Nate Mendel

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member of:The Fire Theft
Sunny Day Real Estate
Foo Fighters (from 1995 to present: bass guitar)
has personal publisher:Flying Earform Music (Foo Fighter Nate Mendel's publishing company)
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
8bassSunny Day Real Estate5:27
8bass guitarSunny Day Real Estate5:15
9bass guitarSunny Day Real Estate6:03
47bass guitarSunny Day Real Estate4:34
48bass guitarSunny Day Real Estate4:45
A Matter of TimebassFoo Fighters4:36
Ain’t It the Lifebass guitarFoo Fighters4:15
All My LifebassFoo Fighters4:24
Another Round (live, 2006-08: Pantages Theater, Hollywood, CA, USA)bassFoo Fighters4:55
ArlandriabassFoo Fighters4:28
Arrowselectric bass guitarFoo Fighters4:26
Aurorabass guitarFoo Fighters5:51
Back & ForthbassFoo Fighters3:52
Ballad of the Beaconsfield MinersFoo Fighters2:32
Best of You (live, 2006-08: Pantages Theater, Hollywood, CA, USA)bassFoo Fighters5:02
Big Me (live, 2006-08: Pantages Theater, Hollywood, CA, USA)bassFoo Fighters3:02
Breakoutbass guitarFoo Fighters3:21
Bridge BurningbassFoo Fighters4:47
Burn AwaybassFoo Fighters4:58
But, HonestlyFoo Fighters4:36
Cheer Up, Boys (Your Make Up Is Running)Foo Fighters3:41
Cold Day in the Sun (live, 2006-08: Pantages Theater, Hollywood, CA, USA)bassFoo Fighters3:26
Come AliveFoo Fighters5:11
Come BackbassFoo Fighters7:50
Concrete and Goldelectric bass guitarFoo Fighters5:31
Congregationbass guitarFoo Fighters5:12
Dear RosemarybassFoo Fighters4:27
Dirty Waterelectric bass guitarFoo Fighters5:20
Disenchanted LullabybassFoo Fighters4:33
DollbassFoo Fighters1:23
Down in the ParkbassFoo Fighters4:07
Enough SpacebassFoo Fighters2:37
Erase/ReplaceFoo Fighters4:13
EverlongbassFoo Fighters4:10
Everlong (live, 2006-08: Pantages Theater, Hollywood, CA, USA)bassFoo Fighters6:37
February StarsbassFoo Fighters4:49
February Stars (live, 2006-08: Pantages Theater, Hollywood, CA, USA)bassFoo Fighters5:51
For All the Cows (live & acoustic)acoustic bass guitarFoo Fighters3:40
Fortunate SonbassJohn Fogerty with Foo Fighters3:31
Fraternitybass guitarFoo Fighters3:11
Friend of a Friend (live, 2006-08: Pantages Theater, Hollywood, CA, USA)bassFoo Fighters4:02
Generatorbass guitarFoo Fighters3:49
Gimme Stitchesbass guitarFoo Fighters3:42
Grendelbass guitarSunny Day Real Estate4:53
HalobassFoo Fighters5:06
Happy Ever After (Zero Hour)electric bass guitarFoo Fighters3:40
Happy Ever After (Zero Hour)percussionFoo Fighters3:40
Have a Cigarguitar [lead guitar]Foo Fighters and Brian May4:03
Have It AllbassFoo Fighters4:58
Headwiresbass guitarFoo Fighters4:38
Hey, Johnny Park!bassFoo Fighters4:08
HomeFoo Fighters4:53
I Am a Riverbass guitarFoo Fighters7:09
I Should Have KnownbassFoo Fighters4:16
In Circlesbass guitarSunny Day Real Estate4:58
In the Clearbass guitarFoo Fighters4:04
Iron Roosterbass guitar [bass]Foo Fighters4:11
Killing It in a Quiet Waybass and guestJuno6:51
La Dee Daelectric bass guitarFoo Fighters4:02
Learn to Flybass guitarFoo Fighters3:56
Let It DieFoo Fighters4:05
Live‐In Skinbass guitarFoo Fighters3:53
Lonely as YoubassFoo Fighters4:37
Long Road to RuinFoo Fighters3:45
LowbassFoo Fighters4:28
M.I.A.bass guitarFoo Fighters4:03
Make It Rightelectric bass guitarFoo Fighters4:39
Marigold (live, 2006-08: Pantages Theater, Hollywood, CA, USA)bassFoo Fighters3:20
Miss the MiserybassFoo Fighters4:34
Monkey WrenchbassFoo Fighters3:51
My Hero (live, 2006-08: Pantages Theater, Hollywood, CA, USA)bassFoo Fighters4:51
My HerobassFoo Fighters4:20
My Poor BrainbassFoo Fighters3:33
New Way HomebassFoo Fighters5:40
Next Year (live, 2006-08: Pantages Theater, Hollywood, CA, USA)bassFoo Fighters4:35
Next Yearbass guitarFoo Fighters4:38
Outsidebass guitarFoo Fighters5:15
Over and Out (live, 2006-08: Pantages Theater, Hollywood, CA, USA)bassFoo Fighters5:57
OverdrivebassFoo Fighters4:30
Razor (live, 2006-08: Pantages Theater, Hollywood, CA, USA)bassFoo Fighters6:48
RopebassFoo Fighters4:19
Roundbass guitarSunny Day Real Estate4:09
Runelectric bass guitarFoo Fighters5:23
RunpercussionFoo Fighters5:23
Saint Ceciliabass guitar [bass]Foo Fighters3:42
Savior Breathbass guitar [bass]Foo Fighters3:11
Seanbass guitar [bass]Foo Fighters2:11
See YoubassFoo Fighters2:27
Sevenbass guitarSunny Day Real Estate4:46
Shadowsbass guitarSunny Day Real Estate4:46
Skin and Bones (live, 2006-08: Pantages Theater, Hollywood, CA, USA)bassFoo Fighters4:01
Something From Nothingbass guitarFoo Fighters4:48
Sometimesbass guitarSunny Day Real Estate5:47
Song #8Natebass guitarSunny Day Real Estate?:??
Song #9Natebass guitarSunny Day Real Estate?:??
Song About an Angelbass guitarSunny Day Real Estate6:14
Stacked Actorsbass guitarFoo Fighters4:16
StatuesFoo Fighters3:48
Stranger Things Have HappenedFoo Fighters5:21
Subterraneanbass guitarFoo Fighters6:08
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Ain’t It the LifeFoo Fighters4:15
All My LifeFoo Fighters4:24
Artificial LimbsLieutenant4:04
AuroraFoo Fighters5:51
Believe the SqualorLieutenant4:14
Belle EpoqueLieutenant4:20
BreakoutFoo Fighters3:21
Burn AwayFoo Fighters4:58
Come BackFoo Fighters7:50
Disenchanted LullabyFoo Fighters4:33
GeneratorFoo Fighters3:49
Gimme StitchesFoo Fighters3:42
HaloFoo Fighters5:06
Have It AllFoo Fighters4:58
HeadwiresFoo Fighters4:38
Learn to FlyFoo Fighters3:56
Lift the SheetLieutenant4:45
Live‐In SkinFoo Fighters3:53
Lonely as YouFoo Fighters4:37
LowFoo Fighters4:28
Next YearFoo Fighters4:38
OverdriveFoo Fighters4:30
Prepared RemarksLieutenant3:45
Sink SandLieutenant4:48
Some RemoveLieutenant4:20
Stacked ActorsFoo Fighters4:16
The Place You Wanna GoLieutenant4:04
Times Like TheseFoo Fighters4:26
Tired of YouFoo Fighters5:11
art direction
If I Kill This Thing We're All Going to Eat for a WeekLieutenant
graphic design
If I Kill This Thing We're All Going to Eat for a WeekLieutenant
liner notes
DiarySunny Day Real Estate
In Your HonorFoo Fighters
One by OneFoo Fighters
See You
A Matter of Time
Ain’t It the Life
All My Life
Another Round
Artificial Limbs
Back & Forth
Ballad of the Beaconsfield Miners
Believe the Squalor
Belle Epoque
Best of You
Better Off
Bridge Burning
Burn Away
But, Honestly
Cheer Up, Boys (Your Make Up Is Running)
Cold Day in the Sun
Come Alive
Come Back
Concrete and Gold
Dear Lover
Dear Rosemary
Dirty Water
Disenchanted Lullaby
End Over End
February Stars
Free Me
Gimme Stitches
Happy Ever After (Zero Hour)
Have It All
Hey, Johnny Park!
I Am a River
I Should Have Known
If Ever
In the Clear
In Your Honor
Iron Rooster
La Dee Da
Learn to Fly
Let It Die
Lift the Sheet
Live‐In Skin
Lonely as You
Long Road to Ruin
Make It Right
Miss the Misery
Monkey Wrench
My Hero
My Poor Brain
New Way Home
Next Year
No Way Back
On the Mend
Once & For All
Over and Out
Prepared Remarks
Saint Cecilia
Savior Breath
See You
Shame Shame
Sink Sand
Some Remove
Something From Nothing
Stacked Actors
Stranger Things Have Happened
Summer’s End
Sunday Rain
The Colour and the Shape
The Deepest Blues Are Black
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