1969Comme à la radioBrigitte Fontaine, Areski avec Art Ensemble of Chicago46
1969A Jackson In Your HouseArt Ensemble of Chicago41
1969Message to Our FolksArt Ensemble of Chicago5
1969People in SorrowArt Ensemble of Chicago2
1970Certain BlacksArt Ensemble of Chicago2
1970Go HomeArt Ensemble of Chicago2
1971Art Ensemble of Chicago with Fontella BassArt Ensemble of Chicago3
1973Chi-CongoArt Ensemble of Chicago2
1974Fanfare for the WarriorsArt Ensemble of Chicago3
1974KabalabaArt Ensemble of Chicago1
1974TutankhamunArt Ensemble of Chicago2
1976Nice GuysArt Ensemble of Chicago53
1980Full ForceArt Ensemble of Chicago2
1985The Third DecadeArt Ensemble of Chicago2
1986NakedArt Ensemble of Chicago1
1987Ancient to the Future, Volume 1Art Ensemble of Chicago1
1988The SpiritualArt Ensemble of Chicago4
1989The Alternate ExpressArt Ensemble of Chicago2
19901969-1970Art Ensemble of Chicago2
1990Art Ensemble of SowetoArt Ensemble of Chicago With Amabutho2
1991Art Ensemble of Soweto: America - South AfricaArt Ensemble Of Chicago With Amabutho2
1991Dreamin of the Masters SuiteArt Ensemble of Chicago1
1991Dreaming of the Masters Vol.2Art Ensemble of Chicago with Cecil Taylor1
1991Dreaming of the Masters, Volume 2: Thelonious Sphere MonkArt Ensemble of Chicago With Cecil Taylor3
1998Coming Home JamaicaArt Ensemble of Chicago2
2001Tribute to LesterArt Ensemble of Chicago1
2001Zero Sun No Point (Dedicated To Mynona & Sun Ra)Art Ensemble of Chicago / Hartmut Geerken1
2002Americans Swinging in ParisArt Ensemble of Chicago1
2002Reese and the Smooth OnesArt Ensemble of Chicago2
2003The MeetingArt Ensemble of Chicago1
2003Urban MagicArt Ensemble of Chicago1
2004Phase OneArt Ensemble of Chicago1
2004Sirius CallingArt Ensemble of Chicago1
2012Early CombinationsArt Ensemble1
2013A Jackson In Your House / Message To Our Folks / Reese And The Smooth OnesArt Ensemble of Chicago1

Album + Compilation

19931967/68The Art Ensemble1
19931967/1968Art Ensemble of Chicago1
2000A Jackson in Your House / Message to Our FolksArt Ensemble of Chicago2
2002Selected RecordingsArt Ensemble of Chicago1
2010Go Home + Chi CongoArt Ensemble Of Chicago1
2018The Art Ensemble of Chicago and Associated EnsemblesThe Art Ensemble of Chicago1
2019We Are On the Edge: A 50th Anniversary CelebrationArt Ensemble of Chicago2

Album + Live

1973Bap-TizumArt Ensemble of Chicago4
1974Live at Mandel HallArt Ensemble of Chicago1
1980Live in MilanoArt Ensemble of Chicago2
1982Urban BushmenArt Ensemble of Chicago4.52
1985Live in JapanArt Ensemble of Chicago1
1988Complete Live in JapanArt Ensemble of Chicago1
1990Live At The 6th Tokyo Music Joy '90Art Ensemble Of Chicago & Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy1
1991Eda WobuArt Ensemble of Chicago1
1991Fundamental DestinyArt Ensemble of Chicago1
1991LiveArt Ensemble Of Chicago1
1993Salutes The Chicago Blues TraditionArt Ensemble of Chicago1
1998Live in BerlinArt Ensemble of Chicago1
2003Live in ParisArt Ensemble of Chicago2
2004Reunion: Live in RomaArt Ensemble of Chicago1
2006Non-Cognitive Aspects of the City: Live at IridiumArt Ensemble of Chicago1
2010LiveArt Ensemble of Chicago3

Album + Soundtrack

1970Les Stances à SophieArt Ensemble of Chicago6


1969Je suis un sauvage / Le moral nécessaireAlfred Panou & Art Ensemble of Chicago1
1970L'été, l'été / TankasBrigitte Fontaine & Art Ensemble of Chicago1

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