7" Vinyl4
Down and Out / So There4PK7" Vinyl2
110 799 F
[untitled]The Velvet UndergroundVinyl9
Broadside EP No. 1Harvey AndrewsVinyl5
Cleaning UpThe Golden LettersVinyl9
  • XW1967-03-23
The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (mono - test pressing)Pink Floyd12" Vinyl11
  • GB1967-07-07
Scfp 40253 B-3-1-1 7[none]
WinkThe Shaggs12" Vinyl12
Big Daddy's DiscothequeIn People featuring Little Sammy, Janice Slater7" Vinyl4
A Merry ChristmasThe Rolling StonesVinyl3
Moquettez-VousFreres Ennemis7" Vinyl4
Chronology 1967The Beatles7×Digital Media25 + 26 + 28 + 23 + 20 + 6 + 4
Dance the Slurp / The Strange Things7-Eleven7" Vinyl2
Out Of The Studio 2 (Strongest Edition)Jimi Hendrix2×Digital Media11 + 7
  • -1967
The Right and the WrongThe Golden LettersVinyl9
  • XW1968-01-15
Blues & GospelJo Ann KellyVinyl4
GW EP-1[none]
The Constant SoundThe Constant Sound12" Vinyl12
CR-9108, CR-9109[none]
24 HoursAnt Trip Ceremony12" Vinyl12
CRC 2129[none]
The Traveling SoundsWilly Wall Trio12" Vinyl12
MythologyMythologyDigital Media9
Let Me Take Your Hands / I Feel So DownThe Dustbins7" Vinyl2
Phases and FacesThe Fredric12" Vinyl12
  • -1968
Stained Glass SunFinders KeepersVinyl12
Back in the GrooveThe Golden LettersVinyl10
  • XW1969-01-23
Newport Jazz FestivalJames Brown(unknown)15
  • -1969-07-06
Saturday Night In Port-Au-PrinceSuper Jazz des JeunesDigital Media12
  • US1969-09-09
Left AloneAlex Sheldon & The Guilty HeartsVinyl11
  • XW1969-11-12
Maria IsabelThe Bachelors7" Vinyl4
113 592 E
La RévolutionÉvariste7" Vinyl2
CRAC 001[none]
KlangbilderGünter Maas12" Vinyl4
F 60 228
flower girl: a collection of cion tomita’s musical works高柳昌行クインテット12" Vinyl10
Cold Cold MorningFree Will(unknown)13
  • -1969
Fohhoh BohobPatron Saints12" Vinyl9
Σ = a = b = a + bÉliane Radigue2×7" Vinyl2 + 2
Je ne veux pas mourir idiotÉvaristeVinyl1
Ode to QuetzalcoatlDave Bixby12" Vinyl12
Unsurpassed Masters (Studio Reels)Jimi Hendrix5×Vinyl32 + 30 + 21 + 24 + 32
  • -1969
What’s ComingLucas Jones & The Pirates7" Vinyl1
  • XW1970-02-06
Ricordo Di Un Grande ComunistaPalmiro Togliatti7" Vinyl2
  • IT1970-05-30
201, NM-201
Lucas Jones & The PiratesLucas Jones & The PiratesVinyl11
  • XW1970-08-17
SoonMaranatha12" Vinyl10
1100 / 259[none]
MothsThe Moths12" Vinyl10
ADM LP 601[none]
A Fleeting GlanceA Fleeting Glance12" Vinyl8
AS 2324
Songs of David LewisDavid Lewis12" Vinyl11
Ready For Fun, Vol. 1Happy Jazz & Co7" Vinyl4
Folk Song Original 12 / ペンぺんグさザ・ウィーズVinyl12
Dove Project No. 9Various Artists7" Vinyl6
Tool ShedTool Shed12" Vinyl12
RPC 19291[none]
Experiment in MetaphysicsPerry Leopold12" Vinyl7
DragonwyckDragonwyck12" Vinyl7
Five Day Rain (Test Pressing)Five Day Rain12" Vinyl10
On StageWilson McKinley12" Vinyl9
Salon des Composants 1970Nino Nardini, Roger Roger7" Vinyl2
Fresh Blueberry PancakesFresh Blueberry Pancake12" Vinyl9
LydLyd12" Vinyl6
New Generation / The Way a Girl Should BeThe UniversalsVinyl2
BoyAlex Sheldon & The Guilty HeartsVinyl11
  • XW1971-03-28
ComplexComplex12" Vinyl11
CLPM 001, TD 6869[none]
IdeasLucas Jones & The PiratesVinyl10
  • XW1971-07-05
  • XW1971-09-10
Ein Treffer SuhlHerbert Roth mit seiner Instrumentalgruppe & Gerhard-Schenk-ComboVinyl5
  • -1971