2007In BetweenPaul van Dyk19
2009Never Fade AwayJohn O’Callaghan4
2011UnfoldJohn O’Callaghan2
2011All We Have Is NowBetsie Larkin3
2011Subculture 2011John O’Callaghan1
2012EvolutionPaul van Dyk56
2013John O'Callaghan CollectedJohn O’Callaghan1
2013Quiet StormAly & Fila2
2014A State of Trance 650: New Horizons (extended versions)Aly & Fila1
2015Everything ChangesSneijder1
2017A State of Trance Top 20 - October 2017 ADE SpecialVarious Artists1
2020A State Of Trance 950 (The Official Album) - Extended VersionsVarious Artists1
2021Black Hole Trance Music 06-21Various Artists1

Album + Compilation

2005Trancemaster 4009Various Artists1
2006Dream Dance 38Various Artists3.51
2006Trance Nation 22Misja Helsloot1
2006Trancemaster 5002Various Artists1
2006Trance Night Winter Edition 2007Various Artists1
2007I Love Trance Vol. 2Various Artists1
2007Dream Dance 45Various Artists31
2007Trancemaster 5008Various Artists1
2007Live As... Vol 2John O’Callaghan1
2007Trance Nations Hits 2007 LEVarious Artists1
2007Wide RangeStoneface & Terminal1
2008Dream Dance 48Various Artists31
2008Sunshine Live, Vol. 27Various Artists1
2008Dream Dance 49Various Artists3.751
2008A State Of Trance 2008 (The Full Versions) Vol. 1Armin van Buuren1
2008Godskitchen: 10th AnniversaryVarious Artists1
2008Sunshine Live Maximal, Volume 9Various Artists1
2009Trancemaster 6008Various Artists1
2010Dream Dance 54Various Artists31
2010Techno Club, Volume 32Talla 2XLC vs. Simon Patterson1
2010Dream Dance 56Various Artists31
2010Cream IbizaEddie Halliwell1
2010Subculture 2010: The Full Versions Vol.1John O’Callaghan1
2010Subculture 2010: The Full Versions Vol.2John O’Callaghan1
2011Collected Works 2005-2010John O’Callaghan1
2011Vonyc Sessions 2011Paul van Dyk2
2011Tytanium Sessions Alpha (The Full Version)Sean Tyas1
2011Trancemaster 7003Various Artists1
2011A State of Trance Radio Top 15: August 2011Armin van Buuren52
2011A State of Trance Radio Top 15: September 2011Armin van Buuren52
2011Dream Dance 61Various Artists1
2011Techno Club, Volume 37Talla 2XLC and Greg Downey1
2011Vocal Trance Sessions - Best of 2011Various Artists1
2011Trance 100 2011 Best of 2011Various Artists1
2011Armada presents Trance Essentials 2012, Volume 1Various Artists1
2012Dream Dance 64Various Artists1
2012A State of Trance Radio Top 20: July 2012Armin van Buuren51
2012Best Vocalists 2012Various Artists1
2012A State of Trance Future Favorite Best of 2012Various Artists1
2012A State of Trance Radio Top 20: December 2012Armin van Buuren1
2012Planet Chill, Volume 4 (Compiled By York)Various Artists1
2012Vonyc Sessions 2012Paul van Dyk1
2013Dream Dance, Vol. 66Various Artists31
2013Trance Top 100, Vol. 16Various Artists1
2013Dream Dance, Vol. 67Various Artists21
2013Dream Dance, Vol. 68Various Artists1
2013Dream Dance, Vol. 69Various Artists1
2013Trance 100 Best Of 2013Various Artists1
2013Vocal Trance Sessions 2013-01Various Artists1
2014Dream Dance, Vol. 70Various Artists1
2014Black Hole Miami Sampler 2014Various Artists1
2014Sunshine Live, Vol. 49Various Artists1
2014Dream Dance, Vol. 71Various Artists1
2014Miami Vocal Trance Essentials 2014Various Artists1
2014Woman Trance Voices 10Various Artists2
2014Goodgreef Future TranceVarious Artists1
2014Evil 13 (Paul Van Dyk Presents)Paul van Dyk1
2014Trance Top 100 Best of 2014Various Artists1
2014Sunshine Live, Vol. 52Various Artists1
2014Woman Trance Voices 11Various Artists1
2015Dream Dance, Vol. 74Various Artists1
2015Trance 100: 2015Various Artists1
2015Fifty Shades of TranceVarious Artists1
2015Sunshine Live, Vol. 53Various Artists1
2015Black Hole Radio May 2015Various Artists1
2015Corsten’s Countdown: June 2015Ferry Corsten1
2015Dream Dance, Vol. 77Various Artists1
2015F15teen Years of Goodgreef: The Anthems CollectedVarious Artists1
2015Solarstone Presents… Pure Trance V4Solarstone + Gai Barone3
2015Sunshine Live, Vol. 56Various Artists2
2015Black Hole Trance Music 12-15Various Artists1
2015Black Hole Recordings: Best of 2015Various Artists1
2016Dream Dance, Vol. 78Various Artists1
2016Dream Dance, Vol. 79Various Artists1
2016Grotesque Essentials: Summer 2016 EditionRAM & James Dymond1
2017A State of Trance Top 20: March 2017 (Including Classic Bonus Track)Armin van Buuren1
2017Future Trance 80Various Artists3
2017Ibiza Trance 2017Various Artists1
2017A State of Trance Top 20: July 2017 (Selected by Armin Van Buuren)Armin van Buuren1
2017Vocal Trance Gems: Summer 2017Various Artists1
2017Future Trance 81Various Artists1
2017Future Trance 82Various Artists1
2018Dream Dance, Vol. 84Various Artists1
2018Future Sound of Egypt 500Various Artists1

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