The Ska-Rumptious 7 InchThe Pietasters7" Vinyl4
Slug Tone! Records[none]
The PietastersThe PietastersCD14
Slug Tone! RecordsST-04
OoloolooThe PietastersCD11
Moon Ska EuropeMOON CD 010664813301022
OoloolooThe PietastersCD11
Moon Ska RecordsMR059743748005929
Strapped Live!The PietastersCD16
  • US1996-04-30
Moon Ska RecordsMR081743748008128
ComplyThe PietastersCD13
Slug Tone! RecordsST-009[none]
WillisThe PietastersCD13
Hellcat Records80405-2045778040520
Awesome Mix Tape #6The PietastersCD15
  • NL1999-07-20
Hellcat Records, Epitaph Europe0418-28714092041828
Awesome Mix Tape #6The PietastersCD15
  • US1999-08-03
Hellcat Records80418-2045778041824
TurboThe PietastersCD13
  • US2002-08-06
Fueled by RamenFBR054645131205421
The Pietasters 1992-1996The Pietasters3×CD23 + 22 + 21
Morphius Records, Slug Tone! Records, VMS Records ('00s US ska/punk label)DFM-V-51613285015128
All DayThe PietastersCD14
  • US2007-08-21
Don't Wanna KnowThe PietastersCD3
Strapped Live!The PietastersDigital Media16
  • US2008-04-29
Indication Records
ComplyThe PietastersDigital Media12
  • XW2008-04-29
Indication Records
All DayThe PietastersCD17
Rockers RevoltRRHITCD3
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