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Chris Frantz
Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads)
Tina Weymouth
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Planet E (Hip Hop mix)guestKC Flightt4:21
(Nothing but) FlowersTalking Heads5:34
AirTalking Heads3:34
And She WasTalking Heads3:39
AnimalsTalking Heads3:30
Artists OnlyTalking Heads3:36
Big DaddyTalking Heads5:38
BillTalking Heads3:23
BlindTalking Heads5:00
Burning Down the HouseTalking Heads4:10
Burning Down the HouseTalking Heads4:02
Burning Down the House (alternate version)Talking Heads5:10
CitiesTalking Heads4:10
Cities (alternate version)Talking Heads5:30
City of DreamsTalking Heads5:09
Cool WaterTalking Heads5:16
Creatures of LoveTalking Heads4:16
Dancing for Money (unfinished outtake)Talking Heads2:42
Don’t Worry About the GovernmentTalking Heads3:02
Dream OperatorAnnie McEnroe4:19
Dream OperatorTalking Heads4:39
DrugsTalking Heads5:10
Electric GuitarTalking Heads3:03
First Week/Last Week…CarefreeTalking Heads3:21
Found a JobTalking Heads5:01
Girlfriend Is BetterTalking Heads3:32
Girlfriend Is BetterTalking Heads4:24
Girlfriend Is BetterTalking Heads5:43
Give Me Back My NameTalking Heads3:22
Happy DayTalking Heads3:55
HeavenTalking Heads4:01
Hey Now (movie version)St. Thomas Aquinas Elementary School Choir3:58
Hey NowTalking Heads3:42
I Feel It in My HeartTalking Heads3:16
I Get Wild/Wild GravityTalking Heads4:11
I Get Wild/Wild GravityTalking Heads5:17
I Wish You Wouldn’t Say ThatTalking Heads2:40
I ZimbraTalking Heads3:09
I’m Not in LoveTalking Heads4:35
Life During WartimeTalking Heads4:52
Life During WartimeTalking Heads3:41
Life During Wartime (alternate version)Talking Heads4:07
Love for SaleTalking Heads4:32
Making Flippy FloppyTalking Heads5:54
Making Flippy FloppyTalking Heads4:36
Memories Can’t WaitTalking Heads3:30
MindTalking Heads4:13
Mind (alternate version)Talking Heads4:26
Mommy Daddy You and ITalking Heads3:58
Moon RocksTalking Heads5:46
Moon RocksTalking Heads5:05
Mr. JonesTalking Heads4:20
New FeelingTalking Heads3:09
No CompassionTalking Heads4:50
Once in a LifetimeTalking Heads4:34
Papa LegbaTalking Heads5:56
Papa LegbaRoebuck “Pops” Staples5:08
Papa Legba (Pops Staples vocal version)Talking Heads6:02
PaperTalking Heads2:39
People Like UsJohn Goodman4:29
People Like UsTalking Heads4:28
Perfect WorldTalking Heads4:27
Psycho KillerTalking Heads4:20
Psycho KillerTalking Heads4:21
Psycho Killer (acoustic)Talking Heads4:18
Pull Up the RootsTalking Heads5:10
Pulled UpTalking Heads4:30
Puzzlin’ EvidenceTalking Heads5:24
Puzzlin’ EvidenceJohn Ingle and the Bert Cross Choir3:55
Radio HeadTalking Heads3:32
Radio Head (movie version)Tito Larriva, Esteban “Steve” Jordan with Los Vampiros3:50
Radio Head (Tito Larriva vocal version)Talking Heads3:50
Road to NowhereTalking Heads4:27
Ruby DearTalking Heads3:50
Sax and ViolinsTalking Heads5:18
Slippery PeopleTalking Heads3:33
Slippery PeopleTalking Heads3:35
Slippery PeopleTalking Heads5:06
Stay HungryTalking Heads2:41
Stay Hungry (1977 Version)Talking Heads3:47
Stay Up LateTalking Heads3:44
SwampTalking Heads3:50
SwampTalking Heads5:13
Take Me to the RiverTalking Heads5:36
Take Me to the RiverTalking Heads5:03
Television ManTalking Heads6:10
Television Man (extended mix)Talking Heads7:53
Tentative DecisionsTalking Heads3:08
Thank You for Sending Me an AngelTalking Heads2:12
The Big CountryTalking Heads5:32
The Book I ReadTalking Heads4:10
The Democratic CircusTalking Heads5:04
The Facts of LifeTalking Heads6:29
The Girls Want to Be With the GirlsTalking Heads2:38
The Good ThingTalking Heads3:04
The Lady Don’t MindTalking Heads3:59
This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)Talking Heads5:04
This Must Be the Place (Naïve Melody)Talking Heads4:56
Totally NudeTalking Heads4:12
Uh‐Oh, Love Comes to TownTalking Heads2:50
Walk It DownTalking Heads4:45
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produced material that was sampled in
One of These DaysSpacehog3:35
Little Creatures (made in Japan)Talking Heads
Little CreaturesTalking Heads
Little CreaturesTalking Heads
Little CreaturesTalking Heads
More Songs About Buildings and FoodTalking Heads
More Songs About Buildings and FoodTalking Heads
More Songs About Buildings and FoodTalking Heads
More Songs About Buildings and FoodTalking Heads
More Songs About Buildings and FoodTalking Heads
More Songs About Buildings and FoodTalking Heads
Once in a LifetimeTalking Heads
Road to NowhereTalking Heads
Talking Heads: 77Talking Heads
Talking Heads: 77Talking Heads
Talking Heads: 77Talking Heads
Talking Heads: 77Talking Heads
Talking Heads: 77Talking Heads
Talking Heads: 77Talking Heads
The Best of Talking HeadsTalking Heads
Wild Wild LifeTalking Heads