Charles Singleton (composer/lyricist)

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DateTitleCredited AsArtistLength
La PalomaThe Tides2:19
Don't Forbid MeChas. Singleton
Don’t Leave Poor Me
Help the Poor
I Can't Stop Now
I've Got My Eyes on You
İki Yabancı
Mambo Baby
Mr. Big Wheel
Right Here on Earth
Tater Poon
The Feeling Is So Good
Trying to Get to You
Blue Spanish Eyes (Dutch version)
Don't Forbid MeChas. Singleton
Help the Poor
Moon Over Naples
Mr. Big Wheel
Right Here on Earth
Spanish Eyes
Strangers in the Night
(If I'm Dreaming) Just Let Me Dream
(Welcome) New Lovers
For a Penny
He Ain’t Mine No More
High Falutin’ Honey
If I May
If You Love Me, Baby
Love You With All My Might
Merry Twist-mas
My Heart Goes Piddily Patter
Niggaz My Height Don't Fight
On My Way Back Home
One Step Ahead
Only the One You Love
PitifulCharlie Singleton
Remember When (We Made These Memories)
Sittin’ in the Dark
Take Out Some Insurance on Me
The Wheel of Hurt