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Chinese family of bowed spike-fiddles, usually with 2, occasionally 3-4 strings, the bodies made of wood and covered with skin occasionally thin wood or made of coconut.


derivations:chuurqin (ancient predecessor of the Morin khuur)
has hybrids:gehu (cello huqin)
related instruments:đàn nhị
subtypes:banhu (northern coconut huqin)
cizhonghu (large huqin)
diyingehu (bass gehu (huqin))
erhu (Middle range huqin)
gaohu (High pitched huqin)
gehu (cello huqin)
jing'erhu (Beijing opera supporting erhu (huqin))
jinghu (Beijing opera upmost small & high pitch huqin)
yehu (southern coconut huqin)
zhonghu (Alto huqin)
zhuihu (Wooden huqin)
type of:spike-fiddle
Wikidata:Q1255518 [info]