Nick Skitz

~ Person

Legal name: Nicholas Agamalis



2008Come Into My WorldNick Skitz1
2009The UltimateFunky Choad & Nick Skitz1
2009Skitz Rocks 2Nick Skitz1
2011The Girls GoNick Skitz, Royaal & Kellam Glover1
2013Turn It UpNick Skitz1
2015Boom Boom BoomNick Skitz1
2018In My MindNick Skitz & Basslouder2
2019Black MagicNick Skitz, Basslouder & Studio X1
2019Chase the SunNick Skitz & Studio X1
2020Everybody’s FreeNick Skitz & Studio X feat. Bridgette1
2020Got the GrooveNick Skitz & Studio X feat. Bridgette1
The Ultimate Skitzmix (Collectors Edition)Nick Skitz1

Album + Compilation

2006SkitzmetalNick Skitz1
2010Skitz Rocks The World 3Nick Skitz1

Album + Compilation + DJ-mix

1997SkitzMix 2Nick Skitz32
1998SkitzMix 3Nick Skitz21
2000SkitzMix 7Nick Skitz21
2001SkitzMix 10Nick Skitz31
2002SkitzMix 13Nick Skitz1
2003SkitzMix 16Nick Skitz21
2004SkitzMix 17Nick Skitz21
2007SkitzMix 25Nick Skitz31
2007SkitzMix 27Nick Skitz31
2008SkitzMix 28Nick Skitz31
2008SkitzMix 30Nick Skitz31
2009SkitzMix 31Nick Skitz1
2009SkitzMix 33Nick Skitz1
2011Wild Reunion 1996–2011Nick Skitz & Jimmy Z1
2015SkitzMix 49Nick Skitz1
Skitzmix 40Nick Skitz1
Skitzmix 46Nick Skitz1
Skitzmix 51 (Mixed by Nick Skitz)Nick Skitz1
Skitzmix 90’s AnthemsNick Skitz1

Album + DJ-mix

2010SkitzMix 34Nick Skitz1
2012SkitzMix 41Nick Skitz1
2013SkitzMix 43Nick Skitz1
2015SkitzMix 50Nick Skitz1
2016SkitzMix 52Nick Skitz1
2017SkitzMix 53Nick Skitz1
2018SkitzMix 54Nick Skitz1
2019SkitzMix 55Nick Skitz1
2019SkitzMix 56Nick Skitz1
2020SkitzMix 57Nick Skitz1
SkitzMix 42Nick Skitz1
SkitzMix 44Nick Skitz1
SkitzMix 45Nick Skitz1
SkitzMix 48Nick Skitz1

Album + Remix

1996SkitzMix 1Nick Skitz31
1999SkitzMix 4Nick Skitz21
2000SkitzMix 6Nick Skitz21
2000SkitzMix 8Nick Skitz21
2001SkitzMix 9Nick Skitz21
2001SkitzMix 11Nick Skitz31
2002SkitzMix 12Nick Skitz31
2002Ultimate SkitzMix AnthemsNick Skitz21
2003SkitzMix 14Nick Skitz31
2003SkitzMix 15Nick Skitz2.51
2004SkitzMix 19Nick Skitz31
2004SkitzMix 18Nick Skitz31
2005SkitzMix 20Nick Skitz2.51
2005SkitzMix 21Nick Skitz21
2006SkitzMix 22Nick Skitz31
2006SkitzMix 23Nick Skitz41
2006SkitzMix 24Nick Skitz32
2007SkitzMix 26Nick Skitz31
2008SkitzMix 29Nick Skitz31


2003Slave to the MusicNick Skitz1
2004Run to ParadiseNick Skitz1
2008I Want Your LoveNick Skitz feat. Melissa Tkautz1
2009Excalibur 2001Nick Skitz2
2009Release MeNick Skitz2
2009Day N NiteNick Skitz1
2009You Belong with MeNick Skitz feat. Venus Jones1
2010Let the Bass KickNick Skitz1
2010According to YouNick Skitz1
2011Only Girl (In The World) (Remixes)Nick Skitz1
2015Bring It BackNick Skitz1
2015Boom Boom Boom (Remixes)Nick Skitz1
2016Tips Out for the BoysNick Skitz, Hook Banger & James Spy1
2016MohicansNick Skitz & Basslouder feat. Section 11
2016The HorsesNick Skitz & Meg Ripps2
2017AntisocialNick Skitz1
2018Classics V1Nick Skitz1
2019StonehengeNick Skitz & Ste Ingham1
2021TemperatureDJ Gollum & Nick Skitz2


2009Just Like ParadiseNick Skitz1
2009Miss AmericaNick Skitz1
2009Nick Skitz RemixesNick Skitz1
2012Keep On3 Boys ft Nick Skitz1
2013You Got the LoveNick Skitz2
2013Natural Born HustlaNick Skitz1
2014Say It With HonourNick Skitz2

Other + DJ-mix

1999SkitzMix 5Nick Skitz21


Wild - The Ultimate CollectionNick Skitz, DJ Sammy & 6661

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