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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
Cruel Summer (Big bonus mix)Ace of Base4:08
Hurt So GoodJimmy Somerville3:52
This Is a LowadditionalBlur5:03
To the EndadditionalBlur3:52
To the EndadditionalBlur4:05
1984 – 1986Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money)keyboardPet Shop Boys3:44
1991Hold Back the DawnkeyboardRobbie Robertson5:29
1991Shake This TownkeyboardRobbie Robertson5:23
1991Soap Box Preacherkeyboard bassRobbie Robertson5:19
Big Blue BallaccordionBig Blue Ball4:52
Brazilian MagazinessynthesizerSlow Children3:03
Brazilian Magazinesbass guitarSlow Children3:03
Breathguest and keyboardPere Ubu3:58
Bus Called Happinessguest and keyboardPere Ubu2:49
CloudlessmembranophonePeter Gabriel4:49
Cryguest and keyboardPere Ubu2:32
Flatguest and keyboardPere Ubu2:21
HabibekeyboardBig Blue Ball7:12
Home Lifebass guitarSlow Children2:54
Home LifesynthesizerSlow Children2:54
I Got a Good MindsynthesizerSlow Children3:03
I Got a Good Mindbass guitarSlow Children3:03
I GrievepercussionPeter Gabriel7:25
Ice Cream Truckguest and keyboardPere Ubu2:49
Just a Girl She SaidaccordionDubstar4:40
Lost Nation Roadguest and keyboardPere Ubu2:17
Love Love Loveguest and keyboardPere Ubu3:20
Monday Nightguest and keyboardPere Ubu2:14
Nevada!guest and keyboardPere Ubu3:20
Not Once, Not EveraccordionDubstar3:50
President Am IsynthesizerSlow Children3:15
President Am Ibass guitarSlow Children3:15
Pushin’guest and keyboardPere Ubu2:29
Race the Sunguest and keyboardPere Ubu3:17
RiversaccordionBig Blue Ball5:45
She's Like Americabass guitarSlow Children3:25
She's Like AmericasynthesizerSlow Children3:25
Spring in Fialtabass guitarSlow Children3:20
Spring in FialtasynthesizerSlow Children3:20
Staring at the CeilingsynthesizerSlow Children3:16
Staring at the Ceilingbass guitarSlow Children3:16
Stuck in TransitsynthesizerSlow Children3:02
Stuck in Transitbass guitarSlow Children3:02
Talk About HorsessynthesizerSlow Children3:02
Talk About Horsesbass guitarSlow Children3:02
The Waltzguest and keyboardPere Ubu3:27
To the Endaccordion and guestBlur4:05
Too Weak to EatsynthesizerSlow Children3:00
Too Weak to Eatbass guitarSlow Children3:00
Waiting for Maryguest and keyboardPere Ubu3:23
Why Go It Alone?guest and keyboardPere Ubu2:49
A Different Point of ViewPet Shop Boys3:26
Blue PasturesJames4:19
Burn You Up, Burn You Down (radio edit)Peter Gabriel3:49
Can You Forgive Her?Pet Shop Boys3:54
Cathedral ParkDubstar3:15
Cathedral Park (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels 12″ mix)Dubstar7:40
Cathedral Park (Environmental Science remix, Part 1)Dubstar5:27
CloudlessPeter Gabriel4:49
ControlJimmy Somerville4:34
Disappointed (7″ mix)Electronic4:21
DisappointedPublic Image Ltd.5:34
Don’t Blame MeDubstar3:28
Dreaming of the QueenPet Shop Boys4:20
Elevator SongDubstar2:55
Falling DownadditionalChapterhouse3:58
Go to the BankJames4:22
Go West (album version)Pet Shop Boys5:02
Go West / PostscriptPet Shop Boys8:21
HabibeBig Blue Ball7:12
HappyPublic Image Ltd.3:58
Heaven Here on Earth (With Your Love)Jimmy Somerville5:00
I GrievePeter Gabriel7:25
I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind of ThingPet Shop Boys3:04
It’s a SinPet Shop Boys5:00
Just a Girl She SaidDubstar4:40
LiberationPet Shop Boys4:06
Little Green BagTom Jones with Barenaked Ladies3:49
Lost a FriendJames3:40
Morning GloryChrissie Hynde2:56
No More TalkDubstar3:40
No More Talk (Jamie Myerson Breakout mix)Dubstar6:59
Not Once, Not EverDubstar3:50
Not So Manic NowDubstar4:29
Not So Manic Now (Mother’s Whole dub)Dubstar5:38
Not So Manic Now (Way Out West Prophecy dub)Dubstar5:56
Not So Manic Now (Way Out West remix)Dubstar6:20
One and One Make FivePet Shop Boys3:31
One in a MillionPet Shop Boys3:54
Oranges on Appletreesa‐ha4:16
Perfect DayJimmy Somerville4:06
Play DeadJames4:45
Read My Lips (Enough Is Enough)additionalJimmy Somerville4:51
RegretNew Order4:09
RentPet Shop Boys3:33
Round & Round‐94New Order4:01
Ruined in a DayNew Order4:23
Sand Castles in the SnowPublic Image Ltd.3:42
She’s a StarJames3:41
Sometimes We CryTom Jones with Van Morrison5:01
St. Swithin’s DayDubstar4:01
The Day I See You AgainDubstar4:21
The TheatrePet Shop Boys5:11
There’s More to LoveThe Communards?:??
To Speak Is a SinPet Shop Boys4:46
True Faith (’94)New Order4:27
Turn the Lights Downa‐ha4:15
Waltzing AlongJames3:55
WarriorPublic Image Ltd.4:17
Watering HoleJames3:46
Week In Week OutDubstar4:29
WorldNew Order3:39
WorryPublic Image Ltd.3:55
Yesterday, When I Was MadPet Shop Boys3:55
You Wanted More (Stephen Hague version)a‐ha3:40
Young OffenderPet Shop Boys4:50
(Forever) Live and Die (7″ mix)Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark3:36
88 Seconds in GreensboroOrchestral Manœuvres in the Dark4:11
1963New Order5:32
1963New Order5:34
1963 (’95)New Order4:02
A Different Point of ViewadditionalPet Shop Boys3:26
A Little RespectErasure3:32
A Lover SpurnedMarc Almond5:40
About HerMalcolm McLaren4:50
Ah Ouais (Oh Yes)Papa Wemba4:20
Albinoni vs. Star Wars (Part 1)Sigue Sigue Sputnik5:13
Albinoni vs. Stars Wars (Parts 1 & 2)Sigue Sigue Sputnik4:40
AnymoreSarah Cracknell3:48
Anywhere (Crunch Chill)Dubstar7:15
Anywhere (Crunch Chill)Dubstar6:33
Anywhere (Parkside edit)Dubstar4:00
AvalancheNew Order3:15
Awa Y' Okeyi (If You Go Away)Papa Wemba1:56
Bizarre Love TriangleNew Order3:56
Bloc Bloc BlocOrchestral Manœuvres in the Dark3:28
Blue PasturesJames4:19
Brazilian MagazinesSlow Children3:03
Breakdown (radio mix)additionalOne Dove5:32
Breakdown (radio mix)additionalOne Dove4:04
Breakin the RulesRobbie Robertson5:52
BreathPere Ubu3:59
Burn You Up, Burn You Down (radio edit)Peter Gabriel3:49
Bus Called HappinessPere Ubu3:15
Can You Forgive Her?additionalPet Shop Boys3:54
Can’t Tell MeDubstar3:21
Cathedral ParkDubstar3:15
Cathedral Park (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels 12″ mix)Dubstar7:40
Cathedral Park (Environmental Science remix, Part 1)Dubstar5:27
Chains of LoveErasure3:40
Chains of Love (remix)Erasure3:44
Chains of Love (Truly in Love With the Marks Bros. mix)Erasure7:19
ChemicalNew Order4:11
CloudlessPeter Gabriel4:49
Come LatelyJimmy Somerville3:21
ControlJimmy Somerville4:34
Cruel Summer (Big bonus mix)Ace of Base4:08
Cruel Summer (Normal version)Ace of Base4:07
CrushOrchestral Manœuvres in the Dark4:27
CryJimmy Somerville3:45
CrySiouxsie and the Banshees3:34
Day of Reckoning (Burnin for You)Robbie Robertson6:46
DisappointedPublic Image Ltd.5:34
Disappointed (extended 12" mix)Public Image Ltd.6:45
Disgraceful (Steve Hillier version)Dubstar9:56
Dreaming of the QueenadditionalPet Shop Boys4:20
DrifterSiouxsie and the Banshees4:44
Elevator SongDubstar2:55
Elevator Song (Biff and Memphis club mix)Dubstar11:21
EpeloPapa Wemba4:03
Everyone EverywhereNew Order4:25
Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa (Sad Song)Papa Wemba3:14
Face to FaceSiouxsie and the Banshees4:19
Falling DownadditionalChapterhouse3:58
Fear (Of the Unknown)Siouxsie and the Banshees4:11
Flame of HopeOrchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark2:40
For a FriendThe Communards5:04
For a FriendThe Communards4:38
Forever Not Yoursa‐ha4:05
Go to the BankJames4:22
Goddess of LoveOrchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark4:29
Got to Get UpSiouxsie and the Banshees3:17
Hallowed GroundErasure4:06
HappyPublic Image Ltd.3:58
Heart of StoneErasure3:20
HeartbeatJimmy Somerville4:27
Heaven Here on Earth (With Your Love)Jimmy Somerville5:00
Hold Back the DawnRobbie Robertson5:29
Hold On TightThe Communards4:50
Hold YouOrchestral Manœuvres in the Dark4:00
Home LifeSlow Children2:54
Hurt So GoodJimmy Somerville3:52
Hurts So GoodJimmy Somerville3:52
I Go CrazyFlesh for Lulu6:33
I Got a Good MindSlow Children3:03
I GrievePeter Gabriel7:25
I Want a LoverPet Shop Boys4:05
I Will Be Your GirlfriendDubstar3:37
I Won't Bleed for YouClimie Fisher4:23
I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind of ThingadditionalPet Shop Boys3:04
ImagePapa Wemba4:21
It's Written All Over My FaceBanderas4:30
It’s a SinadditionalPet Shop Boys5:00
It’s ClearDubstar2:21
It’s OverDubstar4:18
King’s CrossPet Shop Boys5:10
Kiss Them for MeSiouxsie and the Banshees4:37
Kiss Them for MeSiouxsie and the Banshees4:29
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CloudlessbassPeter Gabriel4:49
ForestBig Blue Ball6:17
JijyBig Blue Ball4:00
Shake This TownRobbie Robertson5:23
Too Much of a Good ThingJimmy Somerville4:12
recording engineer for
Never Tear Us ApartadditionalTom Jones with Natalie Imbruglia3:09
World in Motion (Subbuteo mix)EnglandNewOrder5:08
World in Motion… (No Alla Violenza mix)EnglandNewOrder5:41
World in Motion… (single mix)EnglandNewOrder4:33
Breakdown (radio mix)One Dove5:32
Breakdown (radio mix)One Dove4:04
Chains of LoveErasure3:44
Chains of Love (remix)Erasure3:44
Disappointed (extended 12" mix)Public Image Ltd.6:45
DJ Culture (seven-inch mix)Pet Shop Boys4:21
Go West (album version)Pet Shop Boys5:02
True Faith (’94)New Order4:27
White LoveOne Dove4:36
White Love (radio mix)One Dove4:40
1963New Order
SpookyNew Order
Change No ChangesynthesizerElliot Easton
Cloudlandkeyboard [some keyboards]Pere Ubu
Crushguest and guitarOrchestral Manœuvres in the Dark
Crushguest and keyboard [electronic keyboards]Orchestral Manœuvres in the Dark
Crushadditional, guitar and keyboardOrchestral Manœuvres in the Dark
Submarineaccordion, bass guitar and guestScanners
The Pacific Ageadditional and guitarOrchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
The Pacific Ageadditional and keyboardOrchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
Very (orange jewel case with embossed dots)Pet Shop Boys
VeryPet Shop Boys
1987Long Live the New FleshFlesh for Lulu
1963New Order
Big Blue BallBig Blue Ball
CrushOrchestral Manœuvres in the Dark
PleasePet Shop Boys
PleasePet Shop Boys
SpookyNew Order
SpookyNew Order
SpookyNew Order
True FaithNew Order
Very (orange jewel case with embossed dots)additionalPet Shop Boys
VeryadditionalPet Shop Boys
World (The Price of Love)New Order
Dream Street RosesynthesizerGordon Lightfoot
Madam Butterfly
Honey (So So Def radio mix) (not "Honey" of the same artist)
(Hey You) The Rock Steady Crew
Albinoni vs. Stars Wars
Everyone Everywhere
Love Comes Quickly
Night School
So in Love
Some Do, Some Don’t (Some Do, Some Don't)Steven Hague
Song of the Factory
Tango All Night
Thank You
The End of Love
Times Change
True Faith
Watch Us Fall
We Love You
Young Offender