Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek actor)

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[untitled]spoken vocalsLeonard Nimoy & John de Lancie2:19
[untitled]spoken vocalsLeonard Nimoy & John de Lancie3:55
[untitled]spoken vocalsLeonard Nimoy & John de Lancie3:54
[untitled]spoken vocalsLeonard Nimoy & John de Lancie4:38
[untitled]spoken vocalsLeonard Nimoy & John de Lancie4:20
[untitled]spoken vocalsLeonard Nimoy & John de Lancie4:28
[untitled]spoken vocalsLeonard Nimoy & John de Lancie6:58
[untitled]spoken vocalsLeonard Nimoy & John de Lancie7:22
[untitled]spoken vocalsLeonard Nimoy & John de Lancie4:19
[untitled]spoken vocalsLeonard Nimoy & John de Lancie3:44
[untitled]spoken vocalsLeonard Nimoy & John de Lancie4:28
[untitled]spoken vocalsLeonard Nimoy & John de Lancie2:42
Dawnwatchspoken vocalsPaul Winter & Paul Halley3:44
Epilogue / End Titleadditional and spoken vocalsJames Horner8:44
First Contact (Re-Encountered)spoken vocalsCybernet Systems4:36
Into the Final Frontierguest and spoken vocalsLeonard Nimoy, narrator1:14
Koonut-Kaliffeespoken vocalsVenetian Snares4:55
Maiden-Wine (harp & vocals only)lead vocalsAlexander Courage1:20
Mind Meld (Club Mix)L. Williams5:34
Ocean Dreamspoken vocalsPaul Winter & Paul Halley6:50
Pure Energyspoken vocalsThe Hacker7:45
Queequeg and I / The Water Is Widespoken vocalsPaul Winter & Paul Halley6:47
Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan: Epilogue / End Creditsspoken vocalsCincinnati Pops Orchestra, Erich Kunzel8:50
Star Trek: The Lorelei Signal (Cockles remix)spoken vocalsCockles4:02
The Voyage Homespoken vocalsPaul Winter & Paul Halley6:19
Turningspoken vocalsPaul Winter & Paul Halley4:06
U.S.S Enterprisespoken vocalsNicky Blackmarket & Chapo4:36
Whales Weep Not!spoken vocalsPaul Winter & Paul Halley7:52
Star Trek Beyond: Music From the Motion PictureMichael Giacchino