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10th Bizarre Festival (1996)Festivalmain performer1996-08-17 – 1996-08-18
Hurricane (1997)Festivalmain performer1997-06-21 – 1997-06-22
11th Bizarre Festival (1997)Festivalmain performer1997-08-15 – 1997-08-17
Rock am See 1997Festivalmain performer1997-08-30
Roskilde Festival 1998, Day 3Festivalmain performer1998-06-27
KISS at Estadio Monumental de River PlateConcertsupport act1999-04-10
KISS at Velez Sarsfield Stadium (cancelled)Concertsupport act1999-04-10
KISS at Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho (cancelled)Concertsupport act1999-04-13
KISS at Estádio Beira-rio (cancelled)Concertsupport act1999-04-15
KISS at Jockey Club BrasilConcertsupport act1999-04-15
KISS at Stadio Centenario (cancelled)Concertsupport act1999-04-15
KISS at Autódromo de InterlagosConcertsupport act1999-04-17
KISS at Foro SolConcertsupport act1999-04-24
Rock Werchter 2002, Day 2, Main StageFestivalmain performer2002-06-29
Rammstein at Messe Dresden (Reise, Reise Tour)Concertmain performer2004-12-15
Southside 2005, Day 3, Green StageFestivalmain performer
    Rammstein at Messe DresdenConcertmain performer2010-02-12
    Rammstein Tour 2010 (Riga, Latvia)Concertmain performer2010-03-0419:30
    Rock im Park 2010, Day 2Festivalmain performer2010-06-04
    Rock am Ring 2010, Day 4: CenterstageFestivalmain performer2010-06-06
    Rock Werchter 2010Festivalmain performer2010-07-01 – 2010-07-04
    Main Square Festival 2010Festivalmain performer2010-07-02 – 2010-07-04
    Sonisphere Knebworth 2010, Day 2: Apollo StageFestivalmain performer2010-07-31
    Rammstein at Hartwall ArenaConcertmain performer2012-02-1518:30
    Rammstein at Denver ColiseumConcertmain performer2012-05-20
    Nova Rock Festival 2013, Day 1: Blue StageFestivalmain performer2013-06-1413:15
    Southside 2013, Day 2, Green StageFestivalmain performer
      Rock the Beach (day 3, Radio Rock -lava)Festivalmain performer2013-06-29
      Rock in Vienna 2016, Day 1Festivalmain performer2016-06-03
      Sonisphere Switzerland 2016, Day 2Festivalmain performer2016-06-04
      Download Festival 2016, Day 1: The Lemmy StageFestivalmain performer2016-06-10
      Download Paris 2016, Day 3: Main StageFestivalmain performer2016-06-12
      Hellfest 2016, Day 1: Main Stage 1Festivalmain performer2016-06-17
      Capital of RockFestivalmain performer2016-08-2714:00
      The Big Stone Rock FestFestivalmain performer2017-06-09 – 2017-06-10
      Rammstein at Rudolf-Harbig-StadionConcertmain performer2019-06-13